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Noah calls Mohinder a son of a bitch.

First reference: Genesis

Characters often use the expletive "bitch".

Characters who have been labeled bitches

Bitch Labeler Source
Elle Bishop Caitlin The Line
Elle Bishop Lyle Bennet Eris Quod Sum
Elle Bishop Herself Eris Quod Sum
Elle Bishop Abigail Sum Quod Sum, Part 2
Gloria Maya Herrera Four Months Ago...
Meredith Gordon Claude Rains Hell's Angel
Oscar Gutierrez Pelon Brave New World
Erica Kravid Taylor Kravid The Needs of the Many
The Lion's Den
Malina Phoebe Frady Send in the Clones
Rachel Mills Ryan Hanover Stuck in the Middle
Rachel Mills Claire Bennet Exposed
Niki Sanders Ando Masahashi Genesis
Jackie Wilcox Zach Homecoming
Jackie Wilcox Claire Bennet Six Months Ago

Characters who have been labeled sons of bitches

Son of a bitch Labeler Source
Noah Bennet Matt Parkman Company Man
Emile Danko Samuel Sullivan Orientation
James Martin Emile Danko Into Asylum
Mick the Ice Guy Luke Collins June 13th, Part Two
Nathan Petrelli Peter Petrelli One Giant Leap
Nathan Petrelli Flint Gordon, Jr. Dual
Mohinder Suresh Noah Bennet Truth & Consequences
Mohinder Suresh Joanne Collins Brave New World
Matt Parkman Emile Danko Exposed
Peter Petrelli Emile Danko Exposed
Sylar Sean Fallon The Kill Squad, Part 1
Sylar Noah Bennet The Butterfly Effect
Sylar Emile Danko An Invisible Thread
Sylar Noah Bennet An Invisible Thread

Memorable Quotes

"You son of a bitch!"

"Careful, Pete, that's our mother you're talking about there."

- Peter, Nathan

"Bitch is back."

- Lyle Bennet

Miscellaneous References edit

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