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Primatech Paper Co.

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Primatech Paper Co.
Primatech frontdistant.jpg
Location: Odessa, TX
Purpose: Business, Research

Primatech Paper Co. is a paper production/distribution company located in Odessa, TX. Unknown to the local populace, Primatech is actually a front for the Company: an evolved human-tracking organization at which Mr. Bennet is employed. Inside the company's warehouse is a secret high-tech medical facility, as well as several modern offices - a stark contrast to the old wood paneling in the public entrance. After evolved humans become public knowledge, the Primatech Headquarters facility in Odessa, TX, is expanded, hosts the Odessa Unity Summit, and is later destroyed by an explosion during the summit.

Notable Locations

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Seven Minutes to Midnight

Mr. Bennet gets out of his car and goes inside the facility. He swipes a card and enters a secure warehouse. Inside the warehouse is a small building where Eden is waiting for him. Mr. Bennet and Eden McCain discuss Isaac Mendez's withdrawal from heroin. Mr. Bennet enters the modest living quarters in which Isaac is being kept. The talk about Isaac's powers of precognition, including his prophetic paintings. Isaac does not want to take any more drugs.

After bumping into Lisa, Mr. Bennet walks into a hallway and finds his daughter, Claire, who has a "paper emergency". He directs Claire to the paper sample room, and directs Eden to coerce Isaac to inject some heroin, after which he paints a new painting.


Mr. Bennet is not pleased with the somewhat abstract red man on fire that Isaac has painted. Attempting to sway Eden to convince Isaac to retake drugs, Mr. Bennet shows Eden photographs of some of Sylar's victims, including Charlie

Six Months Ago

The Haitian brings Eden to Mr. Bennet. Despite Eden's best efforts to use her powers, the Haitian suppresses them.


Eden waits outside Sylar's cell for Mr. Bennet to arrive. Mr. Bennet enters the secure room as Eden waits outside. Mr. Bennet tells Sylar that his abilities won't work here. They tensely discuss his name, his former occupation, intuitive aptitude, having multiple powers, and Claire.

Outside the cell, the Haitian listens to Eden implore Mr. Bennet to let her persuade Sylar to kill himself, but Mr. Bennet refuses. Eden enters Isaac's room, and they discuss the message, the explosion, and Eden's plans to leave. She discretely hands the painter a cell phone and security key card. She then heads for Sylar's cell, in an attempt to carry out her plan. It backfires: Sylar pulls her through the glass and threatens to kill her. Instead, Eden turns the gun on herself.


A SWAT team raids the building because Matt believes they are hiding Sylar. When he's not found, Elisa Thayer scolds Matt, who was spotted on the surveillance camera staking out the building, and suspends Audrey for going on no evidence, only Matt's hunch. Matt then pins Mr. Bennet to the wall and tells him he knows Sylar's hiding here and he will find out where. Mr. Bennet responds by saying "good luck with that," and walks away.

The Fix

Hank examines a comatose Sylar in the holding room, and is later murdered when Sylar revives.


Mr. Bennet discovers Hank's dead body in Sylar's cell. Sylar escapes the facility, locks up his former captor, and impersonates a Primatech employee.


Hana learns that a shipment of pneumatic syringes is destined for Primatech.

Company Man

Ted and Matt debate whether to confront Mr. Bennet at Primatech or at the Bennets' home. When they hold the family hostage, they demand to know what purpose Primatech serves and what Mr. Bennet's real job is. Matt and Mr. Bennet go to Primatech to ostensibly gather evidence and files from a secure room. Mr. Bennet also retrieves a tranquilizer. Leaving, Mr. Bennet confronts the Haitian about his conspiracy with Claire.


In the medical facility, Thompson questions Mr. Bennet about Claire's whereabouts as Matt telepathically listens in.


The Company holds Mr. Bennet, Matt Parkman, and Ted Sprague in secret cells. Realizing Matt must be nearby, Bennet communicates with him by thinking "loudly" to him. Using his knowledge of the facility, Company procedures, and the powers of the two evolved humans, Bennet orchestrates their escape from the facility.

