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List of references to Heroes

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List of references to Heroes
References Robot Chicken 1.jpg
Robot Chicken references Heroes.

As Heroes grows in popularity and becomes a part of pop culture, many other media make reference to Heroes.

References to Heroes


In the Superfreak issue of the webcomic 2P START! (released June 6, 2007) Ray is concentrating on his computer. Tim comes in and jokes that he is Micah and can talk to computers. Then Tim guesses what he's doing and Ray says "You just read my mind! Like Matt Parkman!"

30 Rock

In the episode The Head and the Hair, which aired on January 18, 2007, Liz Lemon goes to a swanky party where she feels uncomfortable and out of place. She tries to make small talk with the trendy party goers by asking them if they've been watching Heroes. When they don't answer her, she says that she likes the Japanese guy.

In the October 4, 2007, second season premiere (SeinfeldVision), NBC executive Jack Donaghy attempts to boost ratings by digitally inserting Jerry Seinfeld into promotional spots for current shows. One such advertisement features a scene from Better Halves. Jerry, in the role of Peter Petrelli, relays a message to Ando over the phone: "Save the cheerleader, save the world." When Ando repeats the message, an irritated Jerry says, "Yeah, that's what I said!"

In the November 12, 2007, episode (Greenzo), Kenneth is throwing a small party. Rumors about the party spin out of control, culminating with Frank's claim that "the girl from Heroes is gonna take a shower."

In the November 13, 2008, episode (The One with the Cast of 'Night Court'), guest star Harry Anderson, a real-life magician, asks Liz Lemon if she is with network. He then pitches his idea to her that Heroes could have a new hero with the superpower of doing close-up magic.

In the January 8, 2009, episode (Señor Macho Solo), Jack Donaghy extols the benefits of cross-promotion--he remarks that they're including a Heroes DVD in every missile guidance system that the company sells.

In the November 19, 2009, episode (Sun Tea), Kenneth reminds Liz that she has made a promise to Masi Oka to be more environmentally conscious. Kenneth says, "'Conserve electricity. Don't be a zero, be a good guy.' Why didn't that say hero? That feels like a real missed opportunity."


On their 2008 album Where Myth Fades to Legend, hard rock "screamo" band Alesana wrote a song called "This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream" (a paraphrased line from Sylar in .07%). According to band member Shaun Milke, the song was influenced by the first season of Heroes. It contains lyrics like "It's a chance to save the world or lose the girl / Let's save the world! / Heroes will save the day!"

The Batman

In the February 10, 2007, episode Seconds, Francis Gray discovers in jail that he can manipulate time. While in jail, he uses his power several times, squinting with concentration; one example involves making a clock go back one second. Additionally, at the end of the episode, the name of his clock-making company is shown as "Gray & Son Repair".

The Big Bang Theory

In the episode The Recombination Hypothesis, which aired as the 100th episode on January 19, 2012, Sheldon is considering what to do with a cardboard cut-out of Spock, disappointed that it is Zachary Quinto and not Leonard Nimoy. Sheldon asks, "Why would I feel safer with Zachary Quinto at the foot of my bed?" and Leonard replies, "I don't know, he was pretty bad ass on Heroes." After considering, Sheldon says, "Nope. Sorry Quinto, you're going back!"

In the April 25, 2013, episode The Closure Alternative, Sheldon learns that a favorite television show of his is about to be canceled. He says, "They can't just cancel a show like Alphas. You know? They have to help the viewers let go. Firefly did a movie to wrap things up. Buffy the Vampire Slayer continued on as a comic book. Heroes gradually lowered the quality season by season till we were grateful it ended."

Bionic Woman

In episode Do Not Disturb (November 28, 2007), Jaime Sommers and her sister are sitting in the bed eating ice cream, and watching TV. They hear and see the segment from Genesis when Hiro stands up and shouts "Yatta!" from his Yamagato Industries cubicle, and runs down the office celebrating his first successful attempt at bending time.

