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Ryan Nowak
Portrayed by Allen Alverado
First appearance Targets
In-story stats
Known ability None
Age 10
Occupation Student
Parents Unnamed mother,
Unnamed father
Sibling Samantha Nowak

Ryan Nowak is the younger brother of Samantha Nowak, and is also an evolved human being targeted by the government.

Character History


Ryan sits happily in class and listens to his teacher talk. Samantha and Rachel then bust into the classroom and Samantha scoops Ryan up, much to his outrage. He demands to know what she is doing and they tell him that they are saving him. As they attempt to escape with him, Tina Bui and Drake Hawke try to stop them. Samantha knocks them out and they escape with Ryan.

Train 192

Ryan runs through a train station with Rachel and his sister. Gunshots are heard in the distance and Samantha stops running. Both Ryan and Rachel is shocked at this and asks what she is doing. Ryan begins to cry and Samantha assures him everything will be alright. Government agents then approach them and Samantha raises her hand. Ryan watches in fear as black smoke erupts from their mouths and all the agents fall to the floor. Rachel is happy that the agents are dealt with and Samantha kneels down to Ryan. When another gunshot is heard, Samantha instantly shields Ryan but discovers it is in fact Rachel that has been hit. Rachel falls to the floor and Ryan covers his eyes.

Three more agents approach Samantha and Ryan. Ryan watches as Samantha gets up and tells the agents that she will kill them. Ryan tries to get her down but she gets in front of him. The agents laugh and Ryan begins to cry again. All the agents then fall to the floor, unconscious. A teenage girl then approaches Samantha and asks her if she is Nowak. Samantha confirms this and covers Ryan again. The girl introduces herself as Anna Korolenko, a member of LAWR.

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