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Angela Petrelli
Future angelachronicles petrelli.jpg
Portrayed by Cristine Rose
First appearance After Apocalypse
In-story stats
Known ability Precognitive Dreaming
Age 67
Date of death 2011
Occupation Company Chairwoman
Child Nathan Petrelli (deceased)
Peter Petrelli (deceased)
Gabriel Gray
Other relatives Children In Law
Tracy Strauss
Claire Bennet
Monty Petrelli
Simon Petrelli
Noah Gray (deceased)

Angela Petrelli was the chairwoman of the Company and possessed the ability to dream the future. She was killed by Sylar.

Character History

After Apocalypse

In 2011, Angela receives reports from Meredith Gordon and Tina Bui about recent evolved human criminal activity. Angela dismisses the problems and looks out the window and smiles sadly as she tells her agents that the world no longer needs them.

Angela dreams of her death and the deaths of her agents. To prevent part of her dream she sents Tina and Meredith to Pinehearst. Angela proceeds to act her dream out, eventually coming across Sylar who attacks her and proceeds to take her brain, fulfilling what Angela saw in her dream.

Evolved Human Abilities

Angela possessed the ability to dream the future. She was able to successfully predict her own death while dreaming. Angela also seems to be able to alter several details of her dreams as her two agents did not die alongside her as she foresaw.

See Also

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