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The Bennets' home (Costa Verde)

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The Bennets' home (Costa Verde)
The Bennets' home (Costa Verde).jpg
An outside view of the house
Location: Costa Verde, CA
Purpose: Residence

The Bennets' Costa Verde home is a two-story single-family house located in a quaint Costa Verde neighborhood.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Four Months Later...

The "Butlers" sit at the dinner table, discussing how Lyle's and Claire's first day at school went, along with what Noah did at work. Sandra rants a bit about how Mr. Muggles doesn't get the recognition he received back in Odessa. Noah gets up and walks into a nearby room to talk to Mohinder.

Later that night, Claire calls her biological father to talk about how she can't live a life that's a lie much longer. As she hangs up and lies down on her bed, West watches her as he hovers outside her window.


Sandra boils an egg in the kitchen and accidentally drops her wedding ring into the water in the process. Claire simply reaches in and pulls the ring out burning her hand in the process. The burns quickly heal and her mother ribs her for being "flashy." When Claire complains about being forced to "lay low", Noah enters the kitchen and explains that his job is to keep their family safe no matter what it requires. After Claire leaves for school, Sandra picks up a newspaper and shows Noah an article about Kaito Nakamura's death. Noah tells her that he knew this would happen, and shows her an old painting from Isaac Mendez depicting Kaito lying in a pool of blood. He tells her that it's part of a series of eight paintings, but that he was only given the first one and needs to find the rest of them.

Later, Mr. Muggles watches a dog show on TV with Claire before her mother tells her to turn it off. Mr. Muggles gets upset so Claire turns the show back on. As she reads reads about limb regeneration, she glances at her toes. She takes a pair of scissors and cuts off her pinky toe. After a short time the toe grows back. Mr. Muggles starts barking and Claire realizes West was watching her from outside the window. She runs outside to catch him, but she doesn't see him. Claire goes outside to the driveway, and Mr. Muggles continues barking up at the sky. A copy of Activating Evolution is left on the ground.


Claire reads Activating Evolution in her room, and Noah mentions that Sandra is making waffles. Noah apologizes for talking to her the way he did, and offers his help. Claire asks what would happen if someone found out about her, and Noah mentions they'd have to leave at a worst case scenario.

Later, Noah receives a phone call from Mohinder, who found Isaac's paintings, and receives a picture of the 8th picture in the series. Noah looks on, as the painting is of Bennet, lying dead with cracked glasses and a couple kissing in the background. Noah turns and sees Claire. Noah tells her goodnight, and she walks away. Bennet looks at the picture of the painting again in fear.

The Kindness of Strangers

Noah looks at the picture of his death as Sandra walks in with Mr. Muggles. Noah asks Sandra if Claire is dating anyone. Claire walks in and her parents ask about dating, saying a boy could be a threat. Noah says he wants to meet him. Claire shrugs it off and says there is no boy. Later, Sandra ponders dessert, but Claire tells her that she has to go to the library for a research project. Noah asks if she needs a lift. Lyle reminds her that the car was stolen, but Claire tells them she'll just walk.

After her date, Claire enters her house late, with Noah eating yogurt and waiting for her. Claire lies and tells him that she was trying out for cheerleading and she was late with the squad celebrating. She begs for one thing that's normal, and he tells her that he didn't realize cheerleading meant that much to her. They agree that Claire can cheerlead, but not date for the time being. Later, Noah steps outside to speak with the Haitian who alerts Noah that to continue their progress in acquiring more Mendez paintings, they will need to go to Odessa. Noah believes he means Texas, but the Haitian shakes his head and says it's in Ukraine.

Out of Time

Claire is at home sleeping, when she is woken up by a text from West. She goes downstairs to find that he has made breakfast for her. While Claire isn't pleased, her mother says she is pleased West has come. When Sandra leaves, West shows Claire an article in the local newspaper about what they did to Debbie Marshall. Although upset, she kisses West while hiding a family picture. Later, Claire and West listen to music and kiss on the couch. Claire asks West if his marks hurt, which he tells her no. When Claire wants to tell him something, he assumes he is moving too fast. She tells him she wants Popsicles. From the kitchen, she sees her father enter the house. When West sees him, he panics and pulls Claire into the backyard. She reveals that he is her father. Thinking it's a trap, West flies away. Mr. Bennet meets Claire in the backyard and asks why she has two Popsicles. She hands him one and welcomes him home.

