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Episode number: 103
First aired: 22/06/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Previous episode: Welcome To Primatech
Next episode: Infiltration
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In Central Park, NY, two people walk calmly through the grass. The woman spots an old man sitting alone on a park bench and alerts her partner. He smiles and says, "Thank you Vickie." The pair walk over ot the man and Vickie sits down beside him, cuddling up to him as she does so. The man demands to know what she is doing but she calmly tells him to shut up. The other man, Nicholas Sawe grabs the old man's head and activates his ability, causing the man to scream in pain. Nicholas smiles, thanks the old man and walks off. Vickie, also smiling, rushes after him, leaving the old man dribbling and muttering nonsense.

In Primatech, Tina Bui gives some information about Nicholas Sawe. She explains how his ability allows him to drain a person's sanity and use it to increase his own physical attributes. She goes on to explain that Nicholas was picked up whilst slaughering a village in England and has been in Level 5 since 1996. She says that Nicholas is a psychotic person who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. She then gives some information on Vickie Palamino, saying that she has the power to generate shockwaves capable of destroying molecules. She says that together, Vickie and Nicholas are a dangerous pair and that is why they were chosen to fight them. Ethan Campbell, Joshua Lincoln and Tyson Russel nod, having listened to all the information regarding their targets. Tyson stands, and, after looking at everybody, announces that they're ready.

Nicholas walks past two drooling people and sits down on a picnic blanket. He steals some food and Vickie joins him. She complains that she would like to get out of New York but Nicholas tells her that he is staying to get his revenge on Primatech. He tells Vickie his plan and she asks him if he thinks he could do it without her. Nicholas stops eating and raises his hand, activating his power. Vickie becomes scared and yells at him to stop. Nicholas laughs and deactivates his ability. He tells Vickie that she is staying in New York and that no matter what, she is staying with him.

Tina, Ethan, Joshua and Tyson arrive at the park and see many people wandering around aimlessly, muttering to themselves. Tina guesses that Nicholas has been busy and Ethan wonders where they could be hiding. Tyson checks his watch and tells them that they only have a few more hours of daylight and that they should probably split up. Tina picks the teams; Tyson with her and Ethan with Joshua. The pairs split up, not knowing that Nicholas and Vickie are watching them from the bushes.

Joshua and Ethan investigate an area around a fountain, searching for any signs of Vickie or Nicholas. Ethan generates an energy ball to defend himself from any upcoming attack. Seeing that he has no immediate offensive power, Joshua grabs Ethan's shoulder and duplicates Ethan's power. Ethan is annoyed at this and asks Joshua why he did it. Joshua explains that he needed something to defend himself and a voice tells them that he sure did. Joshua and Ethan both fire their energy balls at the fountain, destroying it. Vickie emerges from behind the rubble with her hands in the air and tells the boys that she wants to talk. She tells them that she doesn't want to hurt any more people and that she just wants to go home to Rome. Ethan tells her that they don't believe her and Vickie begins to list details about her old life and how she wants it back. Joshua feels pity for her and tells Ethan that they should be able to trust her, at least for a while. Vickie smiles and then tells them about what Nicholas is planning.

Elsewhere, Tina and Tyson are walking through the park, trying to find their targets. They find a brutally beaten up couple and Tyson asks Tina if the sanity that Nicholas absorbs increases his strength. Tina says that it does but assures him that she is stronger. All of a sudden, Nicholas jumps down from a tree and lands directly behind the agents. He grabs Tyson but Tina quickly turns and punches him, sending him flying through the air. Nicholas recovers quickly and uses enhanced speed to rush to Tina. He punches her a few times before finally kicking her into the air. She lands hard on the ground, unconscious. Tyson attempts to shoot Nicholas but is stopped by Nicholas breaking his wrist. As Nicholas prepares to deliver the final blow, he is blasted by a shockwave. He turns to face his attacker, Vickie.

Vickie fires another blast at him but he manages to dodge it. Joshua materializes behind him and uses telekinesis to throw him into a tree. Ethan kneels beside Tina, trying to wake her. Nicholas, angry, uses his speed to run to Vickie and grab her by the throat. She begs him not to do it but he mercilessly kills her. Joshua begins to charge a powerful shockwave, showing that he has duplicated her power. Nicholas turns to face Joshua but is too late to stop him from releasing the shockwave. The force of the attack completely consumes Nicholas, obliterating him.

In Primatech, Jordan is looking at files of the Company's targets. Angela enters the room and Jordan turns to face her, asking if she needs his advice. She smiles and says that she has a special mission that only he can complete. She begins to go into detail but Jordan stops her, saying that he can see what the mission is and that he already accepts. Angela smiles and places her hands in his. She thanks him and leaves. Jordan looks down into his hands and stares curiously at the business card that Angela left behind. On it is a single word followed by a double helix. The word is: Pinehearst.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"Thanks Vickie."

- Nicholas to Vickie.

"We're ready."

- Tyson to Tina.

"I need you to trust me."

"Oh yeah, I completely trust you."

"Sarcasm. That's something I missed while I was in Level 5."

- Vickie, Ethan.

"Does the sanity he absorbs make him stronger?"

"Don't worry. I'm stronger."

- Tyson, Tina.

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