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Jordan Matthews
Portrayed by Jensen Ackles
First appearance Chronicles: Special
In-story stats
Known ability Foresight
Alias Psychic M
John Fraser
Nickname The Seer
Age 25
Place of birth Newark, NJ
Home New York, NY
Occupation Psychic Calling Agency Worker
Former Company Agent
Former Pinehearst Agent (Cover)
Parent Tessa Harris (estranged)
Sibling Amber Matthews

Jordan Matthews was a high ranking Company Agent who possesses the ability to see the future paths of anyone he chooses. Held in high regards by Angela Petrelli, Jordan was sent on many secret missions. After the fall of Primatech, Jordan was fired from the Company and was captured as part of the government's plan to round up evolved humans.


Manifesting his ability while at high school, Jordan's power temporarily ruined his life, ending his relationships, both friendships and family. His rapidly developing ability led Jordan to confide in two "prac teachers" at his school, both of whom were undercover agents of the Company. Since then Jordan's feelings of loneliness and of an outcast have been washed away. Loving his work, but keeping his more dangerous visions a secret, Jordan thouroghly enjoyed his work as an agent, trainer and soon mentor and adivsor to the Company's director.

Overall, Jordan would prefer an easy life, free of his powers, but as long as he has them his good and kind personality forces him to use them for good. 2 months after the fall of the Company, Jordan was forced, much to his distain, to become a phone psychic and answer the calls of overly anxious, annoying or just plain crazy people, causing him his own form of grief in a soon to be mid-life crisis.

Character History

Season One History

Accomponying Elisa Doulgas, her partner and his own partner, Tyson, Jordan uses his foresight and clairvoyant powers and successfully captures Joshua Lincoln. After this mission, Jordan remains at Primatech and gives Angela Petrelli advice before receiving a secret mission from her.

Arriving at Pinehearst under the identity of John Fraser, Jordan sucessfully infiltrates the rival company but is soon captured by Maury Parkman who forces Pinehearst agent Lois Freeman to amplify Jordan's ability, causing him to see into the year 2011. Eventually escaping, Jordan meets up with his rescue parter, Elisa, Tyson, Tom and Ethan before briefly losing access to his power during the eclipse.

After regaining his powers, Jordan receives a vision of Emily Rose killing Joshua. Rushing to rescue him, Jordan and the others arrive at Emily's warehouse and are defeated by the powerful villain. Jordan witnesses the death of Ethan and Emily and reveals to a mournful Joshua that if he had shot Emily, Ethan would not have died and the Company may not have been destroyed. Shocked at this, the agents follow Jordan back to Primatech, where, as he saw, Primatech is burning to the ground. Jordan is fired by Angela and goes back home. 2 months later, Jordan is working as a phone psychic and is attacked by a mysterious man and his squad of government agents.

Season Two

Hunt, Catch, Crash

Jordan is held in a cell in an unknown Washington facility. Jennifer Lehane is locked up with him and the two begin to chat. Jennifer reveals that she can "predict the weather" prompting Jordan to ask how she realised her power. Jennifer denies her abilities, claiming they are nothing more then talents. She attempts to aid Jordan by removing his blindfold but finds herself unable to as when she touches it, both Jennifer and Jordan receive an electric shock. Jordan claims that he will be fine as long as no one touches him. Both Jordan and Jennifer are then taken to board Flight 195 with the other captured evolved humans.

While on the plane, Peter Petrelli uses his ability to freeze a hole in the side of the plane. As the pressure from the wind takes effect, Jordan's blinfold is blown off and his harnesses begin to loosen.

After The Fall

After the crash of Flight 195, Jordan hides behind some bushes and attempts to use his clairvoyant abilities to locate some help. He is shocked to find himself unable to access his powers and is more shocked when Jennifer startles him from behind. As the spotlight shines on the two, Jordan grabs Jennifer and the two flee.

Later that morning, a still running Jordan and Jennifer meet Evan Winston who is also attempting to flee the government agents. Jordan asks him what his power is and Evan reveals that he can see through the eyes of others. Jordan tells him to look through the eyes of Peter Petrelli as he would be the likely one to escape. Evan uses his power but finds Peter is still lost in the bush. The three fugitives continue to travel together until the reach a main road. Jordan asks Evan and Jennifer if they know where they will hide but agrees that they should both follow him until they are safe.


Jordan is on a bus with Evan and Jenni on his way to New York. As the bus stops, several government agents board it. Jordan is too slow to react and is tazered down as Evan and Jenni escape.


Jordan is taken to a cell in a government facility. He comments on how the cell is like an oven and a voice tells him that it is an oven. Jordan discovers that Tracy Strauss is also imprisoned in the same cell as him. He asks if he can help her as she is chained down and wearing cold resistant gloves. Tracy remarks that he cannot help him. Tracy tells Jordan that she wishes she never met Nathan as he is the cause of all her troubles. Jordan comforts her and tells her things would of probably ended up worse if she had taken a different path. Tracy simply laughs at him and remarks that nothing is worse then what she is going through.

Jordan continues to talk with Tracy until he receives a visitor, Tyson. Jordan calls him a bastard and Tyson attempts to apologise, stating that he is powerless because of large dosages of Haitian pills. Jordan asks why Tyson is telling him this and Tyson just tells him to stop eating the food. As Tyson leaves Tracy remarks that it is a trap. Jordan does as Tyson says and refuses to eat anything until Danko arrives and tells him that he is being transferred. Jordan leaves Tracy with the hope that she works on her "cold snap".

