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Samantha Nowak
Portrayed by Kristen Stewart
First appearance Rebellion
In-story stats
Known ability Samantha's Ability
Age 19
Date of birth April 24, 1989
Home Chicago, IL
Occupation College Student
Parents Unnamed Mother,
Unnamed Father
Sibling Ryan Nowak

Samantha Nowak is a college student who became a target of the government. She is an evolved human with the ability to drain or implant negative emotions. She is on the run from Danko's team with her best friend Rachel. After saving her brother, and witnessing Rachel's death, Samantha was saved by Anna Korolenko who explicitly states that she needs Samantha's help.


Samantha lived what one would call an average life up until the age of fifteen. Then, her parents decided to get a divorce and Samantha felt that her world was turned upside down. She just wanted to see her mother and brother, Ryan, happy again. A year later, she was in a fight with her mother when a black gas seemed to flow from Mrs. Nowak's body and into Samantha's. Mrs. Nowak instantly became happy and cheerful; Samantha had drained her anger and sadness and taken it into her own body. Yet, Samantha herself did not feel angry or sad. Over the next few years, Samantha learned to better control her ability, discovering that she could also transfer one person's dark energy into another person. But she tried to keep it a secret, because she knew if anyone found out about her dangerous ability, they could use it to harm others. When Samantha graduated, she went on to college to major in Pre-Med.

Character History


Samantha is chased through her campus by DHS agents intent on capturing her. She stops to catch her breath at a corner and when she hears the agents coming closer, she closes her eyes. Suddenly, one agent lets out a blast of black gas and becomes furious with his fellow agents. A fight ensues and Samantha is able to escape back to her dorm room, where her friend Rachel has been waiting. Samantha wants to know if she can trust Rachel and when Rachel says that she can, Samantha tells her about her ability. Suddenly, agents kick the door down.

Later, Samantha and Rachel are onboard a transport bus, having been captured and drugged. Samantha is freed by Micah Sanders and Abigail but goes back for Rachel. When Micah and Abby leave without them, Samantha and Rachel head out alone. As they sit at the side of a road, Rachel reassures Samantha that she will not be alone, as she will stay with her. She claims that Samantha is a hero and that she will ber her sidekick.


As Samantha and Rachel walk down a highway in silence, Samantha views their surroundings. Rachel breaks the silence by asking about Samantha's ability and Samantha explains that she can make people feel horrible things or she can rip bad emotions out of them. When Rachel asks what "rip" means Samantha tells her that she tested it out on a hamster and it died from shock.

Later, the girls are eating at a diner and Rachel tells Samantha that she only has a hundred dollars. Samantha tells her that the government will be watching for withdrawals and until they find out how they can stop them, they can't take out any money. Olivia Stabler arrives and places a gun to Samantha's head, demanding that the girls leave with her. Rachel throws pepper in Olivia's eyes and Samantha elbows her. When the gun goes off and fires into the roof, Samantha uses her abiltiy to rip out Olivia's negative emotions. Olivia collapses and Samantha drags a horrified Rachel from the diner.


Samantha and Rachel show up at a primary school and Samantha pulls her little brother Ryan. As they take him away, Samantha snaps at her little brother, saying that they have to get away. Tina and Drake try to stop Samantha from leaving but she uses her ability to knock them out.

Train 192

Samantha runs through a train station with Rachel and Ryan. Gunshots are heard in the distance and Samantha stops running. Rachel is shocked at this and asks what she is doing. Ryan begins to cry and Samantha assures him everything will be alright. Government agents then approach them and Samantha raises her hand. Black smoke erupts from their mouths and all the agents fall to the floor. Rachel is happy that the agents are dealt with and Samantha kneels down to Ryan. When another gunshot is heard, Samantha instantly shields Ryan but discovers it is in fact Rachel that has been hit. Rachel falls to the floor and Samantha screams out.

Three more agents approach Samantha and Ryan. Samantha gets up and tells the agents that she will kill them. They laugh and Ryan begins to cry again. All the agents then fall to the floor, unconscious. A teenage girl then approaches Samantha and asks her if she is Nowak. Samantha confirms this and the girl introduces herself as Anna Korolenko, a member of LAWR.

Evolved Human Abilities

Samantha has the ability to implant or drain a person's negative emotions. If she implants negative emotions, the target of her power becomes consumed with rage, anger, hate and fear. If Samantha drains a person's negative emotions, the process leaves her targets in a state of shock. With both aspects of her ability, her victims expel a black gas cloud from their mouth.


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