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Andrew Gavin
Portrayed by James McAvoy
First appearance Rebellion
In-story stats
Known ability Biological Manipulation
Age 23
Date of birth November 16th, 1984
Place of birth Chicago, IL
Home Midland, TX
Formerly Fort Lee, NJ
Occupation Former Student
Former Part Time Doctor
Former Pinehearst Medical Assistant
Siblings Tyler Gavin,
Rictor Trundall (adoptive)

Andrew Gavin is an evolved human with the ability to drain the life out of anyone he touches. Andrew is a target of the government and is the adoptive brother of Rictor Trundall, though he makes it clear that he would rather not be.

Character History


Andrew is eating breakfast at The Burnt Toast Diner. He watches a news report about the government's actions and comments to himself on how inhuman it is. Out of the corner of his eye Andrew notices two men sitting and watching him. Trying to act as normal as possible, Andrew gets up and attempts to leave. One of the men, Tyson Russel stands and grabs Andrew, stating he isn't going anywhere. Andrew simpley turns around and grabs Tyson, absorbing some of his life force and leaving him almost breathless. Tyson's partner attempts to attack Andrew but he simply knocks him out with a punch. Andrew then runs away from the diner.

In his apartment, Andrew begins to pack his bag. A photo of a young woman, Rictor Trundall and Andrew can be seen on Andrew's dining table before he grabs it and packs it.


At a bus stop, Andrew takes out his phone and dials a number. There is no answer on the other end and Andrew hangs up in frustration. He then scrolls down his phone and stops at the name Perry Redfield.


Andrew goes to visit Perry Redfiel, who is also worried about the recent government actions. Andrew informs Perry that he himself has been attacked and Perry tells him about another time, about forty years ago, where the government tried the same thing. Perry shrugs and asks Andrew about his ability. Andrew expresses his fear that he may kill someone if he touches them and Perry reminds him that he is also a healer. Andrew comments that he hasn't been able to heal anyone in a long time. Perry then asks about Rictor, calling him Andrew's brother. Andrew specifies that he was fostered into their home but that he is not his brother. There is a knock on the door and government agents suddenly attack. Andrew tries to escape with Perry but the old man is captured and yells for Andrew to keep running.


Andrew's file is one of the many that Danko looks at. His file describes how Andrew knows a great deal about the super-powered community due to his friendship with Perry Redfield. Andrew is later seen being loaded onto a train, having been captured by the government.

Train 192

Andrew is woken from his drug induced sleep on board Train 192 and steps forward when Drake Hawke and Tina Bui asks if anyone has an ability that could stop the guards. Andrew accompanies Tina, Drake and Harry Chow to the control room and witnesses Harry short circuit the control panel.

The train stops and the prisoners escape. Andrew suggests they follow but Danko appears and shoots at Tina. Andrew's fate is left unknown.

Evolved Human Abilities

Andrew has the ability to rapidly absorb the life force of anything he touches. He has also been able to use this ability to rapidly implant life force into objects, effectivly rejuvinating them for short periods of time. However, his most common way of manifesting his ability has been to absorb life force, leaving his victims dead, seriously ill or sometimes just temporarily weakened. In order to use this ability, Andrew needs to have physical contact with his victim.


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