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Daphne Millbrook

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Daphne Millbrook
Daphne Millbrook.jpg
Portrayed by Brea Grant
First appearance Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Super speed
Nicknames The Speedster,
Duck-hunting Janice
Gwen Stefani
Date of death Post-March 2007
Home New York, NY;
formerly Paris, France;
formerly Lawrence, KS
Residences Apartment in Brooklyn, NY;
formerly Apartment in Paris, France
Occupations Courier,
former Agent of Pinehearst Company,
former thief
Significant other Matt Parkman
Parents Mr. Millbrook,
Mrs. Millbrook (deceased)
Grandparent Daniella

Daphne Millbrook was a reformed thief who was recruited into Pinehearst Company. She was an evolved human with the ability to travel at superhuman speeds.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1

Daphne Millbrook uses her ability to run really, really fast to shoplift. She runs away with sunglasses and several pairs of shoes. After stealing a crêpe, Daphne meets Samir Mellouk, her employer, at his shop. Daphne steals items from museums and Samir sells them back to their original countries.

After quickly completing a job and returning to Samir's shop, Daphne heads to a museum. While there, Daphne decides that she wants to steal the Mona Lisa and enlists Samir's help. Daphne runs up to the Mona Lisa so quickly that they cannot be seen and Samir uses his ability to phase to take out the real painting and replace it with a fake. Afterwards, Daphne leaves while Samir walks home.

A few days later, Daphne returns to Samir's place to find that he is gone. A bald man in glasses meets her there and says that Samir was always working for his group. In exchange for keeping her name from being mentioned, he offers Daphne a job in Japan and hands her a folder containing a picture of Kaito Nakamura.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

Daphne races through a New York shipping yard and past a security guard unnoticed. She then breaks into Kaito Nakamura's shipment container and steals a military prototype. After hearing some noises, she leaves the yard.

Daphne then goes to Tokyo and meets with Yoji Hayata, a high ranking executive at Yamagato Industries who has been steeling the company's secrets. Daphne offers the prototype that she stole in exchange for information on how to get into Kaito Nakamura's safe. Yoji, enraged, tells her that he wouldn't be able to get her in the safe even if he wanted to. He then calls for his men to capture Daphne but she quickly outsmarts them and then reaches Yoji, who tells her that only a Nakamura can enter the safe due to biometric locks. Daphne then flees Yoji's office to regroup, racing through the building to the roof, then leaping to the next building.

Two weeks later, Daphne over hears a newscast stating that Hiro Nakamura is maned the new CEO of Yamagato Industries. Moments later, Yoji sends Daphne a tip to a camera feed with information on how to get to the safe. She watches the feed at Harajuko Station and dashes off as she hears Hiro and Ando talking about the safe.

The Second Coming

Daphne runs fast; really fast.

After Hiro opens his father's safe, Daphne speeds through his office and snatches one half of a formula from his hands in a blur. Hiro quickly stops time, and, following a streak she left behind, catches up to her. She appears to be frozen in time, but when the wave vanishes from behind her, her eyes shift, revealing that she can move normally, even when time has stopped. Daphne, confused, asks Hiro how he caught up to her, asking if he's also a speedster. He explains that he can stop time, and tells her that she stole something from him. Holding up the paper with half of the formula written on it, she stops him from snatching it from her and questions him about his ability. When he doesn't give an answer, she punches him, unfreezing time before she speeds away.

The Butterfly Effect

Daphne comes home to discover that Hiro and Ando have broken into her apartment and stolen her mother's high school track gold medal. She tries to get it back from Hiro, but he keeps teleporting away. Eventually she agrees to a trade with Hiro for the half of the formula she stole from him, saying that her boss won't be happy, but that she was just on her way to steal the second half of it. Handing the medal to Ando to trade with her, she runs forwards and is just about to snatch the medal when Hiro stops time again. She asks him if it's worth his friend's life, holding a knife to Ando's neck and cutting him. Hiro gives back the medal and Daphne darts away with both the first half of the formula and her medal.