Cable & Deadpool

In Issue #39 (Mistaken Identities, June 2007) of the Marvel comic book Cable & Deadpool, Deadpool stabs T-Ray with a katana. Before he does so, he says that his "katana was forged by the same guy who made the one on Heroes." Incidentally, Issue #39 was colored by Chris Sotomayor, and numerous issues prior to #39 were drawn by Staz Johnson.


Commercials for the premiere of NBC's Chuck (which debuted directly before Four Months Later... on September 24, 2007) teased, "Save the Geek, Save the World". (Years later, Chuck star Zachary Levi would star in the Heroes miniseries Heroes Reborn.)

The "Nerd Herd" reviews the Heroes DVD.

In a Chuck interactive game, the user can browse the title character's inbox. An email, titled "more than paper... much more", is from Primatech Paper.

The Cleveland Show

On the January 10, 2010, episode Love Rollercoaster, Cleveland is complaining about the pointlessness of Facebook updates. He says sarcastically, "Ooh! Betsy Sherman is excited to watch Heroes!" He then decides to tweet "Go suck an egg, Betsy."

The Colbert Report

In the July 29, 2008 episode, Stephen Colbert interviews Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, who is running for the 14th District of Manhattan. He notes that Nathan Petrelli of Heroes also ran for her district, and he could fly. Then, he asks if she had any superpowers, and bets she wishes she had x-ray vision right now.

Covert Affairs

As part of USA Network's cross promotion with NBC, the Covert Affairs official Twitter page (and Facebook page) posted a picture on September 21, 2015, three days before Heroes Reborn aired. The picture posted is of Auggie Anderson standing in front of the Heroes Reborn background with the word "Superheroes" written across. Next to the character (who is blind and has excellent senses), it says "Superhuman Senses". The post also said, "There's a superhero in all of us."

Crossword Puzzles

A Newsday puzzle from January 3, 2007, had the clue "Heroes actress Larter". The answer was "ALI".

A clue from the Jonesin' crossword puzzle on March 20, 2007, read "Masi of Heroes". The answer was "OKA".

The Jonesin' crossword puzzle on April 10, 2007, contained a clue that read "TV show with a villain named Sylar". The answer was "HEROES".

The AV Club crossword puzzle from June 27, 2007, had a clue that said "NBC hit series". The answer was "HEROES".

A crossword puzzle posted on July 25, 2007, by AV Club featured the clue "Larter of Heroes". The answer was "ALI".

One of the clues from the Universal Crossword puzzle on September 7, 2007, said "Ventimiglia of Heroes". The answer was "MILO".

A clue from the Newsday crossword puzzle on November 21, 2007, read "Heroes network". The answer was "NBC".

A puzzle in the November 21, 2007, issue of NY Sun had the clue "Larter of Heroes". The answer was "ALI".

A Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle on December 7, 2007, featured the clue "Larter of Heroes". The answer was "ALI".

Clues from the Jonesin' crossword puzzles on August 19 and 21, 2008, both read "Actor Ventimiglia of Heroes". The answer was "MILO".

A New York Times puzzle on December 14, 2008, featured the clue "Heroes actress Larter". The answer was "ALI".

A crossword puzzle posted on March 4, 2009, in New York Times featured the clue "Actress Larter of Heroes". The answer was "ALI".

The USA Today crossword puzzle from June 2, 2009, had a clue that said "Sci-fi drama on NBC". The answer was "HEROES".

A clue from the New York Times crossword puzzle on July 5, 2009, read "Actor Ventimiglia of Heroes". The answer was "MILO".

A New York Times puzzle on November 22, 2009, featured the clue "Larter of Heroes". The answer was "ALI".

A puzzle from USA Today on March 9, 2010, featured the clue "Heroes actress Larter". The answer was "ALI".

In the LA Times crossword puzzle on May 30, 2010, a clue read "Sci-fi series about people with special powers". The answer was "HEROES".

A crossword puzzle posted on June 23, 2010, in New York Times featured the clue "Actress Larter of Heroes". The answer was "ALI".

