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Episode:The Needs of the Many

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The Needs of the Many
Season: Reborn
Episode number: 504
First aired: October 8, 2015
The Needs of the Many.jpg
Written by: Joey Falco
Directed by: Jeff Woolnough
Previous episode: Under the Mask
Next episode: The Lion's Den
How do we find our true purpose? Is it something we're born with, written into our genetic code? Or is it something we must learn over time? A growing awareness derived from life's joys and sorrows. From our loves, our losses, our achievements, and our suffering.


Story Development

Alexander French · Cole Cutler



Still inside the wrecked car, Tommy tries to awaken his mother, but to no avail. He teleports himself out of the car, and then noticing his mother's condition, teleports her directly to a hospital. Inside the hospital, a doctor stumbles upon Tommy's unconscious mother in the hallway and renders assistance.

Alexander French opens the door to his home. After Joanne confirms his identity, she shoots him in the head. Luke continues expressing his lack of interest in their mission and even directly challenges Joanne's assumptions about the danger of the evos they're hunting.

In the Arctic, Farah becomes visible and says a few prayers. On her way back to Malina, she notices a large number of frozen butterflies. Malina asks if it's time they head back south and tells Farah that she is ready. Malina picks up a butterfly and revitalizes it, followed by the remaining frozen butterflies.

In Tokyo, Ren and Miko travel in a cab to the airport. When Ren makes a comment that they're purchasing a ticket last minute the cab driver warns him that it will be quite expensive. Ren tells him not to worry as he has money from being a well-known Internet celebrity. Ren posts a video to social media asking his fans to come to Renautas headquarters in Midian. When Miko asks how this will help her find answers Ren tells her not to doubt the power of social media.

Outside Renautas Headquarters, Noah and Quentin wait and try to figure out a way into the building. Quentin worries that if they're taking advantage of Molly's ability then they're probably doing the same to his sister.

As Taylor walks by the building, Quentin suggests she try the spicy tuna sushi. When she asks if she knows Quentin, Noah comes up behind her and discreetly holds a gun at her. Noah tells her that she does know a friend of theirs... Molly Walker. Noah informs Taylor that she's going to help break Molly out. Noah asks Taylor what she knows about Renautas's research division and what she knows about the security. Taylor finally recognizes Noah. When asked why she thinks her mother employs her, she states it's because of trust. Noah suggests instead that it may be because she doesn't care if Taylor is harmed. Quentin tells Taylor that she almost met Erica once and only wanted to ask what happened to his sister, but her security would not let him close enough. Quentin believes now he will finally get his answers. Noah and Taylor argue about the supposed intentions behind Renautas collecting evos. In challenging Taylor's claims, Noah tells her that all parents will lie to their children to protect them from the truth.

In Erica’s office, Taylor examines the Kensei sword. Erica enters and Taylor asks her what happened to Francis. Erica tells Taylor that she’s not angry that Taylor is sleeping around, but is disappointed that she’s sleeping with an evo. Taylor accuses her mom of being prejudiced against evos and Erica replies that Taylor does not understand what she is trying to accomplish. When Taylor asks why they're rounding up the evos, Erica makes a comparison to how aluminum used to be a rare precious metal but eventually became ubiquitous once a method of extracting it easily was created. Taylor is confused and Erica explains that she's trying to create an abundant supply of abilities that can be used to solve the world's problems.

Back at the hospital, Tommy is awaiting news on his mother's condition when Emily and Brad arrive and find him. A doctor calls for Tommy and delivers an update on his mother. She tells him that she had an internal hemorrhage and that she's in need of a blood transfusion. Unfortunately, they don't have his mother's blood type in supply, as it is rare and donations have been down since the reveal of evolved humans to the public. Tommy offers to have his own blood tested to determine if he’s a match, but Emily cautions him against it.

In north-eastern Canada, Farah and Malina continue their journey back south and stop briefly. Malina argues that they do not have time to stop as they know "the event" is coming. When Farah lectures her, Malina counters that she is no longer a child. Farah tells her that she's been kept in the arctic because she has been hunted ever since she was a baby. She continues that since "they" wish to kill Malina, they must fight back with life instead. Farah directs Malina to practice her control over earth and she uses her ability to fully grow a new tree. They then notice a hiker that had seen the act. They try to reassure the hiker, but he takes out a phone and starts calling the authorities. Farah turns invisible, knocks him out, and crushes the phone. Farah informs Malina that training is over.