Later, Sandra tells Noah that Claire has a boyfriend. In her room, sitting on the sofa, Claire tries to text West when her father enters and drops the newspaper article on her lap. She claims it is nothing. The two argue about how they both are putting the family in danger. Mr. Bennet tells the family it is no longer safe and that they must move. Claire tells him that if they do, they are leaving without her.

Cautionary Tales

Noah tells his family that they are moving from Costa Verde. Claire refuses and leaves the house. Later, Noah leaves the house and is picked up by West and flown into the Costa Verde sky.

After a run in with Elle and Mohinder, Noah arrives home to find Sandra tied up, who tells him Bob has taken Claire. West arrives, carrying an unconscious Elle. Noah binds Elle in Mr. Muggles metal doggie bath, and sprays her with water, casing her to shock herself, in an attempt to get in touch with Bob. He calls Bob, who is with Claire, telling Bob he'll meet him at the beach in two hours.

After Noah is killed, West flies Claire home, and Claire tells Sandra what has happened.

Truth & Consequences

Sandra points a gun at Bob, who stands in her doorway with an urn. He apologies for Noah's death, and hands Claire the urn, telling her she is free to have a normal life.


While Claire persists on exposing the Company, Sandra begs her reconsider. Later, West arrives and also attempts to make her reconsider because it makes him feel connected to her. Rejected, he leaves. Turing around, Claire drops a box when she sees her father standing in the doorway. Noah explains to his family that Claire's blood brought him back to life, but that he must now rejoin the Company. He leaves, telling Bob that he is done.

The Second Coming

Home alone, Claire is confronted by Sylar. She knocks him out and tries to escape, but he telekinetically closes all escape routes. Claire hides, and Sylar browses through filing boxes. Claire stabs Sylar, but he pins her to the wall and removes the top of her head. He examines her brain, takes what he needs, and leaves. Sandra and Lyle come home to find Claire, alone and distraught.

The Butterfly Effect

While Claire and her mother clean the mess made by Sylar, Claire cuts herself on piece of glass, but she feels no pain. Later, Claire goes downstairs and sees her father, who is getting ready to leave again. Before he does, he shows Claire the assignment tracker profile for several Level 5 escapees. Then he tells Claire that her birth mother will take care of her while he is gone.

One of Us, One of Them

While Meredith and Sandra are trying to decide what is best for Claire, Claire walks in and declares she no longer has a need to go to school, angering Sandra, who says Claire must go to school. Later, Meredith goes against Sandra's wishes and allows Claire to skip school, so that she can learn how to fight. After Sandra finds out about Meredith's training, the two women argue about how to raise Claire. Soon after, May comes by to pick up Claire for her cheerleading retreat. In a better mood, Claire asks her mother if she can go, Sandra lets her go.

I Am Become Death

Four years into the future, Peter visits a reformed Gabriel Gray at what used to be the Bennet house in Costa Verde, attempting to mimic his ability. Unfortunately, he was followed by future versions of Claire, Daphne, and Knox, who storm the house to capture him. Knox takes Gabriel's son, Noah Gray, hostage momentarily. After a brief struggle, Noah is freed and Sylar tells him to hide. Knox kicks Sylar and a table into Noah's hiding place, killing Noah. Enraged, Sylar starts to hit Knox, subconsciously activating his induced radioactivity. Seconds later, Sylar explodes in a massive nuclear blast, destroying Costa Verde and killing approximately 200,000 people.

Angels and Monsters

Sandra has realized that Claire lied about going to a cheerleading retreat. Meredith arrives and they conclude that Claire is going after the Level 5 escapees. One of the files Sandra has located refers to Stephen Canfield, who can create black-hole vortexes through force of will. Meredith sees a file on Eric Doyle and warns that he's the most dangerous of the lot. She gets Doyle's address from the file and promises to rescue Claire if necessary. Sandra offers to come with her but Meredith notes she has no powers and it's going to be dangerous.

Later, after they have dealt with Canfield, Noah, Claire, and Sylar return to the Bennet house. Sylar taunts Claire and says that Noah is heartless, but Noah takes Claire into their home and tells her that he only does what he needs to do. When Sandra says that she is so glad that Meredith saved Claire, Claire asks "Meredith?" and the two realize that Meredith is in trouble.

Dying of the Light

Claire vows to help Meredith, and Sandra says that she is coming as well. When Claire questions why, Sandra reasons with her using the "one of us, one of them" principle. They leave the house and head for Doyle's Marionette Theatre.

