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Elle Bishop
Future Elle Bishop.jpg
Portrayed by Kristen Bell
First appearance After Apocalypse
In-story stats
Known ability Electric Manipulation
Formal name Elle Bishop Gray
Nickname Honey
Age 29
Date of death 2011
Occupation Former Pinehearst Agent
Former Company Agent
Significant other Formerly Gabriel Gray
Parent Bob Bishop (deceased)
Child Noah Gray (deceased)

Elle Bishop was a future Pinehearst Agent and the mother of Noah Gray. She died while fighting her ex-husband Sylar.

Character History

After Apocalypse

In the year 2011 Elle sits with fellow Pinehearst agent Mary Griffin and talks with her about her divorce. Elle's attention is drawn to a news report revealing the destruction of Costa Verde and in turn the death of Elle's son Noah. Elle breaks down after this and soon leaves her life at Pinehearst and goes to Primatech Research in Los Angeles. Once there, Elle discovers the body of Angela Petrelli who has had her brain removed. Sylar confronts Elle and the two fight eachother, ending with Elle generating and releasing a massive blast of electricity, destroying herself and half of Los Angeles.

Evolved Human Abilities

Elle possessed the power to generate and propel charges of electricity ranging from minor to fatel voltage. Elle was adept enough at using her ability that by the year 2011 she was able to willingly release an enourmous burts of electricity that destroyed almost half of Los Angeles.

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