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Portrayed by Zachary Quinto
In-story stats
Known ability Intuive Aptitude
Acquired Abilities:
Precognitive Dreaming
Formal name Gabriel Gray
Home Formerly Costa Verde,CA
Significant other Formerly Elle Bishop
Parent Angela Petrelli
Mr. Petrelli
Child Noah Gray (deceased)
Sibling Nathan Petrelli
Peter Petrelli
In Laws
Tracy Strauss
Other relatives Nieces
Claire Bennet

Gabriel Gray is the father of Noah Gray and former husband of Elle Bishop. Following the death of his son, Gabriel returned to his murderous ways.

Character History

After Apocalypse

In the year 2011, Sylar attacks Angela Petrelli and proceeds to kill her. He is later confronted by his ex-wife, Elle, which results in a fight between the two. Sylar refuses to kill her due to his feelings but Elle deliberately generates a blast of electricity that destroys herself, half of L.A, and supposedly Sylar.

Evolved Human Abilities

Sylar possesses the ability to understand how things work. He is able to use this ability to acquire other abilities by studying the brain.

Acquired Abilities

In the "Exposed Future" (seen in Chronicles), Sylar demonstrated one ability:

Sylar killed Angela Petrelli and removed her brain, showing that he also absorbed her ability. However, he did not demonstrate it.

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