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Episode number: 104
First aired: 29/06/2009
Written by: Agent Jordan and Joshua Korolenko
Previous episode: Villains
Next episode: After Apocolypse


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In Pinehearst Headquarters, Maury Parkman is giving a tour to his newest recruit, John Fraser, AKA Jordan Matthews. Jordan asks Maury about some of the operations that he will be doing and Maury explains that the branch that Jordan will be working in is highly classified and that he is unable to discuss it openly. Jordan uses his foresight to see that Maury is planning to offer Jordan a job investigating the death of a Pinehearst Agent in Paris. Jordan quickly suggests that Maury keep him at the headquarters, so that he can research Primatech's files. Maury is happy with that thought and Jordan is relieved to see that Maury is not planning to read his mind. With a final look around the main entrance, Maury motions for Jordan to follow him.

Maury and Jordan walk through a door marked "SPECIAL RESOURCES" and Maury offers to introduce Jordan to the team. Inside a room, a young lady is examining some files. Maury introduces Jordan to her, saying that she is Lois Freeman and that like him, she is a valuable asset to Pinehearst. Lois says hi but immediately continues with her work, avoiding Maury's eye. Maury, still upbeat and happy, hands Jordan the files that Lois was working on and asks for his opinion.

In Angela's office, Joshua is sitting in front of Angela. Tina hands Joshua a file regarding his next target, Ricardo Silva. Joshua assumes that Tina will be accompanying him but Angela smiles and says that it is time he got his own partner. A man enters the room and introduces himself as Alan Carter.

Jordan is alone and sitting in a room. He looks around and uses his Clairvoyance to learn that Maury is not in the building. He goes to the file cabinet and begins running through them, stopping when he gets to a file marked PETRELLI. He opens it and reads about the plans for the entire Petrelli family. Jordan is shocked when he reads that the person spearheading this plan is none other than Arthur Petrelli himself. There is a knock on the door and Jordan hurriedly places the file back. He turns to see Lois, who smiles and offers him coffee.

Tina is walking through the halls of Primatech. She hears noise coming from one room and opens the door. The room is a gallery devoted to the work of Isaac Mendez, a precognitive painter. Tina sees numerous paintings including one of an explosion in New York, a samurai fight and a dead Company agent. Tina walks through the room and, at the end of the gallery, finds a large painting depicting the world splitting apart.

Joshua and Alan are inside an apartment, waiting for their target. Alan asks Joshua if he is ok working with a "normal" partner and Joshua insists that he is. Alan explains that he used to work with a man named Dylan Tyler, but he was killed on a mission in Korea. Joshua interrupts him, pointing out Ricardo on their security feed, showing him entering his apartment. Alan goes to the door and Joshua attempts to stop him. Alan pushes past him and Ricardo enters the apartment. Alan calls out his name, reffering to him as "Red Eye". Ricardo turns and activates his ability, causing Alan to go into an uncontrollable rage. Joshua gets out and pushes both Ricardo and Alan into a wall, successfully knocking Alan out. Ricardo screams for help and Joshua pulls out his taser. Before he can shoot, his eyes suddenly begin to roll back into his head and he gets a nose bleed. He collapses onto the floor, revealing a blonde girl standing behind him. Joshua regains conciousness and finds that he is drugged and unable to access his powers. The girl, Anna, whispers to Joshua that his partner is still asleep and wont be back for a while. Joshua, dazed, asks Anna who she is and she tells him she is just a girl living in a nightmare. She explains that she was taken from the company that looked after her and gave her a home. Joshua asks if the company was Primatech but Anna is confused and tells him that her home is at Pinehearst.

Lois is talking to Jordan, who asks what her ability is. Lois states that she can amplify any ability to boiling point as long as she has contact with the evolved human who holds it. Jordan asks why she joined Pinehearst and she tells him it is because she woke up one day and asked herself why she was living alone with 13 cats. Jordan asks her why she was living alone and Lois laughs and tells him that she was scared of the world. Jordan empathises with her and tells her that his power manifested while he was in high school and he started seeing everything, all the time, everywhere he went. He tells her that he was barely living in the now and was always living in the later. Jordan shakes himself from his recount and picks up another file, this one on Anna Korolenko.

At Ricardo's apartment, Anna picks up some toast out of the toaster. Ricardo is at the window, looking for agents. Joshua tells him that the only back up he brought was Alan. Ricardo yells at Joshua and tells him that the Company would never send two agents against him and Anna. Anna nods in approval and asks Ricardo if they can leave. Joshua is confused by this and Anna smiles at him and mouths the words "knife" and "power". Ricardo agrees with Anna and states that the further away they can get the better. As they leave, Anna leaves her butter knife on the table in plain view of Joshua. Joshua realises her plan and attempts to move the knife. After one failed attempt, Joshua tries again and succeeds in flying the knife to his hand. He begins cutting the rope and successfully breaks free of his binds. Joshua finds that Alan is still unconcious and leaves him, stealthily following Anna and Ricardo down the hall. Joshua hears Ricardo swear in anger and sees Anna jump behind him. Ricardo is tazered to the floor and Joshua hears Elisa Douglas' voice telling Anna to get down. Anna becomes frightened and Elisa, now in Joshua's sights, begins to shake and fall to the floor in a spasm. Joshua calls out for Anna to stop but he too falls victim to her power and collapses.

Angela is sitting in her office with a grim look on her face. Tina is also with her, argueing the fact that Angela never mentioned to any of her agents about the "prophecised end of the world". Angela tells Tina that she just had an unpleasent meeting with her son and she is not in the mood to fight with her employees. Tina yells more, asking what assignment Jordan is really on. Angela stands up and tells Tina that if she wants the truth, she will not like it. Tina tells her that she wants to hear it and Angela sighs. She tells Tina that she has had a dream, about her husband, about Jordan, and about everyone else like them. Tina asks what the dream was about and Angela tells her that the world will end unless Jordan completes his assignment. Tina asks what the assignment is and Angela sits down and has a blank look on her face. She whispers that he must withstand brutal torture, torment and pain before the vision will be changed. Angela pulls out a file, and ignoring Tina's outraged face, and tells Tina to leave.

At Pinehearst, Lois and Jordan are laughing together. Maury enters the room with several guards and tells Lois to get up. Jordan looks worried and Maury tilts his head, saying Jordan is thinking the right thing and tells him that Mr. Petrelli knows that Angela sent him. He tells the guards to raise their weapons. Guns are pointed at Jordan and he raises his hands, surrendering.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"Normally we would never consider new agents to go after a target as dangerous as this but seeing as you... well, literally blew away your last targets I thought it was time for an exception."

- Angela to Joshua.


- Lois Freeman to Jordan.

"I feel like hell."

"Welcome to my nightmare."

- Joshua, Anna

"And then I asked myself why I was living alone with 13 cats."

"Cats are nice."

"I'm allergic."

- Lois, Jordan

"My power manifested while I was in high school, typical teenager turned into a freak. I was hardly ever living in the present, I was always seeing things...everywhere and all the time. I was never in the now and always in the later."

- Jordan to Lois

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