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Hiro's blog

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Hiro's blog
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First mentioned: September 25, 2006
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Hiro's blog is a weblog written by Hiro Nakamura.


Hiro's blog is hosted directly on Most of the entries claim to be "auto translated by: Yamagato Software".

Hiro's blog entries are dated using stardates. As Hiro travels through time, the stardates change to reflect his current time, occasionally causing entries to appear "out of order" from the reader's perspective. For example, when he posted from the past while in Midland, TX during the events of Six Months Ago, the post appeared chronologically first on the weblog. Also, the March 12th entry, posted after Hiro and Ando teleport into the future, is labeled "Stardate 3000.0"

Hiro's blog makes frequent references to comic books (including those by Marvel and DC), Star Trek, Star Wars, role-playing games, and anime.

On March 9th, an entry was posted by Yamagato Industries disclaiming any connection to Hiro, and all earlier content was "removed". In actuality, the posts are still accessible through direct links, but they are no longer linked from current entries.

Although Hiro's blog predates the Heroes 360 experience and was not originally intended to be considered a part of it, later posts began to tie it in to the events of Heroes Evolutions. In particular, in his March 12th post, Hiro posts a email address.

Hiro's Posts

The following are the posts made by Hiro, sorted by real-world date posted.

September 2006

Late Again

On September 25, 2006 (Stardate 1739.1), Hiro wrote:

Name: Hiro Nakamura
Age: 24
Occupation: Sales, Yamagato Industries
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Favorite Manga: Jojo's Bizzare Adventures
Favorite Comic: X-Men
Favorite TV: Star Trek
Favorite Movie: Laputa: Castle in the Sky
Favorite Singer: Britney Spears
Favorite Game: Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Series
Favorite Phrase:一期一会

Decided to move blog sites, because my old blog site was spamming me.

So, I got in trouble again for being late to work. The count is up to 8 this year. The good news is that I finally defeated Dr. Syd last night! I got to the lighthouse last night so I had to stay up all night till I finished. I hear Bahamut is right around the corner, so I'm almost done with Final Fantasy XII. やったー.

Ugh. I'm so bored. We had a company-wide meeting regarding the future of Yamagato Industries. Snoozefest. But, it made me think of the future of Hiro Nakamura. Is this how it's going to be for the rest of my life? I want to be like Jojo and Van and go on an adventure. I want to have a stand or can cast magic. I want to save the world.

Someday, I'm going to find the magic lamp and the genie is going to grant me my three wishes, or a mutated spider will prick me and I can spew webs all over the place, or after getting a high score on a video game, it will invite me to an elite space battalion to save Earth from an intergalactic war!

Dreams keep us alive, and I want to feel alive. What's your dream?

Ok, off to take a nap. I need to sleep so I can finish leveling up my other characters. Man, I wish I had more time in the day. Must. Finish. Final Fantasy XII.

Live long and prosper, Hiro

P.S. Happy 40th Birthday, Star Trek!

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

Strange Day

On September 25, 2006 (Stardate 1742.5), Hiro wrote:

I got in trouble for being late again! But I swear this time it wasn't my fault. It was strange.

So, I really didn't want to come to work today. I finally got to the final boss but ran out of elixirs and my party wiped! Frustrating. It was time for work, so I went to the train station. I was hoping for the train to not come. I prayed really hard. 7:42:00 AM. Yes! The train didn't come. So I thought. 7:42:14 AM, the train arrives. But it's strange, the train is never late. Maybe I could use the force. Am I a Jedi? I tried using my Jedi mind tricks on the train conductor. You will stop the train. You will stop the train. Didn't work. Hmm. Still strange though. Must continue experimentation later. For now back to work.

May the force be with you, Hiro

P.S. The eclipse is pretty.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software


On September 29, 2006 (Stardate 1742.8), Hiro wrote:

Hey, guess where I'm at? I'm at New York! Times Square! Can you believe it? It's amazing! I told you I could do it. I knew it! やったー! XD

New York kinda reminds me of Tokyo. Lots of people walking. There are subways, no kiosks though. Many yatais. Looks like they sell hot dogs and ice cream. Maybe they sell yaki-soba and tako-yaki too. ^_^ Oooh, better yet, maybe they have waffle yatais!

You would think because it's called Times Square, there are lots of watches. I wonder why it's called Times Square? It's more like Akihabara. That would be cool if they had a maid cafe here as well. Would be funny to see American otakus go 萌えー!

Wow, lot's of traffic on this blog. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Actually, I kinda feel like 電車男。 If I ever need love advice, I know where to go! Then again, I don't think I'll ever find love. T_T

I think someone mentioned the New York Comicon I think. If that's wrong, sorry, sometimes the auto-translater has weird translations. It came out as NY Comic Scandal for me. o.O When is it? Since I'm in New York, maybe I can go to it. It would be cool to get some cheap アメコミ

My favorite Jojo part is definitely the Joutaro adventures. I especially liked his encounters with the D'arby brothers, the moment when he realizes Star Platinum's real powers, and when Joseph was resurrected, and answered "Al Yankovic" to prove he's not Dio. XD And yeah, Toriyama sensei is awesome too. Loved him since the Dr. スランプ days.

I have seen all of Miyazaki's film. I do like them all, but I'm still a big fan of Laputa, even though it's his early works. In this world, it's hard not to feel like orphans many times, and I love that they get chosen and go on an amazing adventure. His films are cool because not only is it awesome, they always have a message. I heard when he was about to make a new film, he always asks himself what message he wants to tell his daughter, it may have been his niece. That's pretty cool. As for Final Fantasy, I have played them all, even XI. MMORPGs are a time sink! I had to stop playing. I literally was glued to my PS2 for 24 hours straight. FF VI probably holds a special place in my heart. The Magitek stuff was cool and it was the last of the pre-CD games. I reamember V too, because I also spent many days grinding for the last blue magic and the dragon's whiskers. Thanks for FF XII ラスボ ス advice!

Well, I guess I'm taking another "vacation" from work. ^_^ I'm sooo gonna get fired this time. Maybe スタジオジブリ or Square-Enix will hire me XD

It just hit me, that I'm in New York and I'm spending all this time in an internet cafe. o.O I'm gonna go explore the world! New York here I come!

Thanks again for all the support. It's really amazing when your dreams can come real. I hope yours does too one day. If starts with you believing in it and ends with you believing in it.

