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Episode number: 101
First aired: 14/06/2009
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Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Next episode: Welcome To Primatech


This article is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.


  • Company Agents arrive at Joshua Lincoln's home.
  • Sensing danger, Joshua attacks the agents and a fight ensues, resulting in his escape.
  • With the help of "The Seer", the agents capture Joshua.
  • One week later, Level 5 is attacked and a mass outbreak occurs.


Outside a house in Boston, two people stand beside a car. The woman, Elisa Douglas, talks about their target and asks what the other man can see. Jordan Matthews uses his ability and tells Elisa that ‘Joshua’ is scared.

Inside the house, Joshua Lincoln rushes around, hastily packing his things. There is a knock on the door and Joshua yells for them to go away. The knock becomes louder so Joshua opens the door. Two men, FBI officers, ask to come inside. Joshua asks what it is about and they insist on coming inside. Joshua pushes them back telekinetically and runs into his living room. Water rises from the floorboards and materializes into Elisa. Joshua grabs her hand and they both shine briefly. Elisa falls backwards and one of the agents shoots at Joshua. The bullets become water as soon as they touch Joshua, who dematerializes into water and seeps into the floorboards.

Jordan enters the house and helps Elisa up. Elisa asks him how Joshua did that and Jordan explains that he has the ability to recreate powers within himself. Jordan’s partner asks where he is and Jordan uses his clairvoyance to search for him.

Joshua sits alone on a park bench, contemplating what to do. He calls himself a freak and gets up, ready to leave. He spots Jordan and his partner wandering through the park and starts to become water. Elisa's Partner tasers him and Joshua screams in pain. He falls to the ground and Elisa materializes. She injects a sedative into his arm and Jordan arrives. Elisa asks him what he sees and Jordan informs her that the Company has a new recruit.

One week later, Joshua awakens and finds himself locked in a cell. He yells for help and Jordan appears on the other end of a window. Jordan informs him that things are going to change very quickly and asks that he prepare himself. An alarm goes off and Jordan looks around, briefly smiling. Joshua asks what is happening and Jordan tells him that some very dangerous people are escaping. More and more sirens sound and Jordan leaves Joshua alone. Scared, Joshua backs away to a corner and watches as several escaped prisoners run by.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"Whoever this guy is he must be powerful since they sent the Seer"

- Elisa Douglas to Jordan Matthews


- Joshua Lincoln to Elisa before disappearing

"Things are going to change around here"

(An alarm sounds)

"Starting right now"

- Jordan Matthews to Joshua

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