Back at the Lido Motel, Luke paces inside his room. Joanne returns and asks why he's inside the room with the curtains drawn as it is a beautiful day. Luke claims that he's had a bad headache. Joanne opens the curtains and the sunlight causes Luke’s hand to start glowing. Luke claims that his head feels better in the dark. Luke tells Joanne that he’s been thinking a lot and believes he should sit out their next mission... and maybe she should, too. He tells her that it's not too late to relax and return to a normal life. Surprised, she feels Luke’s head and remarks that it feels like the surface of the sun. She gives him a glass of water, tells him to relax and that she'll pick up medicine for his headache. Luke continues to try to convince Joanne that they used to be happy, but Joanne replies that things have changed. When Joanne leaves, Luke holds his hand out into the sunlight entering the room and it begins to glow again. He then grasps the glass of water and causes it to boil. Angered, he throws it against the wall, shattering it. When he looks out of the window, he sees an aurora borealis.

Across the world, Carlos, Miko, Noah, and Quentin all also see the aurora borealis.

At the hospital, the doctor takes a small blood sample from Tommy to test whether he's a match. Tommy looks out the window and also sees the aurora borealis.

In Canada, Malina asks Farah if others have any idea what's really coming. She wonders aloud to Farah what will happen if she alone cannot save everyone. Farah informs her that she will not be alone even if the others do not yet know they will help.

On a plane, Ren is concerned that Miko has been very quiet. She tells him she's been thinking about what M.F. Harris told her about her being dead. Ren jokingly jabs at her and tells her that if she were dead she'd be a zombie and that she neither feels like a zombie nor is craving brains. Miko still wonders why Harris would say that she is dead, but Ren tries to reassure her that she is very much alive. She tells Ren that Harris told her that her father had the same power to enter a video game. Ren remarks that that could be the reason Hachiro's games are so realistic.

Carlos, wearing an upgraded El Vengador costume, makes some adjustments as Father Mauricio enters. He demonstrates its new ability to enhance his strength by punching and destroying a punching bag. Mauricio asks if he's supposed to be impressed and suggests that Carlos should first become a man who is fit to wear the costume. He tells Mauricio that he's not doing it for him or even Oscar, but because he needs something more than himself to finally believe in. Mauricio informs him that Captain Dearing will be looking for them both now.

In the hospital, Tommy tries to explain to his unconscious mother why he took the risk of having his blood tested for a match. The doctor returns and tells him that he was not a blood type match. She tells him that the nearest blood bank with her type is in Indiana, but it could take some time to obtain. Tommy passes Emily, who asks what's wrong. Tommy explains that his mother still needs blood and that he's going to Indiana to get some.

Elsewhere in Renautas Headquarters, Taylor tries to gain access further into the building but is denied. The guards tell her only authorized employees are allowed in. Taylor stabs them both in the neck with syringes and disables them. Noah and Quentin run in and the three of them continue into the building to find Molly Walker. Walking down a hall, they are confronted at gunpoint by three Harris clones. Noah whispers to Quentin and Taylor to drop to the ground, and shoots a fire extinguisher to serve as a distraction. The clones fire but their aim is impaired by the fire extinguisher. Noah returns fire, hitting all three clones, who each drop to the ground and turn to dust.

Back on the road, Luke thinks back to the first evo they killed and that Joanne slept so soundly afterwards, whereas he spent the night vomiting. Luke tells her that after they lost their son he was scared that he would lose her, too, but realizes that he's already lost her. He demonstrates his ability in front of Joanne and uses it to set fire to her list of evos. Shocked, Joanne immediately stops the car and puts a gun to Luke's head. He tells her that if she wants to kill him, she should go ahead. She takes a moment to put the gun away tells Luke that she really did love him before getting out of the car. Joanne walks away without looking back, leaving Luke behind.

