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Episode number: 205
First aired: 12/10/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Agent Jordan
Previous episode: Imprisoned
Next episode: Targets
Previously on Chronicles...
Our heroes assimilated into normal lives, throwing away their days as the heroes who protected the world from dangerous people with amazing abilities. Then, the government began rounding them up and the former Company agents were thrown back into their old lives. They found themselves hunted by ruthless "humans", who are all under the command of the strange and determined "Hunter". After Jordan was captured he found himself wondering something. Just who is "The Hunter", and why does he hate evolved humans so much?...


This episode is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.

Story Development

Liam Meran · Kendra Grace · Premonition · Razor · Gravity Control · Perry Redfield



Danko escorts Jordan from his cell and leads him through the hall. He tells Jordan his plans for exterminating people like him and Jordan inadvertantly grabs Danko’s arm. Suddenly, he is able to perceive all of Danko’s history.

Two years ago, Danko leads his team off of a cargo plane and into a vast savannah. One of his team members yells that he is being reckless but Danko pulls out his gun and aims it at the soldier, asking if he would like to question his authority again. The soldier shakes his head and Danko leads his team to a small campground. There are several small tents around the camp and Danko enters one. A young technician is inside working hastily on a computer. Danko adresses her as Consuela and she asks him how he is. Danko refuses to answer and Consuela tells him that her adjustments are almost complete. She opens a live video feed and smiles at Danko as she leaves. Danko thanks her and sits down to face the screen. He calls out for a woman named Kendra, who comes running to the screen. She is overjoyed to see Danko and Danko appears happy to see her. He tells her that he misses her but that he will be home soon. Kendra says that she loves him and Danko says that he loves her too.

In present time, Danko pulls away from Jordan and falls to the floor, shocked. Jordan is equally as shocked and then asks why Danko hates evolved humans so much. Danko tells him to go to hell and Jordan asks if he is still in love with Kendra. He believes that he isn’t, as Danko is now full of hate. Jordan kneels down beside Danko and touches him again.

Elsewhere, Evan Winston is running through a crowded shopping center. A team of agents is hot on his trail and Evan leads them into the storage area. He is quickly cornered and begs for his life. The agents raise their guns at him but the guns are reduced to ash. The agents are confused and Evan looks around. A voice tells the agents that they have made a big mistake and suddenly, one by one, the agents disintegrate. Rictor Trundall steps into view and introduces himself to Evan, saying that he has been looking for him.

Two years ago, Danko and his team head into an Angolan village. They meet with some of the villagers, who offer the services of their strongest warriors in exchange for Danko’s assistance in killing the violent war lord that is in control of their land. Danko agrees to help them and asks who is in charge of their soldiers. Liam Meran steps up to Danko and shakes his hand, stating that he is looking forward to working with him. Somewhere deep in the jungle, a soldier enters a vast factory. He walks by rooms in which brutal torture is being conducted and enters the room of his leader. Razor is sitting and eating an expensive dinner and demands to know why he has been interrupted. The soldier informs him that the Americans have sent “The Hunter” to dispose of him and that he has joined forces with Liam. Razor is angry to hear this and closes his hand into a fist. Suddenly, the soldier is lifted into the air and crushed by an invisible force. His bloody body falls back to the floor and Razor continues eating.

Danko, Liam and Consuela search through a nearby temple and Liam explains that their village was once a very wealthy place but that Razor stole their money with his power. Danko asks him what kind of political hold he has over the people and Liam is confused, saying that Razor can crush people’s bodies with the power of his mind. Consuela laughs and asks if he is serious. Liam looks sad and signals for the two of them to follow him. He leads them into a sacred hall and tells them that beyond the hall is where they put what is left of the bodies. Consuela and Danko go to the next room and find hundreds and hundreds of bodies, all of them squashed and crushed into human blocks.

