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Vickie Palamino
Vickie Palamino.jpg
Portrayed by Marisa Ramirez
First appearance Villains
In-story stats
Known ability Shockwave Emission
Age 29
Date of death 2007
Home Rome, Italy
Occupation Criminal
Former Designer
Grandparent Unnamed grandmother
Sibling Unnamed younger sister

Vickie Palamino was an evolved human who escaped Level 5 during the mass outbreak. She had the ability to emit powerful shockwaves from her hands.

Character History


While walking through Central Park with fellow escappee Nicholas Sawe, Vickie spots an elderly man sitting alone on a park bench. She points him out and the two go to him, Vickie sitting next to him while Nicholas uses his power on him. Nicholas thanks the old man and leaves, having Vickie follow him closely. Vickie announces her plan to leave New York and go home, stating Nicholas should come with her. Nicholas tells her that none of them are leaving until Primatech is burned to the ground. Vickie suggests that he continue the plan without her but Nicholas, angry, manifests his power and tells her that she is staying. Vickie, frightened, agrees with him.

Vickie later confronts two Company Agents that were sent to recapture herself and Nicholas. She tells them that she just wants to go home and see her family again. One agent doesn't believe Vickie but his partner tells him that they should trust her. Vickie, relieved, begins to relay details on Nicholas' plans.

Following their own plan, Vickie and the agents attack Nicholas. Vickie fires a shockwave at Nicholas, stopping him from killing another agent. Vickie fires another shockwave, this time Nicholas evades her attack and advances on her, grabbing her throat. Vickie attempts to plead with Nicholas to spare her but he mercilessly breaks her neck and drops her lifeless body to the floor.

Evolved Human Abilities

Vickie possessed the ability to generate and release massive amounts of energy that repelled whomever they came in contact with. The energy Vickie generated seemed to produce from her hands and be a bright purple colour.


  • Vickie revealed that she spoke fluent Italian.

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