Spoon, Hiro

P.S. I hope the yatais take yen. I'm a little hungry :P

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

October 2006

Where to Begin...

On October 4, 2006 (Stardate 1747.2), Hiro wrote:

I don't even know where to start. You're about to be critted by a wall of text.

My trip to New York was more than just a trip. It was a life changing event.

I found a comic starring me. I went to the author to find him dead with his brain missing. I got arrested. I found out I was five weeks into the future. I saw a nuclear explosion. I came back to present day Tokyo with the comic book in hand, my only proof that I went to the future.

Ok, so back to the beginning. I was looking for the ramen shop that people were recommending near Kinokuniya. Oh, by the way, I was able to repost my last blog entry that was on my cell phone. My phone's memory doesn't seen to get affected by time travelling. Cool. I was enjoying the sights and sounds of New York, but everyone was in a rush to get somewhere like Tokyo. Do New Yorkers smile? I thought they liked Japanese people because of Matsui. Boo. So, on my way to the book store,

I found a comic book with me on the cover. \(^o^)/ Wow! That's so cool, but quite perplexing. The scary newsstand owner wouldn't let me read it there so I had to make a run for it. I didn't steal it though. A hero would never steal. I payed him. In yen. In fact, I over payed him with 1000 yen. I even told him he can keep the change. (^_^)

The comic book retold everything I did yesterday. (?-?) I found the author's address on the back of the comic book and decided to go meet him. Do all American comic books put the address of their author's on the back? If so, I need to buy an X-Men so I can meet Stan Lee or Tim Sale.

I got to Mister Isaku's house and the door was unlocked! (O.o) I heard New York was dangerous but I guess it's safe enough to keep doors unlocked. I entered his house and it seemed pretty empty. I found many paintings and then I found an unfinished comic of myself. The first panel was me talking on the phone. The second panel was me looking at my watch. The third panel was me with eyes wide open with a look of shock. The fourth panel was empty. I then saw a trail of blood and then a gun next to it.

Note to all my fellow gamers. In a game, you see a weapon on the floor, you pick it up. In real life, you see a weapon on the floor, probably not a good idea to pick it up.

I followed the trail to find the author dead! \(>o<)/ Then the police rushes in, they yell something. My guess would be drop your weapons and put your hands up. Seems to be universal among all cops. The next thing I know I was being helped up by the cops. Guess I fainted. They started interrogating me. They were pretty mean, but it looked like they were Trekkies, so that was comforting. They tell me that it was not October 2 but November 8. Then I see a big flash and New York crumbling to a nuclear explosion like thing. I concentrate and I came back. After I returned to present day Tokyo I had a chance to do some soul searching at my grandfather's grave and now I know what I must do.

Do you believe in the Butterfly Effect? I do. Nobody has to see the future I saw. The future can be changed. That is my destiny.

I've been dreaming for a moment like this my whole life. I've become Chrono [sic] in Chrono Trigger or Trunks in Dragon Ball. I've become the hero in my own RPG. Except that this isn't a game. This is real. There is no saved game or cheat codes. I get no Phoenix Downs. There is no game over. There can't be.

I'm excited to take this journey as a hero. In reality, I'm scared. But I have to, and will overcome it. I will not be like Trunks or Akira. I won't live in a post-apocalyptic world. I'm going to save the world! I hope I find my Marle and Lucca though. And soon.

This is beginning of my adventure.

With great power comes great responsibility, Hiro

P.S. On the November 8th paper, it said "wins by landslide". What's does landslide mean?

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

Let It Ride

On October 11, 2006 (Stardate 1758.5), Hiro wrote:

んちゃ. I'm back in America! \(^o^)/ And I'm blogging from my cell phone. This is going to be expensive so I gotta make it quick.

So using Mister Isaku's comic as my strategy guide, I came back to the present, saved a girl's life, picked up Ando-kun, and flew to America. How did I save a girl's life? Easy. I froze time. (>_<) (o.o) \(^o^)/ My own Star Platinum's The World!

After my MP regenned, (it took a while before I could stop time again) I tried it again and I was able to stop time just a bit longer. It feels like I can control it. So I think I can master Time Freeze. I just hope I don't hit a peak at 5 seconds like Jotaro.

Teleportation and time travel is a completely separate issue. I thought I was only teleporting to New York, but I travelled through time as well. It does seem that I need to level up my skills more, but how do I level up? Do I need more MP? Raise my Job Skill? How do I get XP? Hmm. Oh no. How would I fight an enemy? ((T.T; )(; T.T)) I can't really fight. No weapons. My current spells would be Quick, Return, and Teleport. I think my Teleport would work on boss fights. I hope. But they would all be non-party casts. It would be good game Ando-kun. So I can't run away and go out of combat. I need my Marle and Lucca or a weapon. Too bad I can't learn Meteo. Hmm. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to approach an encounter with an enemy. I need the XP and the Gil. I digress.

I wish there was a guide on how to teleport and time travel. It would be very handy right now. The comic doesn't talk about how to use the power. I guess that's my own fault for just blindly following a strategy guide rather than figuring it out on my own. And it ended as well. "To be continued..." Boo. Looks like we're on our own now. (O.o) I could use my own personal Dr. Emmett Brown or Yoda right now.

Speaking of Yoda, it looks like we're in Tatooine right now. Supposedly, this is the road to Las Vegas, but it's just sand everywhere. It feels like we're about to be attacked by Jawas. Ooh. We're just like the droids. Dibs on R2D2! I'm on a mission with my cyborg translator, アンドウロイド to deliver a message to Mister Isaku. "Isaku-san, you're my only hope." o(^^o)(o^^)o No, wait. I can't be R2D2. I'm Luke, master Jedi! Must. Find. Lightsaber.

Oops, good game phone bill. (T.T) Vegas, here we come. Red five, I'm going in!

時は動き出す、 Hiro

P.S. Thanks for your help on "landslide". Another question. I was studying my phrase book. What does "Let it ride" mean? What is "it" and what is "it" riding? Rodeo term?

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

Checking In

On October 12, 2006, Hiro complained that Ando was not living up to his role as C-3PO:

Ando-kun is such a bore. He won't say "Oh, my!".

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

Checking In

On October 12, 2006, Hiro wrote in reference to the desert outside Las Vegas:

Uncle Owen? Aunt Beru?

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

Check In...Again...

