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Welcome To Primatech
Episode number: 102
First aired: 16/06/2009
Welcome to primateche.jpg
Written by: Agent Jordan
Previous episode: Special
Next episode: Villains


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Joshua Lincoln is sitting in Angela's office, strapped to his chair. Angela is smiling at him and picks up a folder. She reads out a news article reporting the deaths of 8 high school students. Joshua asks what her point is and Angela tells him that the deaths were caused by someone like them who recently escaped Level 5 and that she wants Joshua to learn how to stop them. Joshua asks what she means and Angela explains that she is giving him the chance to be an agent, or prisoner. Joshua thinks for a moment and decides to be trained as an agent. Angela nods in approval.

3 days later, in a Company training room, Agent Tina Bui knocks a large man down into the air with a single kick. Joshua and another man are standing beside a wall, watching in awe. Tina walks up to them and lists details about each of her trainees, including their abilities. Tina asks them what the first rule a good agent must follow is. Ethan answers the question incorrectly and Tina smiles at him, grabs his shirt, and throws him across the room. She leans in to Joshua and tells him that a good agent must remember that their targets are exactly the same as them, "different". Joshua nods and Tina tells him that he can go to his room as his training for the day has ended. Joshua leaves the room as Tina turns to Ethan, who is struggling to get up.

While walking to his room, Joshua bumps into Tyson Russel, Jordan Matthew's partner and one of the agents who captured him. Tyson apologises to Joshua for "abducting" him and asks that they start over. Joshua asks him how they found him at the park and Tyson laughs. He tells him that his partner, The Seer, can find people no matter where they go. Joshua asks Tyson why he is working for the Company and Tyson gets serious and tells him that his mother manifested a special ability when he was a teenager, and she was killed because of it. Joshua assumes the Company killed her but Tyson corrects him, stating that the Company took him in and when they discovered he had no special power, trained him to be an agent. Joshua proceeds to his room, leaving Tyson behind him calling out that "The Company saves lives".

As Joshua walks to his room, Angela watches him on her computer. Beside her, Jordan is standing. Angela shifts her security footage to that of a Level 5 cell containing Sylar. Angela asks Jordan what he sees and Jordan focuses, placing his hand on Angela's shoulder, and tells her not to give up. She thanks him and he leaves the room. Angela smiles and brings up more security footage showing Tyson entering the training room and Tina in her car, yelling at Ethan, who is outside starting her car up. The last footage she brings up is of surveillance footage showing two hooded figures breaking into a clothes store. Angela stares at the screen and picks up her phone, asking her assistant to send The Seer back in.

Later that day, Joshua goes to Angela's office. Inside, Tina, Ethan, Tyson and Angela are waiting for him. He asks them what is going on and Angela asks him to sit down. She explains that training is over and that his first assignment is to go after two escaped Level 5 prisoners. Vickie Palamino and Nicholas Sawe.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"I am giving you the chance to decide your future... agent or prisoner?"

- Angela Petrelli to Joshua Lincoln

"What's the first rule a good agent must always follow?"

"Ummm, don't die?"

(Tina smiles and places her hand on Ethan's chest)


(Tina throws Ethan)

- Tina Bui to Ethan Campbell and Joshua Lincoln

"My partner has the power to find people wherever they go"

"That's kind of cheating isn't it?"

"We don't think so"

- Tyson Russel to Joshua Lincoln

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