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Emile Danko
The Hunter.jpg
Portrayed by Željko Ivanek
First appearance Roads Ahead
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Washington D.C.
Occupation Government Agent
Significant other Formerly Kendra Grace

Emile Danko is an agent of the government and a high ranking official within Building 26. He is in charge of operations in the Building. His hatred for evolved humans stems from a horrible mission in Angola, in which an evolved human tortured him. His hatred was furthered when his girlfriend, Kendra, announced that she as an evolved human. He regards all evolved humans as animals who deserve to be put down.

Character History

Season One

Roads Ahead

2 months after the destruction of Primatech, Jordan Matthews returns home and is attacked by Danko and his team. Danko shoots Jordan with tazer darts and tells his team to clean up the scene.

Season Two

Hunt, Catch, Crash

Danko speaks with Nathan Petrelli about the possibility of letting their prisoners speak with one another, to show that everyone is friendly. Danko believes that it is a bad idea and Nathan insists that not everyone with an ability is a "villain". Danko begins to recite several articles he found about horrible crimes committed by people who had powers, claiming that they're all monsters. He tells Nathan to be proud of himself for bringing the threat to the attention of the government.

Danko soon travels to Boston and speaks with a former Company agent. He then assists his men in the capture of Evan Winston and Joshua Lincoln. Danko soon speaks with Noah about their overall progress and Danko tells him that they are at war. When the prisoners are being loaded onto a plane, Agent Russel tells Danko that he does not like hunting people but Danko tells him that he will do what he is ordered to.

After The Fall

After Flight 195 goes down, Danko speaks with his agents about the tactics that they may use to capture their targets. When Nathan enters the tent and prohibits lethal force, Danko argues that his judgement is being clouded because of Claire. Danko tells everyone that if any of "them" get in his way, he will shoot to kill. Later, after Claire is captured, Danko argues with Noah about her protection.


At Building 26, Danko places several photos into a new category titled "Imprisoned".


When Tyson enters the main operations room, Danko calls him over, stating that "his brother" has been caught. Tyson demands to know why Jordan is being kept in "The Oven" and Danko explains that they want to keep his abilities suppressed. When Tyson says that he will free him, Danko threatens to shoot Tyson, much to everyone's shock. Later, Danko speaks with Consuela Hammock about her methods and is pleased to hear that she agrees with mostly everything he is doing.

Noah approaches Danko and tells him that Consuela is barbaric and that she is out of control, much like Danko himself. Danko tells him that he shouldn't worry and then orders him to get some rest so that he is ready for the real "bagging and tagging". Danko then goes to transfer Jordan away from Tracy Strauss. While being moved, Jordan touches Danko's hand and instantly begins to perceive his history.


Jordan manifests a new ability and is able to perceive Danko's past.

Two years ago, Danko leads a team into Angola. He finds Consuela Hammock working in a tent and asks if she is finished. Consuela leaves the video feed open and Danko speaks with his girlfriend, Kendra. He speaks with Kendra, who tells him that she loves him. Danko smiles and says that he loves her too. In present time, Jordan wonders why Danko is so full of hate. He believes that Kendra is the reason and continues digging into his past.

Consuela, Danko and their team meet with a group of soldiers, who enlist their help in stopping the crazed warlord who has taken control of their land. Danko accepts the mission and meets Liam Meran, who takes Danko and Consuela to the burial ground for Razor's victims. Danko is horrified that someone could cause so much death and agrees to stop him as soon as possible. The team head towards the factory but are stopped by a call from Kendra, who warns Danko not to go any further. Danko does not listen to Kendra and sends Consuela and her group into the factory. They soon find a half-dead Consuela and are then captured by Razor, who uses his control over gravity to torture the men. Liam breaks free and leaves Danko while he tries to fight Razor. When Razor kill him, he releases Danko and tells him to return to America and tell his people about his power.

In presnt time, Jordan is angry and cannot believe that Danko hates evolved humans because of one person. He calls Danko pathetic and then escapes. Danko, still weakened by the prolonged exposure to Jordan's power, remembers how when he returned home, Kendra revealed that she too was an evolved human. Danko smiled and told her that he loved her, then followed her into another room with a gun. In present time, Danko closes his eyes painfully.


Danko leads the big bag and tag from inside Building 26. He communicates with Tyson, Noah and Leon and gives them the go ahead to begin rounding up their targets. He soon brings up some files on all of their successful captures and notes that Perry Redfield died during transport. When Tyson and Olivia return, Danko informs them that Leon has broken radio contact. Tyson and Olivia wish to investigate but Danko instead gives them another assignment. He later goes to the shipping bay and watches his prisoners be loaded into a train.

Train 192

Danko is in a control room barking orders through a speaker. The voice tells him that the train is nearly overrun and they won't be able to hold them off for long. Danko is furious and demands to know everything there is to know about the rebellion. Suddenly, a message appears on every computer screen all with the same message. The message tells Danko that the evolved humans on board Train 192 are not with The Rebellion and that he must stop them. Danko then continues to bark orders to his agents.

Later, Danko arrives on the scene where Train 192 was derailed. He raises his gun at three fugitives and tells them that no one is going anywhere. He then shoots Tina Bui.


  • Danko was aware of the existence of evolved humans prior to being recruited into Building 26.

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