On October 13, 2006, Hiro wrote:

So many Denny's.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

Hi Again...

On October 13, 2006 (Stardate 1759.3), Hiro wrote:

Hiro crits potato chip bag for 182 damage.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software


On October 13, 2006, Hiro wrote:

I think we're lost. Good at human-cyborg relations, bad at driving. Good thing the highways are free in America. He should just let me drive.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software


On October 13, 2006 (Stardate 1759.6), Hiro wrote:

Hiro hits Ando-kun for 53 damage. 19 blocked.

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On October 16, 2006, Hiro wrote:

The Nissan Versa sure has some nice MPG. Gotta love that Nissan Versa.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software


On October 17, 2006, Hiro wrote:

We made it. やったー! \(^o^)/ Hello, Las Vegas!

Looks like we're going to the Montecito Hotel.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software


On October 18, 2006 (Stardate 1764.3), wrote:

I want to apologize to everyone. I've done something that I am very ashamed of. I've broken the cardinal rule of being a superhero. I've used my powers for personal gain. I cheated at Las Vegas. It was very unhero-like.

Now I know why I was sent to Las Vegas by the comic book. This was a test. A test to see if I can resist the temptation to be corrupted. I've failed. I've failed my first test. I'm sorry to have let you down. I've been tempted to the Dark Side.

_| ̄|○

I just hope Karma strikes back at me quick, so I'll be forgiven for my sins. Then I can reset and continue with my mission to save the world.

I'm sure this will be the first of many tests, so I have to stay strong and focused. More than ever I'll need everyone to stay strong. I need to keep asking myself, what would Chrono [sic] do in this situation? Would Peter Parker do the same? I can't let Uncle Ben die because of my actions.

On the upside, I have been practicing my time freezing as you guys have said and I think I leveled up my skill. (>_<)(o.o) I think I can release the time freeze when I want. It seems to be pretty stable and haven't felt any side effects yet. However, I don't think I can hold it more than 20 sec. Jojo was wrong! I'm definitely getting better but it's a long road to becoming a master.

I hope that Mr. Isaku, also known as Jojo's Boingo, gets my message soon. Maybe he's deliberately not taking my messages. Hmm. He might be our Dungeon Master and hence we're not allowed to talk to him. That would be cool but also would suck. I guess we can keep driving to New York in the meantime.

Oh, looks like Ando-kun finally finished shopping. Ugh. He's buying expensive suits. I can't believe we're using dirty money for non-mission related personal stuff. Well, at least we can get back to our mission now.

Yes, you guys are right. This isn't a video game. This is real life. There are no save and load games. If I did though, how many megabytes would my saved game take up? I'm going to be strong. I'll need help from time to time, but I'll be strong!

LFM to save the world.

Up up and away, Hiro

P.S. I also heard some waitresses saying "mudslide". Is that opposite of "landslide"? Like "you lose election by mudslide"?

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

Riding in Style

On October 27, 2006 (Stardate 1766.1), Hiro wrote:

{{{(>.<)}}} (o.o) \(^o^)/

Guess where I am? I'm inside a Limo for the first time in my life! It's really nice. There is a mini bar inside and TV. No video games though. I miss my PS2...

I finally met someone who has special powers just like me. I knew there were other heroes out there! Well, I did actually meet Mr. Isaku, but he was dead and his brain was cut open so doesn't really count. His name is Nathan Petrelli. He is Clark Kent without the glasses. Instead of a cape, he wears pajamas when he flies. Very cool.

He was very nice and is giving me a ride right now back to Las Vegas. ルーラ

It's wonderful to know there are others out there. He seems to have a different mission though. He said he wants to win an election I think. Hmm. I told him that he would win his election by a mudslide in the future. I hope telling him that doesn't affect the future.

He said he wouldn't join my party to stop the explosion, but he said maybe later. It would be great to have him in our party. He's going to Vegas and he likes to fly so he's our Setzer Gabbiani. Slot attack! (^o^) The limo isn't an airship though. Ah! It's our chocobo. A very high tech chocobo.

I can see Las Vegas again. \(^o^)/ But looks like I'm still a party of one, searching for my Lucca and Marle. Ando-kun deserted my party (T.T) Ando-kun told me that he was miserable with me and left alone. I hope he'll be ok. At least he can speak English and he'll have fun with the internet stripper.

Well, gotta get back to my mission to save the world. I know there are others like me out there. If you hear anyone with similar powers, please let me know.

And Vote Petrelli!

Up up and away, Hiro

P.S. I've ridden a nice limo. Check. Things to ride: Blackjack, Epoch, or a De Lorean going at 88 miles per hour.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

November 2006

New York or Bust!

On November 3, 2006 (Stardate 1767.5), Hiro wrote:

{{{(>.<)}}} (o.o) \(^o^)/ Thank you everyone for your good kharma, support, and advice.

Ando-kun is back and we're now a party of two again. \(^.^)X(^.^)/

We're finally on our way to New York but I leave Las Vegas with a couple of questions. Recently I talked to a Peter Petrelli on the phone.

1) Who is Peter Petrelli? He said he met a future me who told him to deliver a message to me. I guess he is important to my mission otherwise future me wouldn't have come talk to him. I also met flying man Nathan who is also a Petrelli. Are they related or is it just common last name?

2) Who is the Cheerleader? Future me said, or maybe it's will say to be exact. I don't know what the correct tense would be \(- -)/ Anyways, he said, or I said, (?.?) ..., save the cheerleader, save the world. So saving this cheerleader would save Mr. Isack? Even though he/I will/was very cryptic he/I should've not interacted with someone from my current timeline. I'm disappointed. He/I should've known/should know the negative ramifications of time travel. (>.<)

3) What kind of sword? \(^o^)/ I have a sword in the future! (^o^)==[=============> Is it a broadsword? A machete? A katana? If I know myself, I'd choose a katana. I wonder if it's magical. +4 to dexterity? I guess my character breakdown would be:

Hiro (Future)
STR: 14 (I'm going to have to work out more to get this)
DEX: 18 (with +4 modifier) (ditto as above)
CON: 12
INT: 18 (I can use magic)
WIS: 17 (I survive till the future so I have to be wise (^o^))
CHA: 15
Race: Human (Japanese)
Alignment: Lawful Good
AC: -1 (I would think that I would be wearing lighter gear, but get AC dexterity bonus)
Class: Kensei

Since it's not a video game, I'm going old school abilities (^o^) I hope the translator translates it accurately.