A clue from the LA Times crossword puzzle on June 26, 2010, read "Heroes home". The answer was "NBC".

A Washington Post puzzle on July 16, 2010, featured the clue "Larter of Heroes". The answer was "ALI".

A clue from the Jonesin' crossword puzzle on August 31, 2010, read "Actor Ventimiglia of Heroes". The answer was "MILO".

Puzzles from Jonesin' on both September 23 and 28, 2010, featured the clue "Heroes actress Larter". The answer to each was "ALI".

In the December 8, 2010, Onion A.V. Club crossword puzzle, one clue read "Masi Oka character Nakamura". The answer was "HIRO".

In the July 21, 2011, syndicated puzzle by Matt Jones, one clue read "Highly-touted NBC spinoff cancelled in 2008 before production". The answer was "HEROESORIGINS". (The puzzle's theme was that some solutions had words with the initials HO, like Heroes Origins.)

A clue from the Pat Sajak Code Letter crossword puzzle on September 14, 2011, read "Sci-fi drama on NBC". The answer was "HEROES".

An AV Club puzzle from October 26, 2011, had the clue "Heroes star Oka". The answer was "MASI".

A clue from the Jonesin' crossword puzzles on both March 1 and 13, 2012, read "Masi of Heroes". The answer was "OKA".

A puzzle from Pat Sajak Code Letter on April 5, 2012, featured the clue "Heroes actress Larter". The answer was "ALI".

Two Jonesin' puzzles from July 12 and 24, 2012, both contained the clue "Actor Oka of Heroes". The answer was "MASI".

Clues from both the Village Voice and Inkwell crossword puzzle on August 31, 2012, said "Cheerleader Bennet on Heroes". The answer was "Claire".

A clue from the Jonesin' crossword puzzles on both November 15 and 27, 2012, read "Heroes villain (anagram of L-RAYS)". The answer was "SYLAR".


The March 28, 2007, issue of Ctrl+Alt+Del (called Association), Ethan watches a show on his computer that makes references to Battlestar Galactica, Starship Troopers, Command & Conquer, Lost, and other science fiction shows. Ethan comments that he is grateful there are no actors on the show from Heroes or Firefly. He says his brain wouldn't be able to withstand "this geek character orgy of sheer awesomeness."

In the It's on My Mind issue of the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del (released May 14, 2007), Ethan asks Lucas if he is familiar with Sylar's habit of absorbing powers by taking their brains. Ethan, excited that Lucas is skilled at Halo, takes out a saw. Lucas balks, explaining that Sylar's victims usually end up dead.

In the September 22, 2008 issue, one character expresses his excitement that Heroes had returned to television. After being asked by his roommate how he could still be excited "after what a disaster season two was", the character replies that the more often his hopes get crushed, the less it hurts the next time. He claims that "it's a long-term investment".

In the May 16, 2010 issue, two characters discuss NBC's recent cancellation of Heroes. One character makes a noise, and then is suddenly in pain. He says, "I was trying to care, but I think I pulled something."

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

An episode of The Daily Show aired a featurette lampooning Heroes.

Epic Movie

A promo for Epic Movie (starring Jayma Mays and released January 26, 2007) poked fun at the success of Heroes.


In episode Crisis of Conscience (February 15, 2007), Dr. Dubenko says, "Save the cheerleader, save the world," after he attends to a cheerleader.


In the episode Show Me the Mummy (August 26, 2008), Jack Carter watches as his friend Fargo is affected with an impending plague. Carter says, "Save Fargo, save the town".

Family Guy

A commercial for episode Chick Cancer (November 26, 2006) showed quick cuts of Stewie Griffin wearing a cheerleader outfit, then talking to a tied up cheerleader, interspersed with title cards that read "Save the Baby, Save the Planet".


As part of USA Network's cross promotion with NBC, the Graceland official Twitter page (and Facebook page) posted a picture on September 21, 2015, three days before Heroes Reborn aired. The picture posted is of Mike Warren standing in front of the Heroes Reborn background with the word "Superheroes" written across. Next to the character (whose fate is unknown after a cliffhanger season ender where he may or may not have been killed), it says "Immortal". The post also said, "Use your powers wisely."