One of Us, One of Them

Hiro and Ando follow Daphne to a moviehaus in Berlin, Germany. She tells them that she is there to get the other half of the formula, which will be presented at an exchange in the middle of the film. She tries to get away by running very fast, but can only run at normal speed, because of the Haitian's presence. Once inside the cinema, Daphne, Ando, and Hiro wait for the right moment to steal the formula. While they do, Daphne asks Ando if he's a "sidekick". Hiro tells his friend not to listen to her.

Later, the Haitian puts the other half of the formula away in a briefcase and Hiro and Ando try to steal it, but Daphne nabs it in a flash.

Angels and Monsters

Daphne speaks to Linderman, who asks her about her opinion about recruiting for Pinehearst. She agrees that she will help him as long as she's paid. He shows her folders containing information on Knox and Mohinder, two targets for recruitment. Stating that she doesn't want to get her hands dirty due to the fact that they're dangerous people, Linderman eases her mind by stating that they've merely lost their way. Later, Daphne, now working with Knox, finds Hiro and Ando in an abandoned bar. She tells Hiro that she's considering recruiting him, but that he must prove himself to be worthy. She is shocked when Knox tells Hiro to stab Ando, but stands by as Hiro does so to show that he is "bad ass". Daphne then goes to meet with Linderman in a courtyard, where she is told to use precaution when finding her next target: Matt Parkman. Before leaving, Daphne tests her suspicions about Linderman by throwing a folder through him, proving that he isn't really there. She then speeds away.

Dying of the Light

Daphne attempts to recruit Sylar to Pinehearst.

Daphne assigns new Pinehearst Company member Hiro to retrieve Usutu in Africa. At JFK airport, Maury Parkman (as Linderman) instructs Daphne to recruit Matt Parkman. Matt and Daphne discuss the information she knows from his file and the information that he learned about her from his vision of the future. Daphne goes to Level 5 where she tries but fails to recruit Sylar, and successfully recruits Flint. Daphne then attempts to recruit Mohinder at his lab, and barely escapes after discovering his hive. Daphne returns to Matt at JFK airport and tells him that he is not a good fit for Pinehearst. Matt attempts to convince Daphne to leave Pinehearst, but she refuses his offer of protection. Daphne is present at the Pinehearst Building (with Maury, Knox, and Flint) when Arthur steals Peter's abilities.

Graphic Novel:Sum Quod Sum, Part 1

Daphne is in London hoping to get Elle Bishop to join Pinehearst. She follows Elle onto a subway, gives her a Pinehearst card and runs off.

Eris Quod Sum

Arthur sends Daphne back to Matt to recruit him for the Pinehearst Company. Knox follows her, and when he hears Matt and Daphne talking about going to The Company instead, he comes in and kills them after a showdown with Matt. After Knox leaves, Matt and Daphne come back into the room, revealing that Knox had only killed them in an illusion created telepathically by Matt. Daphne phones Arthur and tells him that the ruse worked, and that Matt thinks that she is on his side.

It's Coming

Daphne accompanies Matt to Primatech Research to seek help in stopping Arthur. Daphne enters the room after Matt has discovered Angela in a comatose state, she then tells Matt that she will find a nurse but instead runs to Pinehearst to update Arthur with the recent events. Daphne asks Arthur if he did that to his wife and what should she do if Matt tries to help her. As Daphne returns to Primatech, Matt tells her that he will try to help her by using his telepathy to get inside her head. As Matt enters a trance like state she asks if he can hear her, but he does not reply. After seeing Matt in discomfort she notices that he is bleeding and attempts to wake him. Realizing that her attempts are futile she tells Matt to let her in, grabbing his hand, she is then pulled into the telepathic prison which holds Angela. Matt immediately tells her to "get away" believing that she stabbed him until he realizes that it was Arthur. Arthur then informs Matt of Daphne's treachery, to which she immediately confesses and tells him of her confusion of who to trust and also the love she has for him.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Feeling guilty over her constant betrayals, Daphne asks Matt if he trusts her. She detects his hesitation to answer and, offended, returns to her home, a corn farm in Kansas where she lives with her father. Her father asks her what she had been doing in her time away from home, but she refuses to answer. She also asks if he still has "them". When Matt tries to talk to her, she refuses to see him and her father orders him to leave. Later, after her father leaves in a truck, Daphne allows Matt to enter. She greets him while walking on crutches and tells Matt that she did not want him to see her that way, implying that she could not walk before the eclipse gave her her ability.