The biggest question I have is am I a real hero? I cowardly hid while someone was being killed. My fingers was on L1 + R1 the whole time. I know a do-over is possible, but I also know it's risky to mess with the time-space continuum. What makes a hero? I got these powers for a reason. It's destiny.

I question my heroism right now, and I hope I find my answer soon. Off to New York!

In brightest day, in blackest night, Hiro

P.S. I've been away from Japan for a full week now. I hope everyone's doing well back home.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

Practice Makes Perfect

On November 10, 2006, Hiro wrote:

{{{(>.<)}}} (o.o) \(^o^)/

I've done something good! On our way out of Las Vegas, I saved the lives of two people! I stopped time right before the car exploded and dragged them to safety. They were pretty heavy. Need to level up my strength. (;´ρ`)

I did seem to level up my time freezing though. All that practice paid off. I can freeze time for 1 minute pretty comfortably. With more practice, maybe I can master it and stop time for even longer!

I guess the lady in the car wasn't the cheerleader. She didn't have any pom poms. Too bad. If she was the cheerleader we would've saved the world, according to future me via Peter.

The man I saved was tall and black. He seemed very serious. He didn't even smile. His son seemed nice but he didn't smile either. Being a hero is a very thankless job but at least they could smile (^.^) His son seemed to know about 9th Wonders. Is it a popular comic book?

At least we're on the road again finally getting back to our mission. I guess we have two missions now. Cheerleader then New York. It's a pretty long ride. So much desert. Where are the Jawa's? Maybe there is a Cantina on the way.

We're right now on Highway 40 which is also Route 66. Ka-chow! (*´ο`*)=3 sigh. I should've brought my PSP with me. Could've watched some movies. Pixar stuff is great but nothing compares to Miyazaki films. My favorite is Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Do Americans watch Miyazaki films?

I think you guys are right. I should definitely get a Katana. It's the way to go. (^o^)==[=======/

I can name it 正宗 (Masamune) or maybe come up with my own like 時空刀 (jikuutou). Do you guys have ideas for names?

Just happy to be on the right heroic path.

Great hera, Hiro

P.S. Lots of diners in America and all of them have waffles! \(^o^)/ I think blueberry is my favorite so far.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

Kitty Pride [sic]

On November 21, 2006 (Stardate 1771.1), posted during Six Months Ago, this post discusses meeting Charlie and her death. The post appears chronologically first, and Hiro mentions not knowing what happened to his other posts, indicating that from his perspective they were missing (after all, they had not yet been written). With the next post, Hiro's blog was changed back to the regular timeline.

{{{(>.<)}}} (o.O) \(^o^)/

I've met my Marle. <(^o^<) (>^o^)> \(^o^)/ I never thought it would happen, but I've met my Marle. She wasn't a ときメモ character. She was real. She was fleshy. She had a smile that could melt butter like a hot waffle.

She had powers too. She was like wikipedia, google, my own Jeeves. She even corrected me on which issue Kitty Pride traveled back in time in. Issue #141. I thought it was #143 (?.?)

I've travelled so far to meet my own personal destiny. Who knew? It's so rare to find someone you connect with in the middle of nowhere. She was my oasis.

And she's dead.

It happened so fast. Why? Why was she killed? Is this a test? Why must something tragic always happen to the hero? Every time something good happens to me, it never lasts. Is that what being a hero is all about? And the way she was killed was too similar to how Mr. Isack was killed in the future.

I've thought long. I don't have seven dragon balls to summon 神竜 but, I have my own reset button. I've decided to go back to yesterday.

I can't let her die like that. I couldn't let her die. Yes, I might be risking a rift, but if I can't use my power to save people, especially the ones I love, I don't deserve them. I won't stand around like a bystander. I refuse to be a coward. I refuse to not try.

And so here I am at the Burnt Toast diner. By my calculations, about one day in the past. My time travel seemed to have worked. Charlie is alive. That's all that matters.

I will be come back to the present to continue my mission. I will save the cheerleader. I will meet Mr. Isack. I will save the world. But please let me be selfish. Let me save Charlie.

P.S. I don't know what happened with the other blog entries. Must be a server glitch.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

December 2006


On December 4, 2006, Hiro wrote:

_| ̄|○

I failed.

Charlie wasn't my Marle, she was my Gwen Stacy.

It turned out that I went back six months in time rather than one day.

I tried to convince Charlie -- that the bad man, the bogey man, was coming to kill her, but she wouldn't believe.

How could she? It's so outrageous. To believe that someone could teleport. Sometimes, I don't believe it myself.

I don't have complete control of my powers, and now they're starting to fade. What have I done? It took me many months to get back to where I came from and the only way was by a bus. Two days late.

I don't regret it. The few weeks I've been able to spend with Charlie were amazing. We talked about the world, legends, and comics. We were always able to put a smile on each other's faces. She's taught me so much.

Charlie Andrews was a wonderful person. I wish could have saved her. I wish I could have been her hero. I wish I could have told her I loved her. Maybe someday in the future I'll find my utopia in the past.

I was stupid to believe that I can decide who lives and who dies. It is not our choice.

But she has taught me to have strength. To accept my destiny and be a hero. I will not let her death be in vain. I must save the world.

For Charlie.

May she rest in peace.

She will forever be a beautiful memory.

With great powers comes great responsibility, Hiro

P.S. What's happening to my powers...

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

January 2007

Destiny Called

On January 22, 2007 (Stardate 1774.2), Hiro wrote:

Destiny called! I've finally gotten in touch with the great Mr. Isaku. He was a lot younger and taller than I imagined. I've always thought that Dungeon Masters were short with long gray hair and beards wearing a red robe. He also said he was on drugs, I hope he recovers from his flu soon. He drew a painting of me with a sword fighting a dinosaur. What does that mean? Am I going back in time to the prehistoric days? What happens if I step on a bug? Will it change history? Will I no longer exist?

It seems that the sword is pretty important. Cool. (^o^)==[=============> I'm supposed to have a sword in the future. Could this be the sword that Peter Petrelli was talking about? It had no glow to it, so maybe it's not magical. Probably doesn't have a +4 dexterity modifier. The way Mr. Isaku drew it though, it seemed like a two handed katana. Awesome.

