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Episode number: 204
First aired: 4/10/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Agent Jordan
Previous episode: Rebellion
Next episode: Angola
Previously on Chronicles...
The government started an operation that involved capturing evolved humans around the world. Some people, like Tina Bui, escaped to fight another day. Others, like Jordan Matthews and Tracy Strauss, were captured and placed in cells. With the help of Rebel, several new heroes were able to escape the government's grip while others continue to be hunted...


This episode is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.

Story Development

Consuela Hammock · Clairsentience



Two agents guide a hooded figure through a long hallway. Sounds can be heard from the numerous cells on each side of the hallway but the agents continue their walking as if they cannot hear them. They take their prisoner to the farthest cell and open the door. They throw their prisoner inside and then lock the door and leave. Jordan removes his hood and looks around. He remarks that the room is like a heater and a voice tells him that it is a heater. Jordan turns to a corner, where Tracy Strauss is sitting. Her hands are covered in thermal-gloves and she is chained to the wall. Jordan asks if she would like some help and Tracy laughs, saying that since he is not tied up, he cannot help.

In Cleveland, Tina and Drake arrive at Drake’s parents’ house. He tells Tina that they are on holiday in Cairo and won’t be back for a few weeks. Tina tells him that they should keep moving, as the government will probably look for them here. Drake smiles and tells Tina that the only way he is leaving the house is if she drags him. Tina shakes her head and walks away.

At Building 26, Danko watches Jordan and Tracy on a monitor. Tyson enters the room and Danko calls him over, saying that his “brother” has been caught. Tyson sees this and becomes furious, demanding to know why Jordan is being kept in “the oven”. Danko tells him that Jordan is currently powerless and that they would like to do everything they can to keep his abilities suppressed. Tyson declares that he will be going to free Jordan but Danko pulls out his gun, asking if he would like to risk it. Tyson heads for the exit but Noah blocks him, telling him that he will speak with Danko.

In their cell, Jordan and Tracy sit and talk. Tracy wishes that she had never heard of Nathan, as she believes that is what triggered her ability. Jordan tells her that she would have discovered it eventually and if she had, things might have been worse. Tracy laughs and tells him to look around, stating that things can’t get any worse.

On a highway, Samantha and Rachel walk together silently. Rachel breaks the silence by asking Samantha about her ability. Samantha explains that she can put bad emotions into people and she can also rip them out. Rachel asks what she means by rip and Samantha says that the hamster she tested it out on died from shock. Rachel nods and the friends keep walking. Several miles down the road, a van pulls over. Olivia steps out of the passenger seat and pulls out her phone. She speaks with Danko and asks about her target. Danko tells her that Nowak is a high priority case and if the need arises, she can shoot to kill. Olivia hangs up and turns to her men, saying that they’re going hunting.

Tracy asks Jordan what his ability is and Jordan explains that he can see the future of any given person. Tracy sighs and says that Nathan is an ass.

Tyson walks down the hall and approaches Tracy’s door. He knocks on it and Tracy tells him to go away. He introduces himself and Jordan runs towards the door, calling him a bastard. Tracy watches as Jordan tries to grab at Tyson, who is trying to apologize. Tyson reveals that Building 26 didn’t want Jordan getting into their heads so they fed him Haitian pills that suppressed his powers. Jordan asks him why he is telling him this and Tyson tells him not to eat the food that the government brings him. He leaves and Tracy speculates that it is a trap. Jordan says that they already have him and believes that Tyson was telling the truth.

Andrew picks up his phone and calls someone. There is no answer and Andrew throws the phone down in frustration. He looks outside and wonders what is happening to the world. He then takes out his phone and searches the names until he comes to one. Perry Redfield.

In Building 26, Danko is speaking with the leader of the London Branch about their methods. Ms Hammock tells Danko that she has found that allowing them to mingle has no benefits and that they should be kept apart like rabid dogs. Danko agrees. Behind him, Noah watches disapprovingly.

Tina finishes preparing a breakfast for herself and Drake. She goes into the living room and hands Drake the food. As she is eating, Drake eyes the plate with disgust. He smiles and looks at Tina’s food. Concentrating, he moves his hands and makes the plate blow up. Tina shouts that using his powers just for the hell of it is not ok and she says that he is acting like a kid. Drake tells her that she can’t speak to him like that and Tina raises her fist. Sirens sound and someone yells for Drake to come out of the house over the megaphone.

Noah speaks with Danko about his conversation with Hammock. Danko comments on her views on the “pandemic” and Noah explains that her views are dangerous and barbaric. Danko asks how so and Noah explains that she is using “one of them” as an ability blocker. Danko laughs and tells Noah that he should get some rest as soon, the real “bagging and tagging” will begin.

Tracy and Jordan are given food through the door. Jordan doesn’t eat any and Tracy tells him that either he will die from the heat or starve to death. Jordan doesn’t think so and smiles when Danko arrives at the cell, stating that he is being transferred. Tracy tells Jordan not to go and Jordan tells her everything will be okay. He tells her to keep working on her own little cold snap and is then escorted out of the cell.

Samantha and Rachel are at a diner sharing a fries. Rachel tells Samantha that she only has $100 in her bank but Samantha says that isn’t necessary as they will be watching for withdrawals. Olivia approaches Samantha with a gun and places it on her head, stating that they don’t need to watch. Samantha pleads with Olivia to let her go but Olivia tells her they need to come with her. Rachel, thinking fast, grabs the pepper and throws it into Olivia’s eyes. Samantha then elbows Olivia and grabs the gun, shooting into the air. Both girls scream at the noise and then Samantha drops the gun. She points at Olivia and tells her not to feel bad. A barrage of smoke erupts from Olivia until she collapses. Rachel is horrified at this and asks what she did. Samantha grabs Rachel and drags her from the diner.

Tina and Drake walk onto the porch and look at the surrounding police cars. The officers state that both Tina and Drake are wanted fugitives and need to turn themselves in. One officer steps on several flowers and Drake is outraged, stating they were his mother’s. Tina tells him to run but Drake looks at the police and raises his hand. Several of their cars then explode in a mass of flames. During the chaos Tina grabs Drake and drags him out the back door.

Danko talks to a drugged Jordan as he escorts him to the transport car. He comments on how when he gets his way every person with an ability will be gone forever. Jordan, still drugged, grabs Danko and tells him what he is doing is wrong. Danko laughs and grabs Jordan’s hand off of his shoulder. As their hands touch, Jordan eyes go wide and he begins to perceive all of Danko’s past up until one day in Angola.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Are you tied up?"


"Then obviously they don't think you're strong enough to help so no you can't."

- Jordan, Tracy

"The only way I'm leaving is if you drag me."

"That won't be a problem for me."

- Drake, Tina.

"Mr. Danko, these people are like rabid dogs. The only way to deal with them is to put them down."

- Consuela Hammock

"Nathan's an ass."

- Tracy to Jordan

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