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Arthur Petrelli
Arthur Petrelli.jpg
Portrayed by Robert Forster
First mentioned Infiltration
In-story stats
Known ability Power Absorption
Alias Dallas
Date of marriage 1964
Date of death 2007
Occupations Pinehearst Leader, Company Founder
Significant other Formerly Angela Petrelli
Child Peter Petrelli
Nathan Petrelli
Grandchild Claire Bennet
Monty Petrelli
Simon Petrelli

Arthur Petrelli was the CEO of the Pinehearst Company and had the ability to absorb the powers of other evolved humans.

Character History


Maury Parkman reveals to Jordan that "Mr Petrelli" always knew what he was up to.

After Apocalypse

While interrogating Jordan, Maury continuously claims that "Mr Petrelli" needs to know what the future holds.


Lois Freeman calls Arthur and argues with him about how they are treating Jordan. Arthur tells her to follow orders and that now, all she has to do is kill Jordan.

Evolved Human Abilities

Arthur had the ability to absorb and remove the powers of other evolved humans.

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