Five Years Gone

Bennet is testing a young boy to see if he is an evolved human. When tested positive, he tells the boy's parents about having a new life to protect their son, while Hana gives them fake documents for their identity. Future Hiro asks Bennet for the help of some of those he turned to him for protection, but is turned down. Ando tells Bennet that Future Hiro saved his daughter, changing Bennet's mind to "see what (he) can do". Later, while waiting for Bennet, Future Hiro and Ando are surprised by Matt and his team attempting to capture the two. Peter stops time and teleports the two to Las Vegas. After ransacking the building and killing Hana, Bennet is questioned by Matt of the location of Claire, and kills Bennet after getting the answer.

Graphic Novel:It Takes a Village, Part 1

After Mr. Bennet and the Haitian have captured Matt Parkman, they bring him to Primatech's medical facility for analysis. As the Haitian prepares to remove Matt's memories of what happened, Bennet questions the Haitian as to what that must be like.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 4

Claude arrives at the entrance lobby of Primatech to turn in his report on Fusor's case, when he is surprised to learn from the secretary of Haram's early retirement and that his trainee Mr. Bennet has already been promoted to being his partner. The secretary then holds the door open to Thompson's office, saying that Thompson is waiting to speak with them.

Truth & Consequences

Through telepathy, Peter obtains the location of Strain 138 from Victoria Pratt: Primatech Paper in Odessa, TX. Later, he and Adam travel to Primatech Paper to find the fatal virus, but are stopped by Hiro Nakamura, who stops time and engages Peter in battle.


Peter is lead by Adam through the Primatech Paper Company's entrance. Peter puts off the facility, believing it doesn't look like a place where the Shanti virus would be stored, but Adam lets him know the paper company is a cover and all the important stuff is three floors down. Before Adam can finish explaining, time stops and Peter looks around quizzically. He turns to see Hiro and asks him why he is there. Hiro tells Peter Adam murdered his father and he must pay for what he did. As Hiro unsheathes his sword, Peter makes electricity in his hand and raises it threateningly at Hiro, saying he won't let him hurt Adam. Hiro charges at Peter, sword raised over his head, and Peter fires the bolt at him. However, Hiro teleports out of the way and reappears close to Adam. Hiro asks Peter why he is helping Adam, and Peter's response is Adam is his friend. Hiro explains Adam was also his friend 400 years ago, but he betrayed him at the very end, just like he will betray Peter. Hiro runs to Adam's frozen body to slash him, but Peter stops the sword from going any further. Peter tells Hiro Adam used his blood to heal his brother. Hiro pleads with Peter, again mentioning Adam killed Kaito, but Peter is adamant and reminds Hiro Kaito had Adam locked away thirty years ago. Hiro teleports again and Peter searches the room for him frantically until he reappears behind Peter, holding the sword to his neck. Peter says he's been to the future and that the Shanti virus is going to be released today unless he and Adam stop it. Peter shocks the blade, knocking Hiro out and allowing time to resume itself. As Adam looks on in confusion at Hiro's unconscious body, Peter tells Adam Hiro said not to trust him. When Adam asks what he felt about that, he responds with, "Let's go destroy the virus."

Peter and Adam walk down the hallway leading to the vault, throwing, zapping, and slicing their way through all of the guards. Adam says the virus is near and asks Peter to take care of the alarm, which he does by firing a bolt at it. They finally reach the vault door and Peter asks how they are supposed to open it. Adam suggests Peter use his brain to do so, leading Peter to begin ripping the door open.

Nathan and Matt touch ground at Primatech Paper in Odessa, their means of transportation being Nathan's ability of flight. As Matt jokes about the ride, they spot Hiro at an entryway, excited to see them both.

