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Rachel Moore
Portrayed by Lea Michelle
First appearance Rebellion
In-story stats
Known ability None
Age 19
Date of death 2007
Home Chicago, IL
Occupation College Student

Rachel Moore was the best friend of Samantha Nowak. After learning of Samantha's power, Rachel joined her on her run from the government. However, after some time running, and rescuing Ryan Nowak from the government, Rachel met her end after being shot dead in a train station.

Character History


Samantha enters their room and tells Rachel that she is in trouble. Rachel asks if she is pregnant and Samantha tells her not to be silly. She asks if she can trust her and Rachel tells her that they have been "bffs" since they were kids so of course she can trust her. Samantha then explains that she has the ability to drain a person's negative emotions and that the government is after her. Before Rachel can say anything, the door is kicked in by government agents.

The girls are drugged and placed inside a transport bus. When Samantha is freed, she rescues Rachel rather than escaping with Micah and Abby. Rachel soon tells Samantha that she will stay with her and be her "sidekick", as that is what friends do.


While Rachel and Samantha are walking down a highway, Rachel takes the opportunity to ask about Samantha's ability. Samantha explains what she can do, adding that she "rips" out a person's emotions. Rachel asks her what rip means and Samantha tells her that she once tested it out on a hamster and it died from shock.

Later, the two girls are eating at a diner and Rachel is worried about how they are going to survive, as she only has one hundred dollars in her bank. Samantha tells her that they can't take out money until they know how to stop the government. Olivia Stabler arrives and holds a gun to Samantha's head. Rachel saves her by throwing pepper into Olivia's eyes but Rachel is then horrifed to see Samantha use her ability on Olivia. Samantha drags Rachel from the diner in a hurry.


Rachel accompanies Samantha on her mission to locate her brother. When they get to the classroom, Rachel searches through the students with Samantha, until Samantha finally finds Ryan and lifts him into the air. Ryan protests but Samantha says that they are going home and Rachel tells him that they are saving him. Rachel leads the way out but bumps into Drake Hawke and Tina Bui. Tina tells her not to move and Samantha uses her power to get by them.

In Building 26, Rachel Moore is listed as a wanted target of the government. Danko's files say that she is travelling with Samantha Nowak and is to be captured alive, as she has no powers.

Train 192

Rachel accompanies Samantha and Ryan while running through a train station. Gunshots are heard and Samantha stops running, much to Rachel's shock. Ryan begins to cry and Samantha tells him it will be okay. Rachel is worried and asks what Samantha is doing. As the agents approach, Rachel watches on as Samantha uses her ability to incapacitate the agents. Both Rachel and Ryan are pleased with this and, as Samantha hugs Ryan with Rachel watching on, several more gunshots are fired. Rachel is hit and doesn't realize it until her last seconds. She looks down at the wound and falls to the floor beside a horrified Samantha. Rachel dies.

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