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Jennifer Lehane
Portrayed by Eliza Dushku
First appearance Hunt, Catch, Crash
In-story stats
Known ability Weather Prediction
Nickname Jenni
Age 22
Home Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Actress

Jennifer Lehane is an aspiring actress who finds herself targeted by a government operation. She is an evolved human with the ability to predict the weather.

Character History

Season Two

Hunt, Catch, Crash

Jennifer waits at a bar for the results of an audition. A woman comforts her, stating that she nailed the role. Jennifer is devastated to hear that she did not receive any role and is teased by her new "friend" who states that Jennifer's twenty-fourth try might be the charm. Jennifer leaves the bar in tears and becomes more upset as it begins to rain. Walking through the rain, Jennifer is tazered from behind by Noah Bennet.

She is taken to an unknown Washington facility where she is placed in a cell with Jordan Matthews. Jennifer quickly makes friends with him and reveals that she has the "ability" to predict the weather, although she claims it to be more of a parlour trick. Jennifer attempts to remove Jordan's blindfold, which is preventing him access to his powers but finds herself unable to as she receives an electrical shock when she touches him. Jordan claims it is best if no one touches him as the government have made sure he is unable to use his powers. Two guards then enter and take Jennifer and Jordan to be boarded upon Flight 195.

After The Fall

After the crash of Flight 195, Jennifer approaches a now free Jordan and asks him what is going on. Jordan reveals that he doesn't know and as the spotlight shines on the two, Jordan grabs Jennifer and the two flee.

Later that morning, a still running Jennifer and Jordan meet Evan Winston who is also attempting to flee the government agents. Jordan asks him what his power is and Evan reveals that he can see through the eyes of others. Jennifer asks him if he ever thought of using his power to find a way out of the bush but Evan claims he never thought of that. Jordan tells him to look through the eyes of Peter Petrelli as he would be the likely one to escape. Evan uses his power but finds Peter is still lost in the bush. The three fugitives continue to travel together until the reach a main road. Jordan asks Evan and Jennifer if they know where they will hide. Evan states that he would like to stay with Jordan as he seems to know what he is doing. Jennifer agrees to this and smiles as Jordan takes her hand and promises to protect her.


Jordan, Evan and Jenni are on a bus heading to New York. Government agents arrive on the bus and Jenni and Evan quickly rush to the back exit. Jordan isn't as fast and is tazered and then captured. Jenni attempts to go back for him but, following Jordan's instructions, Evan drags her away.


Jenni finds Jordan sitting alone in a diner. She is glad that he is happy to see her and reveals that REBEL told her where he would be. Jenni then receives another message from Rebel asking her to go and save "Amber". Jenni asks Jordan if he would like to come and he happily accepts. Jenni and Jordan go to Arlington University where they find Amber alone in her dorm room. She confirms that she is in fact Amber Matthews which shocks Jenni, who casually asks if Jordan has a sister.

Jenni then watches as Jordan learns that Amber was given up for adoption at birth and that she has the ability to feel other people's emotions. Jenni then watches as Jordan looks at her and receives a vision of himself walking down the isle with Jenni. Jordan is shocked and Jenni, not knowing what he saw, asks what is wrong. Noah arrives and gives Jordan a note from Angela Petrelli and then leaves. Jenni looks outside the window and sees that Noah is returning with a squad of agents. Both she and Jordan leave Amber behind when she refuses to leave. However, they later return to save her and as they do this, it begins to rain. Jenni is happy at this and teases Jordan on the fact that she bet it would rain.

In Building 26, Danko pulls up a file on Jenni stating that she is an evolved human being aided by Rebel. Her ability is listed as Phenomenon Prediction and Danko claims that her power is a dud.

Train 192

Jenni runs after Amber and catches her in a park. She tells her to wait and Amber snaps, stating that she doesn't know how she feels. Jenni tells Amber that before the government began rounding up evolved humans, she never knew she could predict the weather. Jenni still claims that she is "an ordinary person in an extraordinary world" and that her ability isn't an ability. Amber is still mad and Jenni and tells her that she feels terrible and requests Jenni leave. Jenni touches Amber's shoulder and Amber slaps her. Before Jenni can fight back Jordan appears and stops the two.

Jenni sits with Amber and Jordan and the two girls listen to Jordan's speech about abilities. Jenni and Jordan urge Amber to try pick up some emotions and Amber successfully mimics several happy emotions around her. Jenni is thrilled but becomes worried when Jordan gets up, serious. When Amber begins to scream in pain, Jenni touches her shoulder and is "thrown" back. She begins to hallucinate and scream in pain, mimicking what Amber is feeling. When Jordan is forced to knock Amber out, Jenni returns to normal.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jennifer has claimed that she is able to predict the weather. However, she also claims that this is more of a talent than an actual power.

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