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Episode number: 203
First aired: 4/10/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Agent Jordan
Previous episode: After The Fall
Next episode: Imprisoned
Previously on Chronicles...
The government began to round up evolved humans including Jordan Matthews, Joshua Lincoln and Tina Bui. While onboard a transport plane, Claire Bennet attempted to save everyone but her actions led to disaster. After the fall of Flight 195, some heroes scattered and fled from the government while others stayed to fight. One hero, Tina Bui, received a strange message from a powerful new force. This force: Rebel...


This episode is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.

Story Development

Micah Sanders · Rictor Trundall · Disintegration · Samantha Nowak · Samantha's Ability · Rachel Moore · Abigail · Andrew Gavin ·Biological Manipulation · Drake Hawke · Spontaneous Combustion



In Cleveland, Ohio, Drake Hawke leaves his class and heads to his room. Unbeknownst to him, several government agents are watching him in a van across the street.

Joshua awakens on an operating table and quickly gets out of the room. He searches through the compound and finds three cells, all containing prisoners. One of the prisoners appears to be dying so Joshua rushes away and finds the locker room. Quickly changing into the clothes of an agent, he searches for a way to free the other prisoners.

Drake goes to his room and begins to study. He comments on how if he fails again, the college will throw him out. He continues to study and there is a loud knock on his door. He asks who it is and there is another knock, this one is louder. He goes to the door and opens it. Tina asks if he is Drake Hawke and when he says that he is, she tells him that he is in danger. Drake asks what she means and Tina goes to check the windows. She spots the van and tells him that the government will come looking for him if he doesn’t come with her. Drake believes that she is delusional and picks up his phone. Tina snatches it from him and crushes it, insisting that he is in danger.

At an abandoned factory in Washington, several agents are searching for their target. One agent enters a room that looks like a shrine and mutters that something is wrong. He turns but is instantly disintegrated. Rictor Trundall enters the room and says that the man should have stayed out. He leaves and enters the main part of the building, walking past several other large piles of ash.

Tina tries to drag Drake out of the room but Drake demands to know who she is. Tina explains that she worked for a Company that helped people like her but now she is a fugitive. Drake says that he doesn’t have a power and Tina mutters that everybody says that. Suddenly, an agent kicks down the door and shoots Tina with a tazer. Drake raises his hands, causing an explosion that blasts a hole in the agent. Tina gets up, shocked, and demands to know what he did. Drake stares at his hands in amazement and says that he doesn’t know.

Samantha Nowak is running through her college campus, trying desperately to outrun the figures behind her. One of them fires a tazer but it narrowly misses her. She runs around a corner and stops, catching her breath. She can hear the agents getting closer and she becomes very scared. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. One of the agents stops running, prompting his team-mates to ask what his problem is. Suddenly, a black cloud erupts from the agent’s body. He stands, furious, and begins to shoot his fellow agents with tazers. Samantha runs.

She enters her room where her roommate, Rachel Moore, asks her what she is doing. Samantha briefly explains that she is in trouble and asks if Rachel trusts her. Rachel says that they have been friends forever so of course she trusts her. Samantha then says that she can make people feel and do things, awful things. Rachel doesn’t understand but before Samantha can say anything the door is kicked down. Samantha and Rachel scream as agents rush in.

Rictor wanders through his warehouse and suddenly hears a voice. The voice asks him if he hates the government and Rictor demands to know who the voice belongs to. Micah Sanders enters the room with Abigail and asks him if he really hates the government. Rictor demands to know who Micah is and Micah explains that they are the Rebellion and he asks if Rictor would be interested in joining. Abigail is a little angry, and says that she does not like the idea of a murderer joining their team. Rictor tells her to relax as he is not interested in joining their “club”. He says that he will not kill them because they both have powers but warns them not to come looking for him again. He leaves the warehouse and Micah gives Abby a worried look. Micah’s phone then buzzes and he sighs as he reads the message.

On a government transport bus, Samantha and Rachel are drugged and hooded. Olivia is in the passenger seat of the bus and comments on how they have two more “wins” under their belts. As they are driving, the van approaches some metal spikes on the road. Olivia orders the driver to pass by them as they are not up. Nearby, Micah is standing with Abby and he uses his ability to raise the road spikes. The bus’s wheels are punctured and the bus spins out of control. The bus goes off the road and flies into the air. Abby rushes to the back doors and releases Samantha. As they begin to leave Samantha rushes back and releases Rachel. By the time she is finished both Micah and Abby are gone, much to the surprise of Samantha.

At the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, Texas, Andrew Gavin is eating breakfast with a baseball cap and trench coat on. He watches a news report on the recent “mass terrorism arrests” and comments on what the government is doing. He looks behind him and notices two men sitting in the corner. Trying to act normal, Andrew gets up and attempts to leave. one of the men gets up and grabs Andrew, who turns around and grabs Tyson, absorbing some of his life force and greatly weakening him. Andrew punches his partner and runs out of the diner.

Tina and Drake are running down the street and come across an alley way. Drake asks what happened and Tina comments that he must have some sort of an amazing ability. She reveals to him that the government is after people with powers and Drake tells her that he never wanted to be different. Tina tries to tell him having abilities isn’t a bad thing but Drake shoves her back, commenting that he is now nothing more than a freak, like her. Tina is offended at this and begins to argue with him, calling him a loner and a loser. As they are argueing, Tina receives a message from Rebel asking her to protect Drake. Drake reads this and laughs.

Joshua walks by several government cells and stops in horror, noticing the torture methods being used on a certain prisoner. Tracy turns to him and mouths the word help.

Samantha and Rachel are standing on the side of a road. Samantha asks Rachel if she is okay and Rachel turns to her friend, stating that she will stay with her. Samantha asks why and Rachel smirks at her friend, commenting that every hero needs a sidekick.

Andrew runs into his apartment and begins to pack in a hurry. As he packs his things a photo can be seen of himself, a young woman and Rictor, all smiling.

Rictor reaches his hand into a pile of dust and pulls out a wallet. He smiles as he removes the cash from it and then runs away, leaving behind his phone with a message from Rebel asking him to change his mind.

Jordan, Jenni and Evan are on a bus heading for New York. As the bus stops Jenni and Evan get up in a hurry as three agents enter from the front. Jordan attempts to run but is shot with a tazer dart. Evan and Jenni escape through the emergency exit and Jordan screams for them to run.

At Building 26, Danko places several photos on his target wall and then removes several from it, placing them in a new category labelled “Imprisoned”.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"Like I said...YOU are in danger"

- Tina to Drake Hawke after destroying his phone.

"Ashes to ashes"

- Rictor Trundall.

"Rachel I am in really big trouble!"

"Oh god you're not up the duff are you?"



- Samantha Nowak, Rachel Moore.

"This is a Rebellion"

- Micah Sanders to Rictor Trundall.

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