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Emily Rose
Portrayed by Julie McNiven
First appearance Escape
In-story stats
Known ability Soul Absorption
Alias "Lily"
Age 25
Date of birth 1982
Place of birth Boston, NY
Parent Jane Rose (deceased)
Kenny Rose (deceased)

Emily Rose is an evolved human who has the ability to remove and manipulate the souls of other people. She was locked up in Level 5 before she managed to escape, reaking havoc until, finally, she was consumed by her own power and seemingly perished in a blast of light. Emily was later discovered by Building 26, although she had no memories of herself or her crimes, Joshua Lincoln helped her regain her memories.

Character History

Season One History

After escaping Level 5, Emily is found by Joshua Lincoln and Alan Carter. Her alternate personality takes over and Emily traps them inside her warehouse and beats them to a bloody pulp. They escape and Emily removes Alan's soul, killing him. Just as she is about to kill Joshua, an eclipse occurs and her power, along with her alternate personality, disappears. Emily becomes much calmer and contemplates killing herself before her powers return. She opens up to Joshua and reveals that the Company captured her and placed her on Level 5 without trying to help her. She explains how much of a burden her ability is and then warns Joshua to stay away, as he will die if she gets close to him.

Tina Bui, Tyson Russel, Jordan Matthews, Elisa Douglas and Ethan Campbell arrive and a massive fight ensues. With her powers returned, Emily kills Ethan and comes close to killing everyone else. At the last second, Joshua saves her life and Emily destroys herself, exploding in a mass of light.

Season Two


While Joshua is searching through the files of people that the government are after, he finds Emily's and states that it is impossible.


When Rictor asks Joshua what he is looking for, Joshua replies that he is searching for a friend. Meanwhile, Tyson also discovers that Emily is alive.

Joshua soon finds Emily's home and enters it, finding many dead and rotted bodies. Leon Griffin's body is thrown through a door and it lands hard on the ground. Joshua then steps into Emily's view and she asks if she knows him from somewhere.

Train 192

As Joshua falls back on a couch, Emily advances towards him, asking if he is okay. Joshua tells her to get away from him and Emily demands to know what his problem is. Joshua realizes Emily has no memories and Emily confirms this, stating that she doesn't even know her own name. She explains that she has all the normal knowledge, such as the year, the president and surprisingly, a lot of long division. Joshua asks her if she has noticed anything about herself and Emily laughs, telling him that she knows she is special and knows she can kill people.

Emily guesses that she and Joshua used to date but he corrects her, stating that he worked for a company that kept her locked away for years. He goes on to explain that he attempted to prevent her death but in the end, she disappeared. Emily takes all the information in and asks Joshua what his ability is. Joshua explains that he has a lot of powers. Emily then explains that a group of people contacted her and called themselves LAWR. Those people also had abilities and wanted to help her.

Joshua states that now she's alive he is kind of lost as he does not know what to do. Emily suggests that she goes with him as she doesn't know where she belongs. Joshua tells her that the world isn't a safe place for people like them and Emily flashes back to the previous eclipse, remembering everything that happened. She falls back and Joshua assumes she remembers. Emily confirms this and raises her head, revealing her eyes to be white.

Evolved Human Abilities

Emily possesses the ability to forcefully remove the souls of other people, leaving them lifeless. Emily has also shown the power to manipulate the physcial bodies of which her target (a soul) inhabits, allowing her to force them to move against their own will.

Emily has also gained enough control over her power to be able to restore the souls she takes, effectivly ressurecting her deceased victim.

Memorable Quotes

"When I was fifteen I was a normal teenage girl. Nothing to complain about. But then my ability manifested and my hunger started. I craved the souls of those around me. No matter what I did I couldn't stop the hunger. I thought I had died and gone to hell. Turns out I was half right, I was in hell. Just not the one from the bible."

- Emily to Joshua (Fallen Angel)



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