Graphic Novel:The Caged Bird, Part 1

While Daphne is sitting outside her home, she looks back on the life she has led, from when she was a child to when the eclipse happened.

When Daphne is around three years old, she is walking in the cornfield with her mother while holding the medal her mother won in high school. People are constantly telling Daphne that she will be like her mother when she grows up, but those dream shatter when she is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which makes it impossible for her to walk without crutches.

Twenty four years after she is diagnosed, Daphne's mother is trying to convince her daughter that there is still a chance for her to walk again, but Daphne refuse to listen. Soon after, Daphne's mother is told she has cancer and that she only has a few weeks to live.

Daphne did not make things easier for her mother and on the day that her mother dies, Daphne gets into an argument with her. Eventually, Daphne is sent to her room by her father. The next time that Daphne sees her mother, she is dead in her father's arms.

On the day of the funeral, Daphne gets frustrated by the people around her and decides to leave. Her father tries to stop, but it has no affect. A few feet away from the house, Daphne falls and is then visited her mother. Her mother tells Daphne that she is special and that she should stand up and leave this cage. Daphne listens to her and realize that she no longer needs her crutches. She then runs off.

Four hours later, Daphne returns home to her father. He ask where she has been but she doesn't answer his question. Instead she tells her father to turn around. When her father does turn around, he sees that Daphne is able to stand on her own. Moments later, he embraces her and tell her that he wishes that her mother was able to see this. They are soon interrupted by a knock on the door and Daphne's father goes to answer it. The man at the door tells Daphne's father that he was at the funeral earlier and offers his condolences. He then tells him that he is there to talk about his daughter.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Matt asks Daphne about her leg braces, and Daphne explains that she needs them when she doesn't have her ability because she has cerebral palsy. Matt expresses his disbelief, and Daphne tells him how she was cured when the last eclipse occurred. She says that if Matt doesn't believe her then he should read her mind, but Matt explains that he has lost his ability as well. Daphne believes that Arthur has taken away their powers, but Matt thinks otherwise. Daphne also thinks that she deserves what has happened to her, but Matt disagrees. Soon after, Mr. Millbrook returns and asks if everything is alright. Daphne responds by saying that Matt was just leaving.

Daphne explains her condition to Matt.

When the eclipse is over, Matt returns to the Millbrooks' farm looking for Daphne, and finds her in the cornfield. He wonders why she is still there, and Daphne says that she came to talk to Ray, a scarecrow she made when she was thirteen. She explains that the scarecrow saved the field, but Matt tells her that it was she who saved the field, not the scarecrow, and that she is a good person. Daphne then asks if he forgives her, and he tells her that he is not the one that she needs to ask forgiveness from. Convinced by Matt's statement, Daphne goes back to the house and embraces her father.

Matt and Daphne then go to Sam's Comics where they find Ando and discover that Hiro has disappeared to parts unknown. Matt suggests that they look in the comic book for a clue, but is told that there are no more issues. However, Sam tells them that on the day that Isaac died, he gave his last 9th Wonders! story and sketchbook to a bike messenger.

Graphic Novel: The Caged Bird, Part 2

Daphne is in her kitchen talking with Thompson. He tries to convince her to come with him, but she refuses. Her father, noticing how bad things are getting, tells Thompson that he would like to speak with his daughter alone and that it might be better if he came back in the morning. Mr. Millbrook tries to convince his daughter that to take Thompson offer, especially since it is unknown why she can suddenly walk. Daphne does not want to hear it and tells her father that she wishes he was the one that died. In the morning, Daphne leaves the house.