Graphic Novel:Special

West, a junior high student at the time, is brought to Primatech by Mr. Bennet and the Haitian. He manages to escape temporarily and crosses paths with Claire, but is caught by the Haitian and has parts of his memory erased before being returned to his normal life.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 3

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It's Coming

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Once Upon a Time in Texas

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Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 2

In 1963, Angela, Bob, Linderman, and Charles lease a building and call it "Primatech Paper". Kaito is also enlisted as they think someone with his skills would be necessary in their paper company.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 4

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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

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One of the Primatech files that Quentin Frady sees on the Renautas root directory is titled "Odessa" (the location of Primatech Paper).

Brave New World

The Odessa Unity Summit happens at Primatech and soon a bomb blows Primatech up. News reporters blame Primatech as being rooted in secrecy and evil plots. Quentin Frady then follows Noah Bennet because of his involvement with Primatech. He claims that Renautas secretly owns Primatech. Noah claims that Primatech is a whole in the ground and that it is dead. However, Quentin suggests that Pimatech is still active in secret.


Tommy Clark mentions being taken to "a room with toys and stuff" when he was seven within the facility due to his powers. His memories of it are hazy but he thinks of it a lot, especially when he's scared.

Luke and Joanne Collins end up teleported by Tommy into his old Primatech cell where Joanne tries unsuccessfully to shoot her way out. Luke sadly reminisces about how their son had a dinosaur toy he loved like the one in the room with them. As Joanne insists that her drive and "itchy trigger fingers" keep them going, Luke tells her to sit down so he can figure out a way for them to escape from the cell.

Quentin and Noah pull up outside Primatech's ruins where Quentin grows worried due to warning signs for deadly toxins as he hadn't heard anything about deadly toxins on the site and wonders if something was found after the clean-up. Noah tells Quentin he believes its just to scare people away from the premises and drives through the gate against Quentin's objections. The two enter the ruins where Quentin questions how if Renautas was using the site, why didn't they rebuild it, but Noah tells him Level 5 is where everything happens. Noah breaks through a celling panel into an intact hallway outside his office. Entering a secret room, Noah and Quentin begin searching through Noah's files for anything on Renautas or Molly Walker before Quentin finds a list of people absent from the summit. On the list is both Claire and Molly, surprising Noah as he doesn't remember any of it. Noah tells Quentin that all he can remember from June 13th was arriving at Primatech for the summit and then he only knows what the rest of the world knew. Noah is stunned at the realization that Claire was not at the summit afterall and thus did not die there as he'd always believed. Quentin starts questioning what it means that Claire didn't die at the summit and what it means for Renautas' plans causing Noah to demand to know what Quentin wants. Quentin tells him about his missing sister and asks if Noah had kidnapped her. After Noah confirms he didn't, Quentin tells him he has reason to believe that Phoebe didn't die at Primatech either on June 13th and the things he's found don't add up. Noah explains that he hadn't spoken to Claire in years after she came out to the world and he's upset that he didn't get the chance to make things right or save Claire. Quentin suggests that while there may not be answers at Primatech for him, there may be for Noah and offers his help in searching for them. Noah and Quentin agree to work together to find out the truth about what happened at Primatech on June 13th.

In Tommy's cell, Luke notes that there's no light switch and realizes that they might see something they're not supposed to if they break the lights. Luke shoots out the lights and notices part of the wall is actually an observation window. Luke grabs a stool from the floor and uses it to smash the window, allowing him and Joanne to escape. Once outside, they make their way through Level 5, stunned by the rooms they find there. Joanne and Luke encounter Agent Stevens emerging from a door and demand to know how to get out. Stevens leads them through a door into a command center filled with people and a working elevator on the other side. Joanne opens fire and Luke reluctantly follows and the two kill everyone within before using the elevator to reach Level 1 and escape.