My powers seem to be fading. I don't know how. Or why. But, I must find that katana. I wasn't able to save Charlie and a Cheerleader died in Odessa. Jackie Wilcox. Was she the Cheerleader I was supposed to save? What if I ruined everything?

I'm not going to let their deaths be in vain...

But what can I do without my powers?

For Charlie, Hiro

P.S. How do you stop an exploding man?

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

The Sword

On January 29, 2007 (Stardate 1776.8), Hiro wrote:

{{{(>.<)}}} (o.o) \(^o^)/

I've found my sword but not really. There was no sword in the sword.

I went to a museum in New York and found the sword as part of the Takezo Kensei exhibit. Ah, the great Takezo Kensei. My dad told me many stories about him. It was my favorite bedtime story. He was a great fighter who could overcome insurmountable odds. When facing an army of hundreds, he would charge right in fearlessly with grace and blazing speed that was invisible to the naked eye. Everything in his path was destroyed and he would come unscathed. He was a fearless lone wolf who would be there to help the weak and protect the innocent. He was a great hero of feudal Japan. He wielded a sacred sword that he called 自由刀 jiyuutou. Ooh, maybe I'll call my sword 時遊刀 jiyuutou as well. It'll be a funny pun.

I knew the museum people wouldn't let me borrow the sword even if I explained, so I decided to borrow the sword without permission. I know, I know. Stealing, no matter how you put it, is wrong. It is against the bushido code. But, I need to save the world and I need the sword. Without the sword there would be no world and hence no museum. After the world was saved, I was going to come back in time and return the sword and it would be like nothing happened!

I tried using my powers but it didn't work quite the way I expected. Instead of Stop, I casted Haste. Better than nothing, I suppose. Will I ever become a master Red Mage? Will I ever learn Meteor? Well, before anything, will I ever get full control of my powers back? I need my sword.

I was able to get the sword and wounded up in a dinosaur exhibit. In Mr. Isaku's painting, there was a picture of myself fighting a dinosaur. Was that it? My sword was still in the scabbard but I remember the sword was unsheathed in the painting. Maybe Mr. Isaku's vision isn't as clear when he isn't on drugs. He hallucinates when he's not on hallucinogens. Strange.

It turned out the sword was a replica donated by the Linderman group. Sigh. I returned the sword to the museum. They were quite confused but after a few phone calls everything was fine. I didn't get into any trouble. I wonder who they called? It turned out to be a good lesson to the museum anyways. Lesson one, always have a security camera on all exhibits. And lesson two, lock all exhibits. Cat's Eye would've had a field day here.

I also saw flying man again! It was very exciting, he was at Mr. Isaku's place. Met Simone as well, who gave me the painting. I wonder if she has powers too? It is great to see so many fellow heroes in one place. Soon we will be the Justice League of America! Actually it would be Justice League International like International House of Pancakes. They have good waffles too! Mr. Isaku's place can be the secret hideout. Oh wait, we're not in Rhode Island or Detroit. Since our headquarters is in New York City, maybe we're the Justice Society of America. I digress.

My quest for the sword continues. Onward to Vegas!

For Charlie, Hiro

P.S. How many more heroes are there?

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

February 2007

My Father

On February 10, 2007, Hiro wrote:

{{(>.<)}}} (o.o) \(^o^)/

Now that I finally have escaped my father's grasps, I can post a blog entry.

As we were heading towards Las Vegas, strange folks intercepted us. They were driving a black van and clearly up to no good. They were men in black. I thought they belonged to some government agency and was trying to capture me because of my abilities. They were going to tie me up, probe me, and do lots of tests on me! Maybe even stuff me with fish biscuits. We almost got away, but they got un-special Ando-kun. I wasn't going to leave him behind. So I offered a trade and they ended up kidnapping me too. Sigh. Yet again, we've been distracted from my quest. Go back 3 spaces. It turns out they were no government agency. It was my father and my sister who awaited me as we got off the van.

To be honest, it was good to see my father and my sister. It's been less than a month since I've seen them, but it was good to know they are safe. My father is a very stern man. He is very traditional. He follows the rules and is very conservative. He's also very bull-headed. Once he sets his mind on something, he'll never give up. I guess I got my stubbornness from my father.

As his only son he expects me to follow his footsteps and be his heir. Sure it would pay well, but it's never about money. For adventure, I would give up all the money in the world. For freedom, I would take the path less taken. For peace, I would jump in front of danger and stare it down. Of course, it's much easier said than done. It would be nice to have my powers back. What would a powerless hero do when facing adversity? Currently, the popular option is to run. L1+R1. Maybe father can whip up a utility belt. Where's my Alfred when I need one? Hmm. Now that my big sister is executive vice president, maybe she can get the research and development folks to create some gadgets for me. I'm starting to become like Kouga Amagi without the girls.

I always have hope though. I can't and won't ever give up. My mission is to save the world!

I think I see Las Vegas. Yatta! Time to pop a waffle and go.

For Charlie, Hiro

P.S. I need to find some really strong tape to put the dinosaur painting back together.

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On February 16, 2007 (Stardate 1780.4), Hiro wrote:

{{{(>.<)}}} (o.o) \(^o^)/


I'm stuck in a closet full of fake armor. The kind you would start off an RPG with and immediately sell after a better one drops. If anyone lives in Las Vegas, please let them know that I'm stuck in a closet at the basement of the Montecito and need help quickly.

How did I get here? Well, we found a crying princess and who said she was in trouble. I wanted to help her but I knew we had to focus on our mission.

We've been off track way too long but Ando-kun wanted to hear her story.

She explained she had a fight with her boyfriend. Uh-oh. Even with my limited relationship experience, I know better than to interfere with other people's relationship problems. You would lose points in ときメモ.

I trusted him and now I am stuck in a closet and Ando-kun is in danger.

Ando-kun is a good friend but we just disagree on some things. The biggest disagreement is on women. I believe in true love. A true hero should only be in love with one woman at a time. He should be loyal to her and protect her at all times. Ando-kun seems to believe in that there are many fishes in the sea and believes that quantity is better than quality. Love is important and fighting for love is what a hero does. In this case it was a crush and not true love. I'm concerned for Ando-kun. He's a loyal friend but every time I follow his lead, we seem to get into trouble and further away from the mission. Does he even care about the mission or is he more interested in the glory of being a hero? Maybe it's just Las Vegas that brings out the worst in him. I'm just worried something bad will happen to him or he'll get tempted to the dark side. Worse is if he becomes my Uncle Ben. I don't know what to do.