Andrew enters the home of Perry Redfield and apologises for being late. Perry asks if he has seen the news and Andrew tells him that he has lived it. Perry comments that in his day, they were also hunted but in a much lesser extent. Andrew tells him that he is worried he may kill someone but Perry reminds him that he is able to heal people as well. Andrew tells him that he hasn’t been able to do that in a while and Perry sighs. He telekinetically moves a glass into his hand and asks Andrew if he has spoken to his brother lately. Andrew tells Perry that Rictor is not and will never be his brother. He says that the court moved Rictor into their house as a foster kid and that they treated him like family only to have him brush them off. He says that he would be happy if he never saw Rictor again. There is a knock on the door and Perry opens it. Tyson introduces himself as a police officer and asks if he can come in.

Jordan continues his seach for answers. Back in the Angolan jungle, Liam leads Consuela, Danko and their team to the hidden factory. He tells them that Razor will know they are coming and Consuela’s sattellite phone goes off. She answers it and gives it to Danko. On the other end, Kendra tells Danko that she thinks he should head back to the camp. Danko asks how she knows he isn’t there and she says that Consuela told her. Danko tells her not to worry and hangs up. He tells Liam that the team will split up. He tells Consuela to lead the others into the factory while he and Liam go round back and ambush Razor. Consuela nods and goes with the rest of the team.

Rictor speaks with Evan and tells him all about the government’s plans for them. Evan asks how he can help and wonders why Rictor chose to look for him. Rictor sits Evan down and tells him that it is because of his power. He tells Evan that he can find out their enemies’ moves and then they can strike safely. Evan asks if he can have a superhero name and Rictor smiles, saying that they will be heroes.

Danko begs Jordan not to go any further but Jordan continues to dig. Back in Angola, Danko and Liam hear screams coming from the factory. They rush in and find Consuela barely alive amongst a bloodbath. She tells them that Razor isn’t human and Liam tells her that it is time he went ahead alone. Danko asks what he means and Liam tells them that he is like Razor, not human. He tells Danko that he is capable of unbelievable strength and tells Danko that he will handle Razor. Consuela passes out and Danko puts her down, saying that he is crazy. He tells him that he is going with him and the two of them leave together.

Tyson busts into Perry’s house and orders Perry and Andrew to get on the floor. Perry uses his advanced telekinesis and sends everything in his house smashing into Tyson. Tyson is thrown backwards into a wall and smashes right through it. Perry and Andrew run but an agent shoots Perry. Andrew turns to go help him but Perry tells him to run.

Danko and Liam enter what Liam calls “The Chamber”. Razor recognizes Liam and uses his influence over gravity to send Danko and Liam flying into a wall. The pressure pushes against their bodies, breaking some of their bones. Danko screams in agony and Liam struggles in vain to break free. Danko watches as Liam pulls very hard and breaks free of his hold. Danko begs him for his help but Liam ignores him and charges towards Razor, who smiles and crushes Liam into the floor. He lets Danko down onto the floor and breaks his arm. Danko screams and Razor smiles. He walks over to him and asks him for a favour. He tells Danko to go back to America and tell his people about his power. Danko runs from the factory.

Jordan lets go of Danko and kicks him. He tells him that he is pathetic and that he hates evolved humans because one of them hurt him. He leaves Danko, who remembers what happened when he returned home. He remembers talking to Kendra, who asks him if he loves her. He says that he does and she reveals that she has the abillity to see the future. She activates her ability and then turns it off. Danko is silent and then tells her that he loves her. She turns to go and he pulls out his gun and follows her.

Joshua wanders through Building 26. He finds the control room and enters it. He runs to the panel and finds a list of detainees. He opens all of their cells and then turns to leave. As he does so he spots some details of a new target. He reads and then his eyes open wide. He says that it is impossible and runs away.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"You people are monsters. You need to be put down."

"Us!? You started this. You came after us! Who's the real monster?"

- Danko, Jordan

"Evan Winston? I've been looking for you."

- Rictor

"He can crush people with his mind. Bring down heaven's might and smite those who do not believe. He is a god. An we, we are his slaves."

- Liam, refferring to Razor

"Have you seen the news?"

"Seen it? I've lived it. Government agents are following me everywhere like I'm some kind of terrorist."

- Perry Redfield, Andrew

"Go back home to America. Tell them of me if you wish. I'll kill them all. And it'll be all your fault."

- Razor to Danko

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