While being escorted out of the building, Jordan is drugged. He listens to Danko talk of "genecide" and turns to grab him, stating that what the government is doing is wrong. Danko smiles and grabs Jordan's hand. As their skin makes contact, Jordan begins to perceive all of Danko's past in a massive vision.


Jordan sees into the past of Danko and learns why he hates evolved humans so much. While in his vision, Jordan's mind is sharpened and he overcomes the effects of his ability nullifying drugs. As Danko remains shocked on the floor, Jordan kicks him and runs away, escaping.


Jordan sits alone in a diner, randomly viewing a cup's history when Jenni approaches him. He is happy to see her and Jenni reveals that Rebel contacted her and told her where Jordan would be. She then receives a message from him asking her to save "Amber". Jordan happily agrees to accompany her on her mission. They arrive at Arlington University and Jordan knocks on Amber's dorm door. Amber answers it and refers to herself as Amber Matthews, much to Jordan's shock.

Jordan sits on a bed opposite to Amber and decided to use his ability on her to discover what happened when they were children. It is revealed that Tessa Harris mothered both Jordan and Amber and gave them both up for adoption at different times. Jordan is thrilled that Amber is his sister and is surprised when his foresight ability returns and he sees that Amber is able to mimic emotions. He then looks at Jenni and sees her future with himself walking her down the isle at a wedding. They are both very happy. Jordan then pulls out of the vision in shock.

When Noah Bennet arrives and gives Jordan a note from Angela, Jenni notices several agents entering the building. Jordan attempts to get Amber away from her dorm but she refuses to go with them. Jordan notices Amber mimicking Jenni's anger and decides that it is better if they left without Amber. However, Jordan and Jenni return and Jordan beats Noah over the head with his gun to save Amber. He asks if she is ready to go with him and she takes his hand.

Train 192

Jordan rushes after Jenni and his sister through a park. He catches them immediately after Amber slaps Jenni. Jordan grabs Amber and tells her to calm down but his sister, unable to control her ability begins to cry and tells him all the anger is flowing through her. Jordan tells her to fight the power.

Jordan, Jenni and Amber sit down together and Jordan tells Amber of a time where he could not control his ability. He describes the experience as horrible but also tells her that he was able to regain control, as she will do. He explains to her that he has seen another individual with her ability and claims that Amber is able to feel and control every emotion. He tells her to look around and watches as Amber slowly begins to feel the happiness around her. Amber looks at Jordan and Jenni and tells them that she can feel everything and that it is incredible. Jordan gets up, looking serious and watches as Amber clutches her head in shock and pain as her power once again goes out of control. Jenni gets up and grabs her but Amber accidentally transfers several horrible emotions into Jenni, causing her to hallucinate. Jordan looks around as more and more people begin to hallucinate. He apologizes to Amber and knocks her out.

Assignment Tracker Profile


Up until his first ability manifestation, Jordan Matthews was by all means normal. In his last year of high school, Matthews was the "silent one" whom everyone wanted to know. However, after his ability manifested, Matthews' mind was never focused and repeated, uncontrolled use of his ability was slowly causing his mind to break. Agents Russel and Kareene brought him into the Company after a week long mandatory survelliance mission, during which Jordan seemed to have great if not full knowledge of their presence and intentions. After being brought into the Hartsdale facility, Jordan was given the offer of becoming an agent, which he steadily took on the condition that Russel be his partner. No reason was given for this demand, perhaps he saw something in Russel that our "insights" couldn't. Training began and Jordan excelled, resulting in his almost immediate promotion to agent status. Partnered with Agent Russel, Matthews was sent on a thought-to-be-simple bag and tag mission in Skopje. All mission details tell that upon encountering the target, one Uriel Jonte, Matthews "lost control" of his ability and was easliy subdued by the target. A back up team was assigned and Jonte was captured. However, the mission left Matthews forever scarred, as emotional trauma suffered at the hands of Jonte still haunts him to this day.

Years of expirience grew on Matthews and he became known by fellow agents as The Seer, a name which he took with pride and modesty. Practically turning in his bagging and tagging missions for a "permanent residence" within the Hartsdale walls in order to share his insight with those who needed him, Company officials deemed it necessary that an asset such as Matthews was indeed too rare to risk and so, his future missions were effectively turned over to his long time partner, mentor and friend, Russel and his array of new partners.

This file also includes a psychological profile:

Matthews' immense cooperation with Company doctors have lead them to deem him "loyal" to our cause. Doctors have recorded however, Matthews' has an initial suspicion of strangers, possibly due to his foreknowledge of what they will eventually do, and he refuses to share certain visions he has, claiming that "no one needs, or should know".

Due to this, continuous surveillance has been kept on him for most of his time with the Company, but, after the death of Company Director Bob Bishop, surveillance was ordered to halt by the new director, Mrs. Angela Petrelli.

Evolved Human Abilities

AT diagram Jordan.jpg

Jordan possesses the ability of Foresight. This power allows him to see the future paths (decisions, actions, futures, etc.) of anyone he chooses. However, Jordan's visions are subjective and can change at any moment depending on intervention.

Jordan's Forsight also gives him the power of Clairvoyance as a byproduct. Using this power, Jordan can locate anyone he wishes to, tracking them to a pinpoint location anywhere in the world. Another byproduct of this power is the ability to perceive an object's history, better known as Clairsentience.

According to Jordan's assignment tracker, his biological is 30, his cerebral is 75, his elemental is 35 and his temporal/spatial is 90. His control index is 76%

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