Eris Quod Sum

Claire and Sandra drive back to their house, alarmed that lights are flashing inside. They find a dazed Lyle, and Elle, who has returned with problems. Elle fires electricity at Claire, but Claire is unharmed. The two of them fight, but Lyle throws water on Elle, short-circuiting her. Claire finds out that Elle needs help and the two of them leave Costa Verde for Pinehearst.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Noah brings a wounded Claire back to their house, and calls for Sandra. Sandra takes Claire up to her room and lays her down, worried about her condition. Noah leaves the house to pursue Sylar and Elle. Later, Sandra brings food for Claire, only to see Claire passed out and bleeding uncontrollably.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Noah comes back to the Bennet house after he "killed" Sylar, only for Claire to tell him that she died that day. Noah hurries downstairs, but he is too late: a regenerated Sylar is holding Sandra hostage, along with Elle. Sylar is about to kill Noah when Hiro Nakamura arrives and teleports Claire, Sylar, and Elle away, leaving Noah and Sandra to ponder what just happened.

Graphic Novel:Out of Town... On Business

Holding Mr. Muggles, Claire sees a message left by her dad in the house, saying that he is "out on business". She calls him to ask him what he is doing, but he dismisses her worries. Sandra returns to the house with groceries, and Claire is forced to hang up and help her mom.


Claire hides Alex from the government in her room. Sandra finds him and questions the pair on what was going on. After first giving sex as an excuse, Claire explains herself and Sandra helps Alex escape. After creating him a fake id, and giving him several hundred dollars, Claire helps him escape through the backyard.

Shades of Gray

Claire heads downstairs to get some popcorn to eat. After finding it missing, she notices Eric Doyle. He explains that he is on the run and has been sent by Rebel, saying that Claire will help him. After Sandra arrives downstairs, Eric uses his ability in anger, before stating he won't force them and leaves.

Claire and Sandra discuss whether they should have helped Doyle before Claire decides she will help others, and get a job so that she won't have the people she's helping around the house.

Claire lies on her bed, before receiving a text from Rebel saying her free pass is up. Agents storm the house, but when they get to Claire's room she is gone.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 4 of The Agent, Rachel Mills and Jason Pierce take over watching the house from two other Building 26 agents in a pool-cleaning van across the street. They later decide to search the Bennets' home for Alex Woolsly. As they approach the house, they notice a curtain move and realize they seem them coming. Jason talks with Rachel, then proceeds around the back. Rachel lets Jason enter through the back after she bangs on and is let in the front door. They then begin searching the house as Sandra and Claire wait in the kitchen. Jason searches the upstairs area and returns saying it is clear. Rachel then notices Claire glance at Sandra when she is by the pantry and heads inside. The Bennets remain quiet while Rachel searches it, but only finds it full of dark shelves and cans. Rachel then sees Sandra holding something under the counter, and leaves per her request.

Rachel and Jason remain watching the house from the pool-cleaning van, and stop Claire's car that night only to find Sandra and Lyle inside. They then hear dogs barking and rushing around the Bennets' house, through the backyard and over the fence towards what they think is Alex and Claire making a break for it.

Faction Zero

In chapter 3 of Faction Zero,Claire confesses to her mom that she has been helping people with abilities. During their conversation, Mags arrives, saying she needs help, because she has been kidnapped. Mr. Muggles leaves through the doggie door, and Wildman enters. He summons dogs and cats from the neighborhood, and holds the three hostage, until Rachel, Ando, and Hiro teleport in and rescue them.

In chapter 4 of Faction Zero, Sandra asks Claire to stop helping people, and she agrees. When she comes back later that day, Sandra and Lyle tell her that she has been accepted to college. They celebrate, and Rachel and Lyle play videogames.


  • According to Greg Beeman's blog, the exterior of the Bennets' home is filmed in a community near Six Flags Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita, CA.
  • According to Lyle's driver license the Bennets' street address is 26008 Manzanita Avenue. (Exposed)
  • According to Greg Beeman's blog, the set used for the Bennets' home was later used as the set for Janice Parkman's home. It was determined that after Shades of Gray, the Bennets' home would not be used for the rest of the season. Tim Kring came up with the idea of converting the space into Janice's home, even though it had a different design scheme as the Bennets' home and there wasn't much money or time with which to make the conversion.

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