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Tracy Strauss
Portrayed by Ali Larter
First appearance Hunt, Catch, Crash
In-story stats
Known ability Freezing (synthetic)
Age 32
Occupation Political Advisor to Robert Malden
Significant other Formerly Nathan Petrelli
Sibling Niki Sanders
Other relatives Nephew
Micah Sanders

Tracy Strauss is a woman who has the ability to freeze matter. She is one of the government's top targets due to her previous relationship with Nathan Petrelli and her ties to the political world.

Character History

Hunt, Catch, Crash

Tracy Strauss is one of the prisoners on-board Flight 195. She is unmasked by Claire Bennet.

After The Fall

When Evan Winston uses his ability to see through the eyes of Peter Petrelli, he is able to see Tracy hiding in the bushes while waiting for an agent to come along.


Joshua, while undercover as an agent, stumbles across several government doctors conducting experiments on Tracy. Tracy spots Joshua and begs him for help.


Jordan is placed in Tracy's cell with her, a situation which Tracy finds humerous. Jordan offers to help her out of her chains but Tracy tells him that he can't, as the government obviously don't think he is strong enough or else they would have chained him up too. Tracy then talks with Jordan about Nathan Petrelli and how she blames him for everything that has gone wrong in her life.

Tracy later watches an argument between Agent Russel and Jordan. When Tyson gives Jordan some advice, Tracy tells him that it is probably a trick. Jordan is soon transferred out of Tracy's cell but he leaves her with the advice to keep working on her cold snap.


Danko views Tracy's profile, which states that she has the ability to rapidly freeze objects with a single touch. It also gives extensive insight into her background and reveals that she graduated with honours from Arlington University and that she has been working with Robert Malden for five years. Danko also sees that Nathan Petrelli is on his way to visit Tracy.

Evolved Human Abilities

Tracy has the ability to rapidly freeze objects through touch.

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