Hijinks Ensue

In the September 3, 2007, issue of the webcomic Hijinks Ensue (called NBC Makes Excellent Business Decisions), artist Joel Watson complains about the bundling of NBC content when he asks, "Why do I have to buy 3 episodes of Deal or No Deal just to get the new Heroes?"

In the September 27, 2007, issue (called Heroes continues to not be X-Men), Joel imitates the power of Isaac Mendez, painting the future. He points a gun at Josh, wondering if Josh might be invincible (since the eclipse didn't give him the powers of flight, mind reading, talking to fish, or increased swimming speed). In actuality, Josh appears to emulate Niki's split personality, seeing an evil form of himself in the mirror. Also featured is Eli, phasing through a wall to steal a newly released video game. Incidentally, the comic also features the Heroes eclipse, with the title spelled "H.E.roes" as a nod to the comic's title, Hijinks Ensue.

In the November 8, 2007, issue (called Tim Kring makes puppies commit adultery), Joel, Eli, and Josh stand outside NBC studios with picket signs. Tim Kring approaches Josh, and thanks him for supporting the Writers Guild strike. The three picketers are unaware that there is a strike -- instead, they were picketing Heroes, with slogans like "Please kill Maya y Alejandro," "Bring back Peter Petrelli's bangs," and "Stop Tim Kring. He's ruining Heroes!!! Also he eats babies." [Note that artist and blogger Joel Watson used this comic as a "remix", where fans could submit their own captions and dialog.]

In the September 24, 2008, issue (called All We Wanna Do Is Eat Your Brains), Joel suggests that if a trained bear murders the cast of Heroes, the show cannot continue to be made. Josh explains a simpler solution: just stop watching. Joel, wanting the power to stop watching the show, removes the top of Josh's skull and steals Josh's power. However, it backfires -- he no longer has to watch Heroes, but he feels compelled to watch Project Runway.

The December 1, 2008, issue (called There Goes My Hero), posits the idea, "If real life was written like Heroes." Characters echo some of the fans' complaints about the show, including characters quickly switching back and forth between being "good" and "evil", the central plot not advancing, characters falling in love despite never having previous romantic tension, and characters being related to each other too much.

In the December 3, 2008, issue (called Tweroes and Twillains), Wil Wheaton notices that Greg Grunberg is following him on Twitter and wants Wil to be a guest star on Heroes. Barack Obama notices the "twiendship" between "Wesley Crusher and Matt Parkman from Heroes."

In the February 10, 2010, issue (called An Heroic Spirit), Josh and Joel celebrate "that Heroes is gone for *glug* good." They drink what Joel calls "Sylar Sauce" (from a bottle with The Symbol on it), which makes the drinker "switch from good to evil at random intervals with no apparent motivation." The drink is also "really bad for your brain."

House M.D.

In the season 5 episode Locked In (March 31, 2009) House encourages Dr. Taub to "save the cheerleader, save your world" in reference to a patient presumably inflicted with lock-in syndrome.

I See Stars

On April 14, 2009, the band I See Stars released the song "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" on their album 3-D.


In the February 13, 2007, episode, the $600 answer in the first round under the category "TV is So Dramatic" was "Save Hayden Panettiere, who plays an indestructible cheerleader on this NBC drama, save the world."

In the May 3, 2007, episode, the $800 answer in the second round under the category "Famous Young Women" was "On this show an Internet stripper has unnatural abilities that would appeal to a genetics professor."

The September 18, 2007, episode's first round had Heroes-related answer in the category "TV Shows That Bombed". The $800 answer was "This series' Peter Petrelli had visions that he would cause a nuclear holocaust in NYC."

The October 10, 2007, episode featured a $400 question in the second round under the category "Young Actors". The answer was "Hayden Panettiere, seen here [clip shown], is virtually indestructible on this NBC show."

