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Powers telepathy Matt control TB1.jpg
Matt gets into the heads of some agents.
Held by: Maury Parkman (deceased)
Matt Parkman
Ability to: Mentally control the functions of the brain
Examples of telepathy

Telepathy is the ability to control every function that the brain controls including memory, thoughts, senses and movements.



Maury Parkman

Maury is easily able to hear the thoughts of others and can even use this power to project the thoughts of others as images in his own mind. According to Jordan, Maury is not able to detect when the power of Foresight is being used on him. (After Apocalypse)

Matt Parkman

Matt was able to use his ability to take full control over a DHS agent's mind and cause him to randomly shoot his allies down. Matt was able to do this with little to no difficulty on his behalf and seemed to retain control with relative ease.

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