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Miko Otomo/Heroes Reborn

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This article archives the history of Miko Otomo during Season Reborn.

For more about Miko Otomo, see the main article.

Character History

Brave New World

Ren Shimosawa interrupts Miko, who is making a paper crane in the back area of her apartment while listening to music. After turning off the music by remote, she is shown a piece of paper by Ren with her address on it that Ren says he received when completing the second to last level of Evernow. She claims to not know Ren or even what school she goes to, and gently guides Ren out the apartment entrance door when he does not leave immediately when asked. Afterwards, Miko glances at a door inside her apartment at the end of a hallway that has a painted image on it.

Later, Miko receives a book from Ren with a picture of her father, Hachiro Otomo, on the back cover. She tells Ren that the red bow she always wears was a gift from her father, and again asks him out of her apartment.

Following Ren's comments and the guide, Miko finds a sword and a paper note under a panel in the floor of the room with the painted tile door. Unsheathing and wielding the sword, Miko finds herself with the sword in Evernow as the character Katana Girl and defeats three warriors that attack her there.


When Ren returns to Miko's apartment to apologize, he finds the place deserted with Evernow still open on her computer. Inside the game, Miko, as Katana Girl, confronts four masked warriors. When she demands that they tell her where her father is, a fifth warrior charges at her from behind, but she spins around and slices him in half. She then defeats the other four warriors with ease. Suddenly, a red samurai who is being dragged away by more warriors calls out to Miko from across the street, and she recognizes his voice as her father's. When she goes to rescue him, four more warriors drop down to block her path. Ren enters the game with his character and helps Miko fight them. Soon after, Miko decides to pursue the red samurai instead and asks Ren to buy her time while she runs off after him.

Miko catches up to the red samurai further into Bandit City. She decapitates the two goons holding him and offers to take him home using her ability. However, the samurai tells her that they have more to do in Evernow before they can leave, and is suddenly launched towards Yamagato Tower on the horizon. Before Miko can chase after him, she is knocked unconscious by another enemy warrior and rematerializes on the floor of her apartment.

When Miko wakes up, she tells Ren that everything he said about her being Katana Girl was true. She realizes that she must return to Evernow despite the danger because it is her destiny to free her father. Walking to the window, she shows Ren Yamagato Tower and tells him that it is where they were taking her father in the game. She tells Ren to go back to the computer and guide her there through Evernow before disappearing back into the game.

Miko enters Yamagato Tower in Evernow, sheaths her sword, and finds herself appearing in the lobby of the real-world building. Security guards with batons menacingly encircle her, so she holds her sword outwards to imply that she is surrendering. When one of the guards grabs her sword, Miko defiantly holds on to it and tells him not to touch it before kicking him in the gut. She engages in battle with the other guards.

Under the Mask

Miko appears in the lobby at Yamagato Tower. The guards attempt to take her sword, however she fights back. Harris arrives and quickly disables her, warning her that the sword is not hers. In a conference room at Yamagato Tower, Harris questions Miko. Dissatisfied with her answers, he attacks Miko with a cleaver. She disarms him, recovers the cleaver, chops his hand off, and flees with Ren.

The Needs of the Many

In Tokyo, Ren and Miko travel in a cab to the airport. When Ren makes a comment that they're purchasing a ticket last minute the cab driver warns him that it will be quite expensive. Ren tells him not to worry as he has money from being a well-known internet celebrity. Ren posts a video on one of his social media profiles asking his fans to come to Renautas Headquarters in Midian. When Miko asks how this will help her find answers, Ren tells her not to doubt the power of social media. Miko and Ren arrive at Renautas in Midian, where a number of Ren's fans are all waiting outside in costume. Ren tells Miko it will be easy to infiltrate Renautas with so many people dressed as Katana Girl also there. Miko's plan is to enter the building stealthily; however, Ren offers an alternative of just revealing that she's Katana Girl to the fans.

The Lion's Den

Miko and Ren follow along with the group visiting Renautas while trying to keep a low profile. Seeing a picture of Erica, Ren points her out to Miko, informing her that it was Erica who took her sword. Miko remarks that she is a powerful foe, but they will not fail. They later observe the sword being transported to Erica's house and they follow. Upon arriving, Miko charges at a window and breaks through. Miko is able get to the sword, unsheathes it and vanishes. Outside, Miko appears near Ren. She tells Ren that she now needs to return to Evernow to rescue her father.

Game Over

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Miko goes into Renautas with her allies Noah Bennet, Quentin Frady, Taylor Kravid, and Ren Shimosawa. They work together to get her into Evernow to free Hiro Nakamura who is trapped in the game. Miko finds out she will need to sacrifice herself to save Hiro. Despite the sacrifice she would have to make, Miko neverthess decides to proceed by plunging her sword into the lock that holds Hiro prisoner, sacrificing her life in the process.