Three months later Daphne has traveled the world and ends up in Paris, France. As soon as she arrives, she call her father. He tries to convince her to come home, but is unsuccessful. Daphne eventually tries to find work, but to no avail. She eventually ends up living among the homeless and stealing to get food.

Two weeks after she has arrived to Paris, she meets Samir. After talking with him for awhile, she is given a job that pays well and allows her to live in an apartment. However, this arrangement does not last long.

Nine months later, Daphne has returned to her home in Kansas. She is able to reconcile with her father before once again leaving.

Our Father

Daphne transports Matt and Ando to Manhattan where they visit the bike messenger service and talk to the dispatcher about Isaac's sketchbook. Ando wonders why Daphne is helping Hiro and she says she feels responsible, but Matt says she's helping because it's the right thing to do. When Matt spots the dispatcher cycling away, Daphne chases him and easily makes him lose control of his bike. He hands over Isaac's sketches and they examine them. Daphne believes the first sketch, showing Hiro lost in time, is a promotional sketch for the cover. When they see the image of Hiro trapped in the past, both she and Matt believe that Arthur's formula could provide an answer, since it has the potential to give someone space-time manipulation powers, allowing Hiro to be rescued.


Daphne, Matt, and Ando travel to Mohinder's lab to get the formula from him, but he isn't there. Daphne runs to Pinehearst Headquarters and steals a syringe of the formula from Mohinder as he is preparing to inject himself. She takes it to Ando who injects himself and faints. When he wakes up, he tries to time-travel but is unsuccessful, but his new ability is displayed when Matt touches him and hears the thoughts of everyone in Manhattan. When Daphne touches Ando, she travels back in time a few seconds and sees herself from the other wise of the room. Realizing that Ando's new ability is to super-charge others' powers and that it can therefore allow Daphne to run faster than the speed of light and thus time travel, Daphne takes Ando's hand and they travel to the past. The two rescue Hiro just as Kaito is about to kill him and bring him back to the present. Daphne then takes Hiro to Pinehearst where he knocks out Tracy and retrieves the formula. Daphne takes him back to the lab where he then destroys the formula.

Graphic Novel:Almost Famous

Matt returns home from a long day at work to meet Daphne, who hugs him. Matt persuades Daphne to keep a low key about their abilities, but Daphne says that no one will catch her. When Matt asks Daphne to at least try to keep a low key, Daphne playfully agrees that she'll try not to be caught instead.

A Clear and Present Danger

Daphne tries to live a normal life with Matt.

Daphne speeds into her apartment, and Matt gets upset that she is using her powers, even though he has forsaken the use of his own. He tells her that he just wants to live a normal life, which Daphne says is boring, but she agrees to go along with what he says.

Trust and Blood

Daphne runs to Japan to find Ando. She says she needs his help, because Matt is missing. Ando says that Hiro is also missing, and suggests that they were both kidnapped. Ando says that he located Hiro's GPS signal in Arkansas, and the two speed there. At the crash site, Daphne scopes the area out and finds Claire. She grabs her and runs back to Ando. Matt, Mohinder and Hiro have now made their way to Ando's location, where Daphne embraces Matt. She steps back to look around but is shot by the SWAT team and collapses. Claire then shields Daphne from further shots, while Matt, believing Daphne to be dead, causes the guards to attack one another. He later swears that he wants revenge for her murder.

Cold Wars

While being interrogated, Noah tells Matt that Daphne is actually alive. Matt scans his memories and sees how she was shot in the shoulder and was taken to Building 26, where Noah injected her with sedatives.

Later on, a real-time image of her, alive and being treated, is shown to Mohinder Suresh.


While Peter and Matt break into Building 26 they find information on a computer which tells them Daphne has been moved out to an external medical facility.

Shades of Gray

Danko's excuse to Nathan for strapping a bomb to Matt and placing him in front of the Capitol Building was to clean up the mess that Peter made of exposing their project to the media. Nathan responds that none of that would have happened if Danko would have released Parkman and Daphne like he asked.