The November 5, 2007, episode had a $1200 question in the second round under the category "Must Flee TV": "The horned-rimmed glasses guy pursued & kidnapped people with special abilities on this show."

The May 16, 2008, episode's first round had a question for $1000 under the category "Television" that read "Jack Coleman, who plays the mysterious H.R.G. on this show, is a descendant of Benjamin Franklin."

In the November 17, 2008, episode, one answer in the first round under the category "Kids Rule TV" was "Noah Gray-Cabey plays Micah Sanders, a person with the ability to control machines with his touch, in this series."

On June 10, 2009's episode, the first round's category "TV Casts" had a $800 answer that simply read "Milo Ventimiglia, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Ali Larter".

The July 17, 2009, episode's Double Jeopardy round's category "Pop Culture" had a $1600 answer that read "This Hero-ic actress is working with the Whaleman Foundation to try to stop all commercial whaling." The question was "Hayden Panettiere".

In the July 5, 2010, episode, the $1200 answer under the category "Tell Us of Television" in the second round was "As Sylar, Zachary Quinto enjoyed picking the occasional brain on this NBC show." (This was a triple stumper, where none of the three contestants got the question right.)

The correct question for each, of course, was "What is Heroes?"

In the September 29, 2008, episode, the $1000 answer in the first round under the category "Stupid Answers" was "Masi Oka plays a character with this first name on the TV show Heroes." The question was "Who is Hiro?"

In the second round of the May 19, 2011, episode, the $1600 question in the category "Tattooed Ladies" was "This Heroes cheerleader has a torso tat that reads (in misspelled Italian), 'Live without regrets'." The question was "Who is Hayden Panettiere?"

Joe Dirt

When Joe Dirt was broadcast on Comedy Central (December 2006), promotions read "Save the mullet, save the world".

Knight Rider

On the Halloween episode, character Zoe was dressed up in a Odessa Wildcats cheer-leading outfit. When conversing with Billy, she stated "Save me, Save the world"

Knives Exchanging Hands

On November 27, 2007, the band Knives Exchanging Hands released the song "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" on their album Hiatus.

Kyle XY

During episode Lockdown (August 27, 2007), an exasperated Hillary exclaims, "Oh, for the love of Peter Petrelli!"

Late Show with David Letterman

The May 15, 2007, Top Ten List was presented by Masi Oka:
Top Ten Surprises In The Heroes Season Finale
10. One of us gets whacked by Tony Soprano
9. Show's slogan changed to "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World, Save 15% on Your Car Insurance by Switching to Geico"
8. Judges go nuts after the pulse-pounding rumba I do with Billy Ray Cyrus
7. We use our powers to lower gas prices, am I right, people?
6. Devote entire show to figuring out what the hell is happening on Lost
5. The telepathic cop wins a new car after reading Pat Sajak's mind on Wheel Of Fortune
4. New hero has the ability to reduce acid reflux
3. I beat the crap out of Spider-Man
2. The invisible man gets caught sneaking into dressing rooms at J.C. Penney
1. I use my teleporting powers to bust Paris Hilton out of the slammer

The June 17, 2010, Top Ten List was titled "Top Ten Signs Your Monkey Is Watching Too Much Television". The number 8 entry was "After Heroes was cancelled, he didn't eat bananas for a month."

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

In the October 9, 2007, episode Impulsive (episode 3 of season 9), the character Shane Mills boards a bus that has an advertisement for Heroes on its side.

Meet the Spartans

Near the beginning, King Leonidas consults the Oracle (an Ugly Betty parody), with a councilor translating. Among some nonsensical things she says, one of her warnings is "Save the cheerleader, save the world", to which Leonidas replies, "I'm sorry, I'm not a fan of Heroes". This film is known for its excessive use of pop culture references.

My Name is Earl

During episode Foreign Exchange Student (February 1, 2007), in a flashback scene in a classroom, a chalkboard can be seen in the background. Writing on this board reads "Screw the cheerleader, destroy the world."


