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Mary Griffin
Portrayed by Selma Blair
First appearance After Apocalypse
In-story stats
Known ability Pyrokinesis
Age 27
Date of death 2011
Occupation Pinehearst Agent

Mary Griffin was a Pinehearst Agent with the ability to generate and manipulate fire. She was killed by Meredith Gordon.

Character History

After Apocalypse

In the year 2011 Mary is talking with Elle Bishop at Pinehearst's headquarters. They discuss Elle's divorce and Mary notices a report on the tv about the recent destruction of Costa Verde. Elle notices this and Mary comforts her as Elle falls to the floor in revelation of the death of her son. They soon receive orders to remain at Pinehearst but Elle walks away. Mary attempts to stop her but is unable to.

Mary later approaches Meredith Gordon and Tina Bui as they enter the Pinehearst building. Mary generates blue flames and battles against Meredith in a pyrokinetic fight. Mary gains the upperhand but is eventually defeated by Meredith and shot in the head.

Evolved Human Abilities

Mary possessed the ability to generate and manipulate fire. Mary's flames were blue, meaning that the flames she generated were more hotter then the flames Meredith created. Mary was skilled enough with this ability to extend her flames to her elbow.

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