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Hiro Nakamura
Portrayed by Masi Oka
First appearance Hunt, Catch, Crash
In-story stats
Known ability Space/Time Manipulation (lost)
Home Tokyo, Japan
Occupation CEO of Yamagato Industries
Parents Kaito Nakamura,
Ishi Nakamura
Sibling Kimiko Nakamura

Hiro Nakamura is the CEO of Yamagato Industries and a man who truly believes in the "hero's quest". He used to have the ability to bend space and time but it was taken from him by Arthur Petrelli.

Character History

Hunt, Catch, Crash

Hiro Nakamura is a prisoner on-board Flight 195. He is unmasked by Claire Bennet.

Evolved Human Abilities

Hiro was able to teleport, time travel and manipulate time before his powers were stolen by Arthur Petrelli.

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