Heroes was mentioned in an episode in which the audience does not know what is going on, and the narrator asks, "Who is the guy with the glasses?" Also, in episode #1212 (February 3, 2007), in the segment 24 with Bobby Lee, 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub mistakes Bobby for the Asian actor Masi Oka from Heroes. And in episode #1220 (April 28, 2007), a full sketch was also performed, parodying Hiro, Ando, Niki, Mr. Bennet, Mohinder, Peter, Nathan and Claire.


Misfits, a UK teen-drama on UK channel E4, has been described as "Heroes meets Skins". (Skins is another E4 series).

Muchachada Nui

In the 13th episode of the Spanish sketch television show Muchachada Nui (airing December 12, 2007), there was a sketch called "Enjuto Mojamuto. Ídolos" about a nerd's experiences. During the sketch, the character claims that Hiro Nakamura from Heroes is one of his idols.

The Office

During episode The Negotiation (April 5, 2007), Dwight says, "You know who's a real hero? Hiro, from Heroes. That's a hero."

One Life to Live

Christian Vega's studio apartment prominently features an in-progress painting, which just so happens to be the exact same as Isaac's unfinished painting of Sylar, A Long Shadow. Incidentally, Hayden Panettiere once had a small role on One Life to Live. Additionally, some find great parallels between One Life to Live's Niki/Viki storyline and Heroes's Niki/Jessica storyline.

One Tree Hill

A promo for episode Prom Night at Hater High (February 21, 2007) focused on a list Haley asks Nathan to make of all the girls he's ever been with. The promo ends with the tag, "Are you on the list?" This is the same marketing tagline NBC used to promote Heroes in January, 2007.


As part of USA Network's cross promotion with NBC, the Psych official Twitter page (and Facebook page) posted a picture on September 22, 2015, two days before Heroes Reborn aired. The picture posted is of Sean Spencer standing in front of the Heroes Reborn background with the word "Superheroes" written across. Next to the character (who has extraordinary powers of observation and deduction, and pretends to be psychic), it says "Psychic(ish)". The post also said, "You never know who's a true superhero."

Pushing Daisies

In the October 24, 2007, episode Pigeon, Ned says to Chuck, "Maybe there's an eclipse and it goes away," referring to his ability to bring back the dead. It should be noted that Pushing Daisies was created by Bryan Fuller, and stars Heroes alumni such as Ellen Greene and Swoosie Kurtz.

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party

In the video game teaser trailers it shows a room that looks like level 5, with a Rabbid trying to use telekinesis on a can of baked beans.


In the January 26, 2010, issue of the webcomic RealLife, Greg, Liz, and Dave watch television on talk about how much they enjoy Chuck. Dave complains, "Then Heroes has to come on and ruin it." They try to change the channel, but the show begins anyway with the traditional "Previously on Heroes", and some odd sound effects. Greg listens to the strange sounds and says that "they've stepped up the writing a notch or two."

Robot Chicken

The November 4, 2007 episode Losin' the Wobble (written by and starring Seth Green and Breckin Meyer) features a sequence entitled It's the Law, Asshole! in which police brutally bludgeon smart-alecks. In one scene, two men are seen at a water cooler. One comments that Heroes is better than Lost because it answers questions. He is immediately pummeled by the police force.

On the September 14, 2008 episode Bionic Cow, Robot Chicken spoofed Heroes in a segment called Uncle Glen. Uncle Glen entertains his nephew and niece by pretending he has a war injury--he slides the thumb of one hand back and forth making it look like the thumb of his other hand is detached. Glen goes to get a beer from the refrigerator, and when he closes the door, Sylar is standing in his kitchen. Sylar (voiced by guest star Zachary Quinto) says, "Removing your finger--that's a good power, Uncle Glen. I must have it." Sylar then telekinetically slices Glen's head open as a clock ticks in the background. The Heroes eclipse title card plays, and the title "Chapter Fifty-Seven: 'Uncle Glen'" is displayed on the wall. The family searches for Uncle Glen as Sylar stands outside the home practicing his new finger trick power. When Uncle Glen can't be found, it is concluded that Glen "must be having one of his explosive diarrhea attacks again." Suddenly Sylar is struck with explosive diarrhea. He says, "Every once in awhile, this power backfires." Additionally, several of Isaac's paintings appear on the walls of the home: Mohinder scattering his father's ashes, Sylar standing over Jackie's body, and Claire being chased through Union Wells. It should also be noted that Seth Green co-created Robot Chicken, and he is also an executive producer, actor, writer, and director for the show. Breckin Meyer is also a frequent actor and writer for the show.

