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Drake Hawke
Portrayed by Enver Gjokaj
First appearance Rebellion
In-story stats
Known ability Spontaneous Combustion
Age 25
Home Cleveland, Ohio
Occupation Former College Student
Significant other Tina Bui
Parents Unnamed Mother,
Unnamed Father

Drake Hawke is college student who has the ability to generate explosions. He has become a target of the government and is being protected by Tina Bui, however, their relationship is rapidly growing.

Character History


Drake returns to his dorm room, not knowing that his every move is being watched by the government. While studying, Drake hears a knock on the door. He opens it and meets Tina Bui, who tells him that he is in trouble. Drake doesn't believe her when she tells him about the government operation and picks up his phone to call security. Tina snatches the phone from his hand and crushes it. Tina tries to get Drake out of the room but is stopped when a government agent tazers her. Drake raises his hands and creates an explosion that blasts a hole in the agent. Tina quickly recovers and drags him out.

As the two of them run into an alley, Drake begins to panic. He does not like having a power and blames Tina for bringing the danger to him. He calls her a freak and Tina tells him to go and take care of himself. She receives a message from Rebel, telling her to protect Drake. Drake reads the message and laughs, saying "Looks like you're stuck with me."


Drake takes Tina to his parents' house and tells her that they are in Cairo so they can stay for a while. Tina tells him that they should leave, as the government will search the house. Drake sits back and relaxes, telling Tina that she will have to drag him. Soon, when Tina hands him a breakfast she made, Drake manages to use his power to blow her plate up. The two of them argue and just as Tina is about to hit Drake, a man can be heard over a megaphone, ordering Drake to leave the house.

Drake and Tin head outside and see a large group of police officers waiting for them. They say that Drake is a fugitive and ask him to come with them quietly. An officer steps on Drake's mother's flowers, making him very angry. He blows up the officers' cars just by pointing at them, creating utter chaos. Tina sees how afraid the police officers are and drags Drake away.


Tina pulls the car over and asks Drake if he is okay. Drake tells her that he is nervous and that he is wondering why the government would be hunting innocent people like them. Tina tells him about the Company and how they thought that by locking people up, they were heroes. Drake is still annoyed and the two of them get out of the car and head into the primary school. They find Ryan's classroom and Drake watches from afar as Tina tries to be alone with the children. They are interrupted by Samantha Nowak and Rachel Moore, who take Ryan and attempt to leave. When Drake tries to stop them, Samantha uses her ability to knock him and Tina out.

Tina soon wakes Drake up and he sees that government agents have arrived. Tina is shot by a taser and before Drake can do anything, he is also shot. Later, he and Tina are loaded onto a train with other prisoners.

Train 192

On board Train 192, Drake's drug shunt is disabled and he escapes his restraints. He blows up the restraint around Tina's arms and legs and Tina, shocked at what is happening, rushes up and hugs Drake. Drake is shocked at this and hugs her back. Drake and Tina then lead the prisoners in their escape by making their way to the control room. Drake and Andrew Gavin hold on for support as Harry Chow fries the electrical circuits of the train. As the train comes to a stop, Drake waits alongside Tina as the other prisoners escape. Andrew suggests that they follow and Drake agrees. Danko turns up and shoots Tina, stating that no one is going anywhere.

Drake escapes the scene with Tina and takes her to a motel room. He looks at her wound and tells her that she will be okay. Tina kisses Drake and he kisses her back.

Side Story: Love Story Part 3

As Drake walks back to his room, he is shocked to see two people leave it in a hurry.

Evolved Human Abilities

Drake is able to generate small explosions with the power of his mind. These explosions can occur in a number of ways but so far Drake has shown that he is adept at causing explosions within solid objects.

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