I really hope Ando-kun is ok, but first I need to get out of here so I can save him.

For Charlie, Hiro

P.S. Sigh, go back 3 spaces again. Will I ever get my sword back? This is starting to get absurd.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

March 2007

Hard Choices

On March 5, 2007 (Stardate 3000.0), Hiro wrote:

{{{(>.<)}}} (o.o) \(^o^)/

In life we have to make some hard choices. After going through a near death experience, I had to make one of those hard choices. I sent Ando-kun home to Japan.

The state gaming guy was right. In the end all I'll get is my partner's blood on my hands. Unlike a comic book, people get hurt and people die in life. I've already gone through enough deaths. Charlie was my Gwen Stacy. I can't have Ando-kun be my Uncle Ben. Without my powers, I can't protect us. I can't protect Ando-kun. While saving the world, the only life I need to risk is my own. I don't know how Mr. Isaac's comic book would have ended, but I have to create my own. If it ends happy, I'll go back to Japan and Ando-kun and I will drink sake like old times.

Sigh. A bus ride alone is pretty boring. American folks aren't really talkative on busses. They also need to get better cushions. It was a pretty bumpy ride.

Well here I am at the Corinthian hotel.

Focus on the mission. Get the sword. Save the world.

For Charlie, Hiro

P.S. Las Vegas again. I hope Ando-kun got home safely.

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May 2007

Who Am I?

On May 23, 2007 (Stardate 1784.0), Hiro wrote:

{{{(>.<)}}} (o.O) \(^o^)/

Who am I?

I'm a time traveler and a teleporter. I've seen the future to prevent. I'm on a mission. To save the world. To save my friend.

Almost two months ago, I was sitting in front of a computer, in a cubicle, wanting more from life. Dreaming of a life of adventure. To fly like superman, to heal like wolverine, to be strong like the hulk. Who would have thought all my dreams would come true. Who would have thought that the fate of the world is in my hands.

There is no save point. There is no reset. Actions have consequences and decisions must be made. I couldn't kill Sylar and now my friend is in trouble. And now the world.

From the cubicle, to New York for the first time in my life, to back to Japan and saving the red ribbon girl, to the Nissan Versa, to the Montecito Casino, to the diner where I first met Nathan, to the underground poker game, to the car crash site, to the Burnt Toast Diner, to six months ago, to meeting Mr. Isaac, to the museum, to being kidnapped, to the port with father and sister, to the Casino kitchen, to Linderman's archive, to five years in the future, to Sylar's house, to Jittetsu Arms.

It's down to this moment.

Thank you father for the training. For giving me the strength of heart to carry out what I must do. I've learned so much in our short time together.

Thank you sister for showing me integrity. You've taught me to be true to myself and fight for honor. I take pride in carrying the Nakamura name.

Thank you Charlie for your love. You've taught me what is important in life, and to cherish every moment that I have with the ones I care for. I fight for love. I fight for you so that no one else will have to suffer the same loss.

And Ando. Thank you for showing me courage and loyalty. You've taken a leap of faith and come on this journey with me. You've always brought me back up when I was on my knees. I've put you in peril yet again, and I will not fail you this time.

I'm at full HP and MP, and have all my elixirs. It's time to take down the last boss.

I saw the future that I must prevent and I will prevent it.

Who am I?

I'm Hiro Nakamura. I'm going to save the world.

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Other Posts

The following posts have been made by users other than Hiro Nakamura:


On November 14, 2006 a post by "Admin" read:

Coming Soon! Create your own international blog site using Yamagato's auto-translation software.

Write your blog in any language and it will automatically translate it for you!

Feel free to leave comments and feedback.

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Notice from Yamagato Industries

On March 9, 2007 a post by "Yamagato Industries" read:

In light of the tragic events that has happened on November 8th, we have decided to shut down this blog.

Yamagato Industries sends their deep condolences to those who lost their loved ones.

We would also like to acknowledge that Yamagato Industries is in no way associated with Hiro Nakamura.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software

Bound by Death and Luck

On March 12, 2007--after the post by Yamagato disclaiming any connection to Hiro, another post appeared, stardated 3000. The cryptic post, originally attributed to "Hiro Nakamura", but later changed to "Jotaro Kujo", was titled "Bound by Death and Luck":

How would one find a flower? A ray of hope, a light that will illuminate nature's undisturbed process for looming survival. Mankind has a choice. A pathway, a destiny. Care to remind me of those simple times. Kids could be kids. Adults live caring for the world. Harmony lies in equality. I, an outcast, never belonged. Longed to bleach a dark world. Demons that live within the monolithic souls of cruelty. Yet, the hunter turns to the hunted. We hide in the shadows of factual inaccuracies. The light not to be seen. Branded with blindness. A matter of perception, such visions speak greater than words. Pleasantly resolved, convenient for humanity. When will I be free? When will we be free? Fates timed to precision. We follow a path. It crosses with each other. Realize the moment. Awaken. Unite. Ambivalence is not a solution. Blackness is resolved with truth. Love. Beyond walls of hatred, lies purity. Prisoners of silence. Lacking a leader, we have common goals at the core. Trust no one. Fight to avenge and open the eyes of the beast. Prejudice spawns like spores. Find me. Reach me. Email My search continues for petals. The flower that drops no trace. A flower. Open your eyes so we can talk. Communication is conductor of truth. At the end there are ultimately many futures. At the beginning primarily, there is only one departure. History is delicate. It begins with one. Many butterflies cause too much chaos. One flap, precise catalyst. To see light again, a rift will be chanced. I grow weary of hiding on the 15. In simple times, we used a courier to tell truth. Analogous to death, invisibility to many familiar people. The irony. Once drowned within homogeneity, yearned to be special. Found air to drown myself bearing a mark. To a flower I speak. May I reach you to end this insanity. Preach the truth. Open the minds. There are no monsters. Only visions that are placed within minds.

Sending an email to elicited the following response:

Who are you? You're not a truth seeker. Go away.

And later:

Who are you? You're not a truth seeker. Go about your business. Move along.

The primary keys to the riddle are the title and the phrases "In simple times, we used a courier to tell truth" and "I grow weary of hiding on the 15". In Japan, the number "4" is considered unlucky because it sounds like the word for "death", while the number "7" is considered lucky for a number of reasons, including the Seven Lucky Gods. Arranging the post in a monospace font like Courier, 47 characters wide ("bound by death and luck"), and highlighting the fifteenth letter of each line reveals the following message:

Hiros message.jpg

The hidden message reads "flower,contact". "Hana" is the Japanese word for "flower".