Cold Snap

Danko brings Mohinder to a room full of evolved human prisoners, all of whom are strapped down and drugged. Daphne is among them and Mohinder says that she is dying and wants to take her to a hospital. Danko says he doesn't want Mohinder to help her, and an operative then tases Mohinder into unconsciousness.

Later, Tracy arrives and rescues Matt and Mohinder. Matt picks Daphne up, and after escaping with the others, takes her to the hospital. The doctor says Daphne's wound is septic and she is rushed into surgery. When Daphne awakens, she discovers that Matt has told the hospital staff that she is Gwen Stefani; Matt explains that he did it to get her a better room. Daphne then remembers Matt told the doctor as she was being wheeled in that her name is Janice, which Matt admits is his ex-wife's name. Suspecting that she is only a surrogate for Janice, Daphne prepares to leave, telling Matt that his dream of the two of them being married is not enough to hang a relationship on. Matt protests to no avail. Daphne tells Matt she's happy to have known him, and he's the first person she's said that to and actually meant it. She then runs off.

As Daphne breathes her last, Matt flies her to the moon.

Later, Daphne is sitting on a rooftop in Paris when Matt arrives. When Daphne asks how he got there so fast, Matt shows her that he can now fly, and offers to take Daphne anywhere she wants. As they fly over the city, she asks Matt to let her go; she knows she is really in the hospital, and this is only a dream created by Matt to give her a storybook ending. Matt says he's sorry; Daphne tells him don't be, she's not. Matt says he only wanted to make her happy. Daphne tells him that he did. Then she asks for one more thing: for Matt to fly her to the moon. Matt kisses her on the forehead, and off they fly into the night.

The dream ends, and back in the hospital room, Daphne succumbs to the infection. Matt holds Daphne's hand, his head bowed in grief, as Mohinder consoles him.

Turn and Face the Strange

In his grief over Daphne's death, Matt claims to have nothing to live for, and seeks to avenge Daphne by killing the person closest to Danko, a woman named Alena he has been dating for almost a year. He finds himself unable to kill her, but he does show her what kind of person Danko is, leading her to break up with Danko.

Project Reborn

While imprisoned in the Eternal Fortress, Tommy Clark has memories of several issues of 9th Wonders!, including a panel featuring Daphne.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 1 of The Agent, at the Flight 195 crash site, Rachel feels a burst of air when a second blond girl suddenly appears, and then watches as both the new girl and the senator's daughter, Claire, disappear.

Later, search parties locate Claire and the fast girl next to the smashed tail of the plane. However, before a proper ambush can be organized, the fast girl stands up as if she might take off and Gibson opens fire. His shots send the fast girl and Claire onto the ground, and then he pauses when another fugitive faces off with him. The other agents keep firing, but Gibson is forced to shoot the other recruits in the main search party and Rachel's squad. Danko shoots Gibson dead before he can kill Rachel, who is the only recruit left standing from both parties. The other fugitives then flee, leaving Daphne's body and Claire.

Evolved Human Abilities

Daphne had the ability to move at superhuman speed. She had used her ability to steal things such as food and valuable items. It is currently unknown if Daphne was actually capable of running far past the speed of sound. When amplified by Ando's ability, Daphne was capable of running faster than the speed of light, allowing her to time travel.

Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, the Heroes Reborn app was released with a video summary of Daphne's history. The summary included:

Memorable Quotes

"This whole time stopping thing, how does it work exactly, I mean, if you chase me to Bangkok, will time stay frozen in Tokyo?"

"I don't know."

"Well, something to think about when you get back on your feet."

"But... I am on my feet." (Daphne punches him out cold)

"Gotta go!"

-Daphne, Hiro (The Second Coming)

"You're telling me your plan? What kind of overconfident nemesis are you?!"

"You're 0 for 2 against me, Pikachu. That's just regular confidence."


-Hiro, Daphne (One of Us, One of Them)


"Stop calling me that; my name is Daphne!"

-Hiro, Daphne (One of Us, One of Them)

"Do one more thing for me?"


"Fly me to the moon."

-Daphne, Matt (Cold Snap)


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