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Noah Bennet
Portrayed by Jack Coleman
First appearance Side Story:Mother Part 2
In-story stats
Nickname Bennet
Age 44
Date of birth August 6th, 1962
Date of marriage 1985
Home Washington D.C
Occupation Agent Of Homeland Security
Former Company Agent
Significant other Sandra Bennet
Children Claire Bennet,
Lyle Bennet

Noah Bennet was an expirienced Company Agent who, upon Primatech's destruction, joined forces with the government. He has been tasked with recruiting fellow agents to his team.

Character History

Season Two

Mother Part 2

Noah arrives at the grave of Samantha Russel and finds her son, Tyson paying his respects. Tyson wants to know what Noah wants and Noah asks him for his help in "something huge".

Hunt, Catch, Crash

Noah captures Jennifer Lehane in Los Angeles. He then returns to the base of operations and speaks with Emile Danko about their Global Operations. Noah suggests that they send a team to London after they transfer their current prisoners to the base. When Danko claims that the evolved humans are a menace, Noah tells him that they don't want to start a way. Danko grimly tells him that it has already started.

After The Fall

Following the fall of Flight 195, Noah stands in the operations tent and listens to Danko's debriefing of the situation. When Danko authorizes deadly force, both Noah and Nathan argue that Claire must not be harmed. When Danko leaves, Tyson assures Noah that nobody will harm Claire.


Noah watches an argument between Tyson and Danko. Noah later speaks with Danko about Consuela Hammock, calling her barbaric. Danko asks why he would think that and Noah tells him that she is using her prisoners' abilities to suit her own personal agenda. Danko tells him to get some rest and prepare for the real "bagging and tagging".


Noah, as leader of Squad B, confirms that he and his team are ready to go. When Danko tells everyone to show their targets no mercy, Noah reminds his team that they targets are people, frightened people. Noah then goes after his target, Amber Matthews, and watches curiously as she manifests her unique ability. When Jordan and Jenni show up, Noah goes to the dorm room and gives them a message from Angela Petrelli. He later returns with his team, expecting to find the room empty, but he is shocked to discover that Amber is still there. He is unable to stop his team from frightening Amber, who accidentally uses her ability to induce overwhelming amounts of fear and paranoia in the men. Noah, who is for some reason unnaffected, asks Amber what she did. He is then knocked unconscious by a blow to the head from Jordan, who apologizes briefly.

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