June 13th, Part Two

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Sundae, Bloody Sundae

In the year 9972, a butterfly lands on Miko's hand as she sits in the middle of a barren valley. When the butterfly flies away, Miko gets up and walks away. Coming to the end of the valley, she sees a settlement in the distance and stares in confusion.

11:53 to Odessa

In 9972, Miko walks through the desert towards Gateway. Entering the city, Miko is confused and questions some guards that arrive if this is where her father is. When the guards try to apprehend her, Miko beats them up and escapes.

Climbing a tower in Gateway, Miko spots some repairmen entering an elevator and that as one of his tools, one of them has a blade as part of one of his tools. Miko enters the elevator with the men and knocks them out, using a wooden post and the blade to fashion herself a new weapon. Entering Gateway itself, Miko walks into a room with several evos hooked up to machines. To her shock, one of the evos is her. Miko is approached by her father who tells her that the other Miko is the real her. Hachiro explains that the real Miko was involved in an accident and Renautas kept her alive but threatened to kill the real Miko if he didn't do as they wanted. Miko tells her father that she always knew she was something else but a man found her and treated her like she was special. Hachiro recognizes that she's talking about Ren and tells Miko that he sent Ren to her. Miko asks if Ren is there, but Hachiro tells her that he isn't but will be soon. Hachiro tells Miko that she has to find the Master of Time and Space as he is the only one who can send her on her final mission. Miko asks about her belief that she'd rescued the Master of Time and Space, but Hachiro tells her that he is there in Gateway and she must go. When Miko refuses to leave Hachiro, he raises the alarm to force her to go and Miko runs off as security comes.

Miko watches from the celling as Tommy Clark sends people back to the present on Erica's orders and witnesses him discussing bringing everyone to the future. Miko drops from the celling and uses her new weapon to knock out the guards. Grabbing Tommy, Miko tells him that she has come to free him, calling him the Master of Time and Space. Tommy then grasps onto Miko and teleports away with her.

Send in the Clones

Tommy and Miko teleport into a greenhouse where Tommy questions Miko on why she tried to rescue him. Miko explains that her father sent her to rescue the Master of Time and Space and that she doesn't know how she ended up in the future. Tommy recognizes her from 9th Wonders! and shows her the edition of him in the future which displayed them talking. Tommy tells Miko that his mother had told him that the comics depicted his father's future and realizes she must be part of saving the world. However, Miko starts to glitch with parts of her becoming electrical. A shocked Miko tells Tommy she's not real before he teleports them away when someone enters the greenhouse.

Teleporting outside of Gateway, Miko asks Tommy what 9th Wonders! shows next for her. On the last page, Tommy finds Miko confronting M. F. Harris at Sunstone Manor. Miko realizes this what her father meant by Tommy sending her on her final mission and orders him to send her back there. When she starts turning into electricity again, Miko tells Tommy she's dying and needs to go. Tommy agrees to send her and Miko asks him to tell Ren if Tommy sees him that she loves Ren too. Tommy promises to do so and then teleports Miko back to the present, giving Tommy her hair ribbon to prove that he got rid of her. He claims to Erica that Miko was going to kill her and disappeared. When Tommy gives Erica Miko's hair ribbon, it disappears in a crackle of electricity.

Miko appeared in the field outside Sunstone Manor where she spotted the army of Harris clones and took them on, single-handedly holding them off. Eventually, the real Harris came out and challenged Miko to a fight. Miko had the upper hand at first, slashing Harris in the side. However, Harris eventually overpowered her and told Miko he was going to kill the real her and then her father after he was done with her and then "game over" as he prepared to kill her. Seeing her midsection disappearing again, Miko stabbed her blade through herself and Harris who was behind her, mortally wounding him. Miko tells Harris "don't get ahead of yourself" before decapitating Harris, killing him. A stunned Carlos asks Miko who she is and she tells him "I was Katana Girl" before turning into electricity and disappearing, seemingly for good.

Project Reborn

When Ren is transported to Evernow by Hachiro Otomo, he encounters Miko who has returned to Evernow but tells him the game world is dying and her with it. Miko aids Ren in reaching the Eternal Fortress where he hesitates to remove the Kensei sword as it will mean the end of her. Miko insists he go forth and save Tommy, believing they will meet again. Ren removes the sword and returns to the H.E.L.E. future while Tommy is freed. As the door opens, Tommy spots Miko who salutes him with Tommy returning the nod as Evernow and Miko disappear for good.

Heroes Reborn App

After the Heroes Reborn app was released, a video summary of Miko's history was provided. The summary included:

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