As they leave, Noah and Quentin hear the shots and Noah sends Quentin to the car while he uses the elevator to descend to Level 5. There, Noah finds a computer screen detailing "Midian Assets" showing how much each is contained. The screen shows Molly Walker, Data Lost. As Noah looks around in horror, he spots the barely alive Stevens and asks him what happened. Stevens explains that Renautas found a way to monetize the evos to save the world. Noah starts to ask how they will find the evos and then realizes that Molly Walker could find them. Stevens tells him that the "E.P.I.C system goes online tomorrow" and they can't find the evos without her. Noah tries to ask if Renautas has Molly in Midian, but Stevens dies before he can answer.

Noah emerges from the ruins of Primatech to find Quentin has been shot in the arm and his car stolen by Luke and Joanne along with his files on the identities and locations of all evos. Noah tells Quentin what he's learned: Renautas is using powers to create new technologies and plans to launch a new product called E.P.I.C. driven by Molly's powers. Noah promises to find something to patch Quentin up as they must now make their way to Midian, Colorado to stop Renautas.

Game Over

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June 13th, Part One

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June 13th, Part Two

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Company Woman

Luke Collins takes Quentin Frady and his sister Phoebe into the woods near the ruins of Primatech to execute them. However, Phoebe escapes while Quentin switches sides.

Project Reborn

While in the Eternal Fortress, Tommy Clark views part of his erased memory of what had happened to him seven years before on Level 5 at Primatech. Tommy witnesses Angela Petrelli testing his and his sister's ability to combine powers before something goes wrong and then an energy bolt shoots up into the sky before the memory ends.

Needing to know what happened and how to safely combine his and Malina's powers to stop the H.E.L.E., Tommy teleports outside of his old cell seven years in the past and watches as the test happens. Tommy witnesses the fact that he and Malina are unable to safely combine their powers before a lab worker pulls them apart resulting in the energy channeling through their body and into the sky. Angela realizes that Tommy and Malina need a conduit for their powers to work and Tommy teleports away, having gotten the answers he needed.

Tommy rescues Noah Bennet from death two days before the present and takes him back to Level 5 seven years in the past. Noah watches the experiment and how Angela then explains that in her dreams there was a third faceless figure with the twins which she now knows is their conduit, someone willing to sacrifice themselves so Tommy and Malina can save the world. Rene asks Angela who the conduit will be and Angela seems to look straight through the window at Noah as she tells Rene she's sure she knows who it is. Tommy teleports in and explains that after failing to stop the H.E.L.E. with Malina "a thousand times", he realized that Noah was the key to stopping it and needed him to see the test to understand what Tommy needs him to do. Noah agrees to be Tommy and Malina's conduit and has Tommy teleport them back to the Odessa Clock Tower in Gateway where Malina is struggling to hold back the H.E.L.E.

Memorable Quotes

"A shipment of needles went to Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas. The tracking slip went to a man named Bennet. Sound familiar?"

- Hana (to Matt) (Unexpected)

"So tell me. How do you feel about paper?"

"Wildly enthusiastic."

- Thompson, Mr. Bennet (Company Man)

"Go ahead. Tell 'em what you do. What goes on at that paper factory of yours, Mr. Bennet?"

- Ted (to Mr. Bennet) (Company Man)



  • Employees of Primatech Paper Co. are required to have parking stickers. During one of his frequent visits, Mr. Bennet was approached by a security guard named Rufus about signing the paperwork required in order to get his parking sticker renewed for the following month. (Seven Minutes To Midnight)
  • Both the sign on the wall next to the guard stand and the logo on note that Primatech has been in operation since 1962.
  • Posted in Isaac's room are Alcoholics Anonymous's Twelve Steps. (Fallout)
  • Primatech Paper Co. does not actually exist. However, there is a real Primatech that makes security software.
  • According to the commentary on Godsend, scenes in the warehouse of Primatech were filmed in Santa Clarita, CA. In the commentary on .07%, Chuck Kim said that the halls of the Heroes studio halls (specifically, Building 70) double as the halls for Primatech. In fact, during the commentary, Chuck points out small rooms that are actually makeup application rooms or special effects rooms.


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