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Nicholas Sawe
Portrayed by James Marsters
First appearance Chronicles:Villains
In-story stats
Known ability Mental Absorption
Age 31
Date of birth 23rd August 1976
Place of birth London, England
Date of death 2007
Home Formerly London, England
Parent W. Sawe
Elizabeth Wilbons

Nicholas Sawe was a Level 5 escapee who sought revenge on the Company by forcing fellow escapee Vickie Palamino to work with him. He was killed by Joshua Lincoln.

Character History


Nicholas and Vickie walk through Central Park, searching for someone to refuel Nicholas. They find an old man and walk over to him. Nicholas proceeds to use his ability on the man, draining his sanity. Later, he and Vickie enjoy the picnic that a couple was going to eat. Vickie expresses her desire to leave New York but Nicholas informs her that she is vital to his plan. He explains that with her power, he can shut down the entire grid and release every prisoner in Primatech, causing its destruction. When Vickie protests, Nicholas threatens her with his ability.

While Tina Bui and Tyson Russel search for him, Nicholas watches them from a tree. He jumps down when they pass him and uses his strength to lift Tyson. He is stopped by Tina, who uses her own strength to attack him. Nicholas manages to recover from this rather quickly and defeats both Tina and Tyson. Valerie, Joshua Lincoln and Ethan Campbell show up and Vickie uses her power to fight Nicholas.

Upon seeing her betrayal, Nicholas prepares to attack Vickie. He is stopped by Joshua, who uses his telekinesis to stop him. Nicholas manages to recover from this attack as well, and uses his speed to kill Vickie. Before he can attack Joshua, Joshua unleashes a powerful shockwave, obliterating Nicholas.

Assignment Tracker Profile

Born in London, Nicholas was raised under the rule of an alcoholic mother and an abusive father. At the age of thirteen, he ran away from home and spent a few months on the street. As far as our sources can tell, this is where Nicholas manifested his ability. After days of starvation, Nicholas seemed to crave the sanity of other people, having lost his own. Agents Bennet and The Haitian were sent after him and a simple bag and tag operation was completed. The Company monitored Nicholas for the rest of his life up until the age of 20, when he started using his ability to aid his crime spree. Bennet and The Haitian were once again sent after him and he was detained in the Heartsdale Level 5 facility.

This file also includes a psychological profile:

Subject appears to have inherited powers from another family member who is currently at large in London. Having spent years in isolation, Nicholas has developed extreme sociopathic disorders and has a short fuse. He shows extreme hatred towards all authority figures and all attempts to rehabilitate him have proven useless.

Evolved Human Abilities

Nicholas possesses the power to absorb the sanity of other people and use it to increase his own physical attributes. This includes his speed, strength, durability and balance. After being affected by this ability, people are left virtually brain dead and simply drool and mutter to themselves incoherantly.


  • According to his file, Nicholas was born in London, on the 23rd August 1976.

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