Sending an email to elicits the following response from "Kaito Nakamura":

November 8, 2010

Hana, I knew I could reach you this way. I was able to hack into the old Yamagato server. Times may have changed but their security system is still ancient.

It's ironic that my father's email is still active. I figured this would be the securest way to communicate to you.

As you know we are in desperate times. I've finally found Molly Walker. I will find others. I seek assistance from you and your partner to provide a safe harbor.

I will not give up. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Safe journey and god speed.

For Charlie, Hiro

To Flower

On March 29, Hiro (posting again as Jotaro Kujo) made the following post, titled "To Flower" and stardated 12288.0:

Flower, I shall bring you a game.

Use one part-time worker at a time and for every dollar, add 3000.


The key is on the key. A picture is 5.

"Flower" again refers to Hana, for whom the encrypted message is meant.

The first step to solve the coded message is contained in the instruction "Use one part-time worker at a time and for every dollar, add 3000." That the blog post is "Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software" suggests that the original Japanese is key to understanding the clues. Japanese for "part-time worker" is baito, which could alternatively be translated to English as "byte". A "dollar" is colloquially "8 bits", which may also be rendered as "byte". Hence, the instruction may be reinterpreted as: "Use one byte at a time and for every byte, add 3000." Splitting the message into bytes means grouping every eight digits together.

The second step is to note that the post's stardate, 12288, is significantly larger than the previous post's stardate, which was 3000. In hexadecimal, the number 12,288 is represented as "3000"; this indicates that each eight-digit binary byte must first be converted to hexadecimal before adding 3000 to each. The result in hexadecimal is as follows:

3044 3075 3044 3046 304F 3084 304F 3048
3057 3075 3057 3046 3061 3084 3061 3048
304D 3075 304D 3046 304F 3048 304D 3046
304F 3075 304F 3042 304D 3046 304F 3042
304F 306C 304F 3042 3053 3084 3053 3048
3053 306C 305D 3042 305D 3084 305D 3048
3057 3046 3057 3048 3044 3084 3044 304A
3057 3048 3044 304A 306F 3086 3057 304A
304F 3042 304F 3086 3057 3086 304D 3048
305D 3042 3057 3048 3044 3086 3057 3086
306F 306C 3044 3075 304D 3048 305D 306C
3044 304A 306F 3084 305D 306C 305D 3075
3044 306C 306F 306C 305D 3075 3053 3075
3057 306C 3044 306C 3053 3075 3061 306C
3057 3048 3044 3042 3057 3086 305D 3084
306F 3075 306F 3046 3061 306C 3061 3075
304F 3086 304D 3086 3061 3075 306F 3084
304D 3086 304D 3084 3057 304A 306F 3046
304D 3084 304F 3084 306F 3084 3044 304A
306F 306C 304D 3075 3044 304A 3061 304A
304F 3084 304F 3046 306F 3046 3057 304A
304D 3075 306F 306C 305D 3084 3053 3084
304F 3046 304F 306C 3053 3084 3061 3084

In Unicode, hexadecimal values between 3040 and 309F represent Japanese hiragana characters. Converting these 4-digit hex values into the Unicode text equivalent returns the following set of Japanese hiragana:

い ふ い う く や く え
し ふ し う ち や ち え
き ふ き う く え き う
く ふ く あ き う く あ
く ぬ く あ こ や こ え
こ ぬ そ あ そ や そ え
し う し え い や い お
し え い お は ゆ し お
く あ く ゆ し ゆ き え
そ あ し え い ゆ し ゆ
は ぬ い ふ き え そ ぬ
い お は や そ ぬ そ ふ
い ぬ は ぬ そ ふ こ ふ
し ぬ い ぬ こ ふ ち ぬ
し え い あ し ゆ そ や
は ふ は う ち ぬ ち ふ
く ゆ き ゆ ち ふ は や
き ゆ き や し お は う
き や く や は や い お
は ぬ き ふ い お ち お
く や く う は う し お
き ふ は ぬ そ や こ や
く う く ぬ こ や ち や

The next clue states that the "key is on the key." In other words, the key to the puzzle is on the keys of a keyboard. Hiragana characters can be typed on a standard keyboard using the JIS keyboard layout:

JIS keyboard.png

Converting the hiragana characters to the Roman characters with which they share a key produces the following:

E 2 E 4 H 7 H 5
D 2 D 4 A 7 A 5
G 2 G 4 H 5 G 4
H 2 H 3 G 4 H 3
H 1 H 3 B 7 B 5
B 1 C 3 C 7 C 5
D 4 D 5 E 7 E 6
D 5 E 6 F 8 D 6
H 3 H 8 D 8 G 5
C 3 D 5 E 8 D 8
F 1 E 2 G 5 C 1
E 6 F 7 C 1 C 2
E 1 F 1 C 2 B 2
D 1 E 1 B 2 A 1
D 5 E 3 D 8 C 7
F 2 F 4 A 1 A 2
H 8 G 8 A 2 F 7
G 8 G 7 D 6 F 4
G 7 H 7 F 7 E 6
F 1 G 2 E 6 A 6
H 7 H 4 F 4 D 6
G 2 F 1 C 7 B 7
H 4 H 1 B 7 A 7

The clue to the meaning of these symbols is in the first line of the post: "I have a game for you". Only sixteen characters appear: the letters A through H, and the numbers 1 through 8. Additionally, the characters alternate between numbers and letters, meaning the characters can be paired into combinations of a number and a letter. These 2-digit codes represent a coordinate system for a standard 64-square chessboard. Combining every two pairs together gives a complete chess move in simplified Portable Game Notation:

E2-E4 H7-H5
D2-D4 A7-A5
G2-G4 H5-G4
H2-H3 G4-H3
H1-H3 B7-B5
B1-C3 C7-C5
D4-D5 E7-E6
D5-E6 F8-D6
H3-H8 D8-G5
C3-D5 E8-D8
F1-E2 G5-C1
E6-F7 C1-C2
E1-F1 C2-B2
D1-E1 B2-A1
D5-E3 D8-C7
F2-F4 A1-A2
H8-G8 A2-F7
G8-G7 D6-F4
G7-H7 F7-E6
F1-G2 E6-A6
H7-H4 F4-D6
G2-F1 C7-B7
H4-H1 B7-A7


When the moves for the chess game are completed, the remaining pieces spell out the letters D L. Thus, the final clue "A picture is 5" is solved. The Japanese character for 5 is the word "go" which also means "be clear", which changes the meaning to "A picture is clear."

