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Ricardo Silva
Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance Infiltration
In-story stats
Known ability Primal Rage
Occupation Former Primatech Operative
Significant other Unnamed Woman (deceased)
Child Unnamed daughter (deceased)

Ricardo Silva is an evolved human who recently escaped from Level 5 and whose file was among those that Jordan Matthews was examining.

Character History


Ricardo's file is among those Jordan Matthews is examining in Primatech Research. His file lists his ability as Primal Rage and his previous incarceration in Level 5.


Angela Petrelli gives Joshua Lincoln the assignment of recapturing Ricardo. Both Joshua and his partner approach Ricardo in his apartment building. Ricardo uses his power to overwhelm Alan but is thrown away by Joshua. Ricardo calls for help and receives it from Anna, who rescues him.

Ricardo stakes out the apartment while Anna talks to the captive agents. She proposes to him that they leave and Ricardo agrees, stating that more agents may be coming. The two leave and are attacked by Agent Elisa Douglas who tazers Ricardo, subdueing him. Following an attack made by Anna, Ricardo manages to escape alongside his captive.

Evolved Human Abilities

Ricardo possesses the ability of Primal Rage. He is able to induce uncontrollabe acts of rage into other people with a flash of red light produced from his eyes.

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