In a closet in the hospital, Tommy asks Emily if she ever got the feeling she was meant to do something extraordinary and that he gets the feeling all the time. Emily reminds him that he'll always be different and that once he accepts it he'll have a lot more fun. Tommy leans in to kiss Emily, but she stops him and tells him they need to go help his mother. Tommy and Emily transport away and return with blood for his mother. They run into the hospital room and inform the doctor that they have blood. The doctor tells Tommy he needs to get out of there because the blood sample he gave went to a federal database and alerted the government that Tommy was an evo. Tommy tries to run but is confronted by agents. As he prepares to teleport, one of the agents warns him not to leave, as if he does, his mother will not be given the blood infusion and will die.

At Gutierrez and Sons, Jose arrives and asks Carlos if they can work on the car together. However, Carlos is about to leave, and tells Jose to remain there. After Carlos leaves, Jose discovers the underground workshop along with the El Vengador costume and realizes his father was El Vengador. Father Mauricio arrives, and Jose shows him the El Vengador mask he found. Jose remarks that he could have shown his father his ability and they could have been a team. Mauricio asks to see his ability, and Jose demonstrates it by phasing his hand through a car window. Captain Dearing arrives and sees that they are both evos. Jose removes his hand from the window, leaving the El Vengador mask he was holding inside. Mauricio tells Jose to run and then begins transforming into smoke, but the transformation is halted when Dearing shoots him with a taser. One of Dearing’s partners informs him that they have Jose as well.

Miko and Ren arrive at Renautas in Midian, where a number of Ren's fans are all waiting outside in costume. Ren tells Miko it will be easy to infiltrate Renautas with so many people dressed as Katana Girl also there. Miko's plan is to enter the building stealthily; however, Ren offers an alternative of just revealing that she's Katana Girl to the fans.

At Renautas, Taylor, Quentin, and Noah find a warehouse where many evos are all unconscious and hooked up to beds. Quentin calls out for Phoebe, but there is no answer. Taylor notices Francis is among them and goes to him. Noah remarks that he once knew a man who could collect abilities by analyzing their brains and suggests that Erica may have discovered another way to do the same. Molly awakens and calls for Noah, who begins unstrapping her from the bed. He tries to reassure her, but she tells him that E.P.I.C cannot be unplugged. Molly tells Noah that he never should have found her. She steals Noah's gun and points it at herself. Noah stresses that he's just trying to help, but Molly does not believe him since her whole life people have just wanted to use her for her ability. She tells Noah to forget about the past and that there's so much more to what's actually going on. She continues to tell him that they all knew the stakes and agreed to do whatever necessary to ensure their safety. She assures him that despite Erica trying to get a specific location out of her, Molly was strong and did not give it up. Noah asks her what she is talking about, but Molly is worried that if she tells Noah he won't go back and then they'd all be dead anyway. Molly says she can't stop Erica, but will not help her kill billions of people. She tells Noah to forget the past and save the future then shoots herself in the head. Alarms start going off and they run away. Harris informs Erica that Molly has killed herself and that security identified Noah along with Taylor. Erica tells Harris to bring them to her and asks about the status of E.P.I.C. Harris informs her that they’ll be able to identify evos within 100ft using the eyewear, however the location tracking is offline without Molly. Erica asks if they have a location on a particular individual and Harris informs her that before the tracking went down they did get a promising signal from Canada. She tells him that Harris will need to find that child and kill it. Erica tells Harris that due to the importance of this task, he will be taking "The Shadow", which is revealed to be Phoebe.

We all have a unique purpose. And try as we might, we cannot run from it. The only question that remains: will we be able to stay true to who we are? Or will we succumb to the pressure of destiny and become something else entirely, something inhuman?

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"Forget the past, Noah. Save the future..."

- Molly Walker

"I hate your face, Bennet."

- Quentin Frady


  • The live showing of this episode of Heroes Reborn was viewed by 4.4 million people, which represents an 11.81% drop in viewership from the previous episode.
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy, the actor who plays Mohinder Suresh, provided the opening and closing voiceover for this episode despite not physically appearing in it.
  • The title of this episode, The Needs of the Many, comes from Spock's quote in The Wrath of Khan: "Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

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