Previous posts gave gave clues leading to an email address at, and Kaito's had his last initial. Using this information to send an email to returns the following reply:


I must minimize communications now as I discovered there is a traitor among us. I hope to find him or her and shut the traitor down.

If you need to reach me, you can find me at 215 Reed St. #7, New York, New York 10010.

As always, thank you for your help and please tell your partner, "karadanikiotsuketekudasai".

For Charlie, Hiro

P.S. Tell D.L. that he needs to get new clothes (^o^) ======

According to the author's biography in 9th Wonders!, this is the address of Isaac's apartment. "Karada ni kiotsukete kudasai" means "Take care of yourself".

For Fun

On April 19, Hiro (posting again as Jotaro Kujo) left the following crossword puzzle, titled "For Fun" and stardated 15000.0:


1. Wrote number five
6. Glenn, 600 A.D.
10. 48=0
11. Sprague's dilemma
13. A protagonist?
14. Flare caster
15. ^0
16. A Lucas, Coppola, and Disney collaboration
17. Germanic relationship, Susie Q and Jojo
18. A Japanese meeting place, Yojimbo and Tsukino
25. Burnt cacooo
26. Qapla'
27. Ka____x2: Puts out mountain fires
28. Episode VII character?
35. A commune in Pyrenees-Orientales
36. Three minute time limit
37. Enemy vessel
38. /target
39. The Traveling Salesman Problem in the Euclidean plane
40. Kitty family
43. Ante mariposa
44. Unicorn saint
45. Japanese fishing pants or a European camera

1. A not so crowded Hawaii minus the wonder?
2. Like Geller's creation
3. Mulligan's aunt, a Diego
4. The world
5. Talks in lisp
6. Adobe's, not GNU
7. Came from an insurance company
8. Legendary director
9. A web request
11. Bullets
12. 107
14. Kuppa
16. Started as a sixsome
19. A commune in Tuscany
20. About 10364.27 Faraday
21. Fields, Gauss, Nevanlinna
22. Raid leader: "He's at 50% and nobody is dead"
23. Muromachi
24. Previous occupant
28. Bantha lover
29. Zeus' consort
30. Tagged
31. Nobility in the air?
32. Brown stormtroopers
33. Parabrahman
34. Japanese mora
39. Paid
41. A kourier
42. Try not.
43. Leopard, Solaris, Mach

Note the "hidden message" in far right column

Final Message

On April 23, Hiro (posting again as Jotaro Kujo) made the following post, titled "Final Message" and stardated 27288.0:

A mask bound by fortune on death row.

In contrast to previous puzzles, the text of this puzzle is very short. And, thus its solution appears to have been originally by force. There could be many ways to arrive at this solution.

Noting that most puzzles have been auto-translated from Japanese using Yamagato software, reversing the translation helps to find a solution.

Japanese for mask is kamen, which also means disguise. So like in the previous posts, we must find out what disguised name Hiro is using and email primatechpaper.

The next part of the sentence is bound by fortune. Translating fortune to Japanese, we get un, which also means luck.

There is a previous blog entry called Bound By Death and Luck, and it contains only one row with the word death (death row):

times, we used a courier to tell truth. Analogous to death, invisibility to many familiar people. The irony.

So it's someone who's very close/familiar to Hiro, and someone who was on death row whose ailment is invisible (i.e. a brain tumor). Thus, the mask/email name is Charlie's.

Also note that April 24, the day after the entry was posted, is Charlie's birthday.

Previous posts gave clues leading to email addresses at, and Kaito's and D.L.'s had their last initial.

Using this information to send an email to returns the following reply:


This might be my final message to you. After many years, I finally
found the target time! October 4, 2006. The chain reaction that this
will cause should fix all that has gone wrong. Should being the
operative word. This is our only hope. It's ironic that Trunks wrote
those words on his time machine. I now know how he felt.

This rift is not a risk. It can't be. I've been working on it for
years to find the right moment. It's been a herculean effort. The
last five years have led up to this.

I can't believe it's finally over. I can save the world. Well, at
least in one timeline.

If I don't return, I have failed in my mission. Get rid of everything
in the loft. Clean it out. You, must continue. Keep hope alive and
may the world be a better place. Please.

For Charlie,

As explained in the episode Five Years Gone, Hiro planned to go back in time to October 4, 2006 and tell Peter to save Claire when writing this message. He assumed that this action would change his timeline completely, and thus this would be his Final Message.

After Five Years Gone aired, Hiro's blog was changed back to the regular timeline.

June 2007

Captain's Log: Stardate


Coming Soon! Create your own international blog site using Yamagato's auto-translation software.

Write your blog in any language and it will automatically translate it for you!

Feel free to leave comments and feedback.

Auto-Translated by: Yamagato Software


  • According to Oliver Grigsby, Hiro's blog is a collaboration between Masi Oka and Aron Coleite[1].
  • The Star Trek stardates Hiro uses cannot be accurate using either the original or the Next Generation stardate systems, as those systems assign stardate 0000 to dates in the twenty-third and twenty-fourth century respectively. For example, Hiro's March 12th "future" entry is marked stardate 3000.0. Under the original system, this would be June 9, 2266; under the Next Generation system, this would be May 24, 2325. They do seem to be internally consistent, however. Hiro's October 4th posts are listed as "stardate 1739.1" and "stardate 1745.5"; under the original Star Trek system, both of these stardates convert to the same calendar day: December 21, 2265.
  • Hiro's entry "Kitty Pride" misspells the name of Kitty Pryde from Marvel's X-Men.
  • To suggest that Hana's partner understands Japanese, in addition to the email addresses listed under the domain, would indicate that Hana's partner is associated with the Company. Her partner may be Mr. Bennet--in Five Years Gone, Hana partners with him to help evolved humans on the lam.
  • The alias of Jotaro Kujo relates to the title character of the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Jotaro (or JoJo), like Hiro, can manipulate and stop time.
  • The web link for Hiro's blog is now a dead link (error 404 page).


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