Royal Pains

As part of USA Network's cross promotion with NBC, the Royal Pains official Twitter page (and Facebook page) posted a picture on September 23, 2015, the day before Heroes Reborn aired. The picture posted is of Dr. Hank Lawson standing in front of the Heroes Reborn background with the word "Superheroes" written across. Next to the character, it says "Healer". The post also said, "You can always count on a hero."


On a website designed by the Scrubs creators, Rate Your Doc has a section for Franklyn (played by Masi Oka). His description says that he is heroic, once saved a cheerleader, does things in a timely manner, wishes to travel back to feudal Japan to meet his ancestors, and looks strangely like Hiro Nakamura.

Shaq's Big Challenge

In episode four (17 July 2007) of Shaq's Big Challenge, contestents had to lose 20 pounds in order to see a Miami Heat game. An announcer, over images of Miami Heat cheerleaders, said "Lose the weight, see the cheerleaders".

The Simpsons

Promotions for syndicated Simpsons episodes featured the tagline "Save the Beerdrinker, Save the World," touting the promise that "unlikely chumps combine special abilities." In true Simpsons fashion, the 30-second spot featured a large number of quick references, including Wiggum (a cop), Quimby (a politician), Apu (an Indian), Cletus wearing a wifebeater, Marge side-by-side in dissimilar poses (and later holding a gun), Lisa as a cheerleader, Ralph as a football player, Mrs. Krabappel as a fortune teller, Willie having his thoughts read, Homer's face melting, an explosion, a donut in place of an O, and Homer facing a dinosaur.

So You Think You Can Dance

To open the June 11, 2009, episode, all dance competitors danced to the Black Eyed Peas song "Boom Boom Pow". Immediately prior to the song, as the dancers held their poses, a voice whispered, "Save the dancers, save the world."

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

In episode The Harriet Dinner: Part I (January 29, 2007), guest starring Masi Oka, featured a sketch in which Sarah Paulson's character dressed as a cheerleader leans up against Masi Oka and says, "Save me, save the world".


As part of USA Network's cross promotion with NBC, the Suits official Twitter page (and Facebook page) posted a picture on September 21, 2015, three days before Heroes Reborn aired. The picture posted is of Mike Ross standing in front of the Heroes Reborn background with the word "Superheroes" written across. Next to the character (who is gifted with an eidetic memory), it says "Photographic Memory". The post also said, "Something to never forget."

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

There have been several quick segments with new people with fictitious powers. In the episode originally airing December 4, 2008, there was a segment about Heroes with a new hero called "Catapult Man". During the segment, the Heroes introduction plays and then a video plays where a man is launched by catapult into the side of a house.


After the death of the character Ianto Jones in BBC's sci-fi drama Torchwood, fans began a campaign to bring him back, using the phrase, "Save the coffee boy, save the world".

True Blood

In the first season of the HBO series, vampire Eddie Gauthier notes that Monday nights are his favorite, beginning with an episode of Heroes and then a visit from Lafayette Reynolds.

Ugly Betty

November 2006 promotions for Ugly Betty read "Love the ugly, love the world".

White Collar

As part of USA Network's cross promotion with NBC, the White Collar official Twitter page (and Facebook page) posted a picture on September 22, 2015, two days before Heroes Reborn aired. The picture posted is of Neal Caffrey standing in front of the Heroes Reborn background with the word "Superheroes" written across. Next to the character (who is a master criminal and seems to evade prosecution), it says "Invisible Man". The post also said, "We all have powers. It's how you use them that counts."


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