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Timeline edit

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Prior to March 9, 2007

Trust Issues

March 9, 2007

Trust Issues

Prior to March 19, 2007

Four Months Later...


The Rogue


Petrified Lightning

The Kindness of Strangers

Fight or Flight

The Line

Out of Time

Four Months Ago...

Cautionary Tales

Donna's Big Date

March 19, 2007

Truth and Consequences

Donna's Big Date

March 20, 2007


Donna's Big Date

  • Donna joins the Company (Part 2)

March 23, 2007

Trust Issues

Career Choices

After March 23, 2007

Trust Issues

  • The Company assigns Donna to internal affairs and she investigates Cushing's murder. (Part 2)
  • Evsdropr provides missing evidence to Donna--a bagged bullet that when tested points to Thompson, Jr. as Cushing's killer. (Part 2)
  • When Donna confronts Thompson, Jr. with the evidence, Thompson, Jr. produces his own bagged bullet and confides in her about the circumstances that lead to Cushing's death. He then has Donna returned to active duty as his partner. (Part 2)


Root and Branch

Date A

Root and Branch

  • Sabine takes her partner to an isolated location, and confronts him with her knowledge. He eventually confesses that he is just a clone of Julien, and Sabine kills him.(Part 2)


  • Gael Cruz has accompanied Devin Patterson and Bianca Karina to Berlin on a mission to bag and tag a German target. While Bianca explores a lake, Devin argues with Gael about his motives in Berlin and suggests that he is there to monitor his fiancée, which Gael denies. (Part 1)
  • That night, Gael and Bianca dine at a restaurant and Gael tells her he is there to check her out as a potential mole. This angers Bianca and she leaves to join Devin at the stakeout. (Part 1)
  • The German is robbing a a bank when he receives a visit from an informant who gives him information and photographs on the Company agents that are targeting him. The German decides to attack Gael first. (Part 1)
  • Bianca and Devin enter the German's apartment and deduce, from the open door and photos on his desk, that he's been tipped off and is targeting Gael. They rush to get to Gael's hotel room.(Part 2)
  • The German arrives at Gael's hotel room and secures him to the wall. Bianca and Devin arrive just when the German shoots Gael in the stomach. While Bianca helps her fiancée get out of the room, Devin engages in a gunfight with the German, which ends in Devin's death. Bianca then throws a gas canister in the room and knocks the German out. (Part 2)

The Kill Squad

Date B

Root and Branch


  • Thompson, Jr. and Donna investigate Sabine's crashed car. Meanwhile, Gael and Bianca investigate the German's possession of Company files and search phone records.
  • Gael discovers that Donna and Evs have been in contact and begins to interrogate her.
  • Gael's racist statement regarding evolved humans triggers a stand off: Bianca, Felicia, and Connie on one side; and Gael, Thompson Jr. and, and Penny on the other.

The Kill Squad