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Angela Petrelli
Angela petrelli.jpg
Portrayed by Cristine Rose
First appearance Welcome To Primatech
In-story stats
Known ability Precognitive Dreaming
Age 62
Date of birth 1945
Date of marriage 1964
Home New York, NY
Occupation Former Company Chairwoman
Significant other Formerly Arthur Petrelli
Formerly Kaito Nakamura (deceased)
Parent Mr. Shaw (deceased)
Mrs. Shaw (deceased)
Children Peter Petrelli,
Nathan Petrelli
Grandchild Claire Bennet
Monty Petrelli
Simon Petrelli
Sibling Alice Shaw

Angela Petrelli was the Company Chairwoman, but decided to shut down the Company's operations after the Hartsdale Facility was destroyed. Angela is an evolved human who can dream the future.

Character History

Season One History

Angela recruits Joshua Lincoln to become an agent of the Company, tasked with hunting down and brining in the escaped villains of Level 5. Angela holds several conversations with one of her agents, Jordan Matthews and is told not to give up in her plans to "rehabilitize" Sylar. Angela later enlists Jordan in a secret mission to infiltrate Pinehearst, which he accepts. After the deaths of two escaped inmates, Angela assigns Joshua his own partner and sends them after two more Company Targets. Keeping Jordan's mission a secret, Angela is confronted by Tina Bui, who demands to know where Jordan is. Angela reveals that she had a dream of the future indicating that Jordan must be at Pinehearst.

After being placed in a coma, Tina takes charge in Primatech and visits Angela, noting how lately, all the decisions Angela made caused "things around here to be f'd up". Not long after this meeting, Angela awakens from her coma and finds a file on Emily Rose and, in an attempt to help her agents, makes a phone call and tells Emily that she can control her other self, Lily. Soon reuniting with Joshua, Tina, Tyson Russel, Elisa Douglas and Jordan, Angela announces the Company's end and fires them all.

Season Two

Side Story:The Partner Part 3

One year after his mission in Seoul, Alan Carter returns to America and meets with Angela and Joshua.


Noah Bennet gives Jordan Matthews a note from Angela asking him for both his and Amber Matthews' help.

Evolved Human Abilities

Angela has the power to view future events in her dreams.

See Also

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