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Roads Ahead
Episode number: 109
First aired: 22/7/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Agent Jordan
Previous episode: Grace
Next episode: Hunt, Catch, Crash


This article is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.


  • After the battle against Emily, the agents return to the ruins of Primatech.
  • Angela delivers some unexpected news to her employees.
  • Jordan, Elisa and Tyson find themselves unsure how to move on with their lives.
  • 2 months later, Jordan is attacked and captured by government agents.


Joshua is confused at what happened to Emily and Jordan theorizes that Emily was “engulfed” by her power and that she was destroyed. Tina doubts Emily’s fate and Jordan tells Tina that as much as she hates to admit it, Emily was not a monster, but a woman who was cursed with a horrible power. Elisa, kneeling down next to the body of Ethan and beside the body of Alan, notes that no matter what type of person Emily was, she took away two good friends. Everyone takes a moment of silence, looking down at the bodies of their fallen comrades.

Tyson is the first to break this silence, suggesting that they return to Primatech and report what they found to Angela. Jordan agrees and looks towards Joshua, who seems in awe of what transpired. Jordan tells him that he should have pulled the trigger on Emily, that way, none of this would have happened. Joshua, angry, asks how Jordan would know what he should or shouldn’t have done. Jordan tells him that in his time at Pinehearst, he had a vision. He tells Joshua that the vision told him Emily was supposed to be shot, Ethan shouldn’t have died, and that Primatech wouldn’t burn to the ground. Elisa, shocked at what Jordan said, asks if Primatech is gone. Jordan tells her by the time they return to Hartsdale, it will be long gone. Tina asks how Primatech could be destroyed and Jordan tells her he doesn’t know, he didn’t see what caused it. Tyson, ignoring the arguments that just occurred, orders everyone to return with him to headquarters.

In New York, Angela stands before the still burning rubble of Primatech. She smiles as she is joined by Tina, Elisa, Joshua, Jordan and Tyson. She welcomes them back and asks how the missions went. Jordan tells Angela that he has a lot to tell her about Pinehearst but Angela dismisses his reports, revealing that Pinehearst is also gone. Tina asks what happened to Primatech and Angela replies that Sylar came for her and ended up destroying the Company. Tyson attempts to correct her, stating he only destroyed the facility. Angela turns to her agents, and reveals four envelops in her hand. She tells them that they have been loyal and she thanks them for all their work. Tina asks what she is doing and Angela announces that after tonight, the Company will be no more; the facilities will be shut down, the files destroyed and their history lost. Angela hands Tina, Elisa, Jordan and Tyson an envelop each, claiming it is a gift for each of their years of service. Joshua asks Angela what she has for him and Angela turns her back on him, stating that he will not receive anything as he is fired. Joshua is shocked at this and Angela reminds him that she only hired him to bring in the escapees. Angela tells him that all the escapees are either re-imprisoned or dead and his services are no longer required. Joshua, outraged, asks Angela what she expects him to do. She smiles briefly and tells him to get a new life. Joshua angrily walks away and Tina asks Angela what she wants them to do. Angela kindly tells them all that without the Company, they should do their best at blending in and living normal lives. Tyson, Elisa, and Jordan walk away but before Tina can join them Angela stops her. She asks Tina for help on one last mission and Tina agrees.

At a bar, Elisa, Tyson and Jordan are drinking and reminiscing about their glory days within the Company. Tyson looks around and notices that Tina is not with them. Jordan looks for her and tells them that she is with Angela, a big guy and some marine chick. Elisa wonders if she should go back to Peru and asks Tyson if he knows if “Santiago” is still alive. Tyson tells her that the last time he checked, Santiago, Iris and Edward were all still in Lima. Elisa smiles and hugs Tyson and Jordan, thanking them for being such good friends over the years.

Elsewhere, Joshua is walking down a dark street. He is randomly generating energy and tells himself that it is his fault Ethan is dead. He closes his eyes and shakes his head, stating that Emily was not a monster. A voice tells him that he is right and Tina shows up behind him. Joshua asks what she wants and Tina goes on to say that during the years Emily was imprisoned in Primatech, she became very good friends with her. She tells Joshua that she wanted to save Emily with all her heart but she let herself be blinded by the monster that was on the outside. She goes quiet and says that she forgot about what was on the inside and let herself betray a friend. Joshua tells her not to feel bad and Tina smiles. She tells him that she is going back to China and that he should go back home as well.

As the bar starts to empty, Elisa (drunk), stumbles and trips over her bar stool. She laughs and gets up, patting Jordan and Tyson on the back and wishing them good luck. She leaves the bar while whistling some music to herself. Tyson asks Jordan to tell him what he is going to do with his life but Jordan tells him that he will not, as Tyson must figure it out for himself. He and Tyson stands and Jordan thanks Tyson for being a good friend and brother to him for all the years. Tyson nods and Jordan leaves him alone in the bar.

As the sun begins to rise, Tina rides in a taxi and arrives at the airport.

Joshua checks into a hotel and holds a picture of Tina, Ethan and himself at their first training exercise.

Elisa wanders through New York and stops outside of Central Park, taking in the sight of the fountain.

Tyson continues drinking before checking his watch and looking outside. A bartender asks what he is going to do and Tyson looks down into his glass.



Two months later, Jordan returns home to his apartment in Newark. He checks his answering machine, which is seated next to a card stating “Psychic M Calling Service”. A woman’s voice asks Jordan for his advice but before the message can finish Jordan deletes it. He mumbles “twins in four months” and turns to view the street from his window. Beside him is a table with photos of Tina and Tyson and a postcard from Elisa. Jordan goes to his kitchen to get a drink and when he returns, his front door is open. He runs to the table and grabs a gun but as he turns, an intruder punches him. Jordan is surrounded by people and he gasps in shock. He tells them that they won’t succeed and one agent fires several darts into his chest, knocking him out. The agent removes his mask and tells the team to clean up the scene.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"What about me?"

"What about you? This job was only temporary and truth be told we only recruited you because we needed help catching the escapees and you have done an excellent job at doing that."

"What am I supposed to do now?"

"...Well I suppose you'll have to get yourself a new life."

- Joshua, Angela

"Have you heard anything about Santiago?"

"Last I heard he was still speeding around Peru, looking for you."

- Elisa, Tyson

"She's with Angela, this really big guy... and some marine chick."

- Jordan to Elisa and Tyson

"It's my fault."

- Joshua

"I'm going back to China. God I haven't been there in so long. I wonder if my mom is still growing those flowers on the porch..."

"You have a porch?"

"No, not really. It's more like a mansion."

- Tina, Joshua

"Hi, Psychic M? I was wondering-"

"Twins in four months."

- Unknown caller, Jordan

"What the hell?"

- Jordan

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