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Maury Parkman
Mr parkman.jpg
Portrayed by Alan Blumenfeld
First appearance Infiltration
In-story stats
Known ability Telepathy
Age 60
Date of death 2007
Home Formerly Philadelphia, PA
Occupations Pinehearst Agent,
Company Co-Founder
Child Matt Parkman

Maury Parkman was one of the original twelve Company Founders and had the ability to control every function of other people's minds. He was a Pinehearst Agent, having allied himself with Arthur Petrelli.

Character History


Maury gives the grand tour of Pinehearst to who he thinks is John Fraser. He reveals that he will be working in the most classified area of Pinehearst and continues to treat Jordan with kindness, claiming that Pinehearst is like a family. He introduces Jordan to another member of his team, Lois Freeman. Lois does not appear to like Maury very much and he treats her very rudely, removing the files she is working on and handing them to Jordan. Maury laughs and leaves Jordan to do his work.

Later, while Jordan is talking with Lois, Maury enters and reveals that he is fully aware of Jordan's mission. He then has his accompanying guards aim their weapons at Jordan, prompting him to surrender.

After Apocalypse

Lois Freeman enters a room and finds Maury with their prisoner. Maury instructs Lois to use her power to make Jordan see the future. Lois obeys him and the pair watch as Jordan sees events that occur in 2011. When Lois becomes curious, she asks what Jordan is seeing and Maury uses his telepathy to see what Jordan sees. He smiles and tells her that he is seeing exactly what they need him to.

After Jordan runs out of juice, Maury orders Lois to recharge him. She is hesitant but Maury insists that it is what Mr Petrelli wants. She does so and after Jordan sees what he was waiting for, Maury telepathically stops his vision. He smiles and thanks Jordan for the valuable information, stating that they are now going to destroy Primatech.

Evolved Human Abilities

Maury possessed the ability to control every function of the brain including, thoughts, memories and actions. With this power, Maury was able to clearly "see" the thoughts of others.

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