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Odessa Unity Summit

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Odessa Unity Summit
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First mentioned: Dark Matters, Part 3
Date of event: June 13, 2014
Location: Primatech Headquarters, Odessa, TX

The Odessa Unity Summit was a summit held at Primatech Headquarters in Odessa, TX on June 13, 2014, for the evolved humans to stand up against judgment.

Notable Participants


Following Claire Bennet's coming out as an evolved human in 2010, the world saw a significant rise in the number of people with abilities, nicknamed evos. Tensions rose between humans and evos, as some governments restricted the rights of evos, forcing them to register, issuing them ID cards, and blatantly discriminating against those with powers. Peaceful demonstrations as well as angry riots were common on both sides of the issue.

In order to foster peace between humans and evos, a 3-day summit was planned for the weekend of June 13-15, 2014. The summit would be held at Primatech Headquarters in Odessa, TX, since Primatech was the global leader in evo studies. The summit would also be sponsored by Renautas and Senator Fahey. Some called the planned summit a "new beginning" for evo-human relations, others said it was going to "lay the groundwork for a new and lasting peace between human and Evo". Noah Bennet, an important agent at Primatech, said it was "Woodstock for Evos". Dr. Mohinder Suresh, a leading expert on the increasing number of evolved humans, said that the summit was to be the "dawn of a new era of man".

The actual summit started as a beautiful day, with the Texas heat rising off the ground. The summit had attracted thousands of people, dignitaries and news media from around the world, and also protesters who were generally kept outside the summit's perimeter. Traffic was backed up for quite some distance on roads leading toward Primatech. With a temporary grandstand and redoubled security, the summit started with a troop of shape shifting dancers, hip hop dancers, music, food, festivities, and many displays of unique abilities.

Around 11:14am, the sky went dark and the air went cold, and the sun was covered up in what appeared to be an eclipse (though Noah Bennet believed it to be the work of someone or something else). Then a sudden, blinding white flash exploded out of nowhere, and then another, and then another. Noah (inside the premises) noted that the explosions were totally silent, but Quentin Frady (on the road toward Primatech) heard a loud explosion. 2,343 people were killed, with more than 1,000 bodies possibly still entombed in the rubble a year later. Despite that, there were several survivors of the disaster, including Luke and Joanne Collins, Noah Bennet, and others.

Though the city of Odessa lives on, the surrounding area was left a desolate wasteland, compared to Chernobyl and Fukushima. The perimeter of the site is empty, save for dozens of dead pigeons. The site is surrounded by forbidding signs and chain-link fences, and visitors to the site are turned away. Even birds don't fly over the rubble. In the aftermath of the catastrophe, the media reported that Mohinder Suresh took responsibility for the attack, along with 10 other suicide bombers, including Phoebe Frady and Patrick Ottinger. Suresh was painted by the media as an evo-supremacist, and took responsibility for other attacks on evos. Though Phoebe was found alive, the damage from June 13 was already done. June 13 changed everything: evos went into hiding or were killed in the streets of some countries. Though there a few isolated vigilantes fought back, by and large evos were discriminated against, persecuted, and hunted after the disastrous summit.

After time traveling back to the day of the summit bombing, Noah Bennet and Hiro Nakamura attempted to stop it. According to Noah, from the size and trajectory of the explosion, there were at least six bombs, all detonated simultaneously. The explosion was also centered in the underground garage and took out the support beams in three locations. Its revealed that the bomber was clones of M. F. Harris using suicide vests on orders from Erica Kravid who had sent security away from the area where the bombing took place so he could do it. The future Hiro and Mohinder Suresh attempted to stop him, but Mohinder was unable to and Hiro determined that it was impossible to change the bombing as there were too many bombs to stop and any attempt to do so would result in a worse future. Shortly before the bombs went off, Phoebe Frady unleashed a massive cloud of darkness that covered the sky and caused an eclipse as well as draining the powers of every evo at the summit.

Following the bombing, Erica released a video supposedly recorded by Mohinder taking credit for the bombing in the name of evo-supremacy. After being rescued from Sunstone Manor, technopath Micah Sanders made a broadcast revealing the truth of the summit bombing and showing a video featuring Erica Kravid coaching a shapeshifting impersonator to make "Mohinder's" video. Micah's revelation served to exonerate the real Mohinder.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 3

Phoebe Frady tells Quentin Frady that she does not want to do an internship this summer, she would rather go to the Odessa Summit. She claims that this is the chance for evos to show the world that they are not freaks. She thinks that it is where they can prove that they are meant to do something extraordinary. Quentin does not want her to go.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 4

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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

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Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

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Brave New World

On June 13th, 2014, Noah Bennet makes his way through the summit, enjoying himself as he views the various evos and non-evos interacting. From a distance, a massive explosion is seen as the summit is bombed, killing thousands of people. Noah awakens in the rubble with broken glasses.

A year later, evos are being hunted down after the bombing, vilified as Mohinder Suresh took credit for the bombing as a radical evo-supremacist. Noah has quit Primatech but is approached by Quentin Frady who tells Noah that he knows something about the summit bombing that no one else knows since his name is on hundreds of shredded documents and memos related to the summit. Noah tells Quentin that his daughter died at the summit and that's not something one forgets. Quentin, before being arrested, suggests that someone may have wanted Noah to forget what happened that day.

Intrigued by Quentin's claims, Noah checks his diary for the day of the bombing and finds nothing but a business card for Lumiere Ophthalmology where he finds his old friend Rene. Rene returns Noah's glasses then tries to kill him. Noah accidentally shoots Rene who tells him that he was trying to kill Noah on his own orders and that Noah had to forget what happened the day of the summit as part of his "perfect plan." Rene dies before telling Noah anything else but "it's coming."


After being bailed out by Noah, Quentin Frady tells him he believes Renautas was behind the summit bombing and asks if Noah really thinks Mohinder Suresh capable of mass murder. Noah admits that he doesn't but doesn't understand the reasons why Renautas would be doing what its doing. Noah tells Quentin that he doesn't actually remember much of the day of the summit, but believed it was trauma from the explosion and losing Claire.

Looking for answers, Noah and Quentin travel to the ruins of Primatech where the summit had been held. On a gate near the summit location are signs suggesting the area is toxic and Quentin worries if something was found after the clean-up of the area following the bombing, but Noah thinks the area is fine and its just to scare people away since he believes Renautas to still be using the site.

Noah and Quentin are able to make their way into the damaged but intact Level 1 of Primatech where they locate Noah's office. In Noah's files, Quentin finds a list of those who were going to be absent at the summit. Amongst those were Claire Bennet and Molly Walker. Noah is stunned as it means Claire couldn't have died at the summit which he tells Quentin all he remembers of was getting there before the explosion happened. Quentin confesses that he's trying to find out about his sister who he believes didn't die at the summit either and the two men agree to work together to uncover the truth about the bombing and what Renautas is planning.

Game Over

After freeing Hiro Nakamura, Noah Bennet requests that Hiro take him back in time to the summit to change things. Though reluctant, Hiro agrees.

On the day of the summit, Hiro and Noah appear and make their way into the summit.

June 13th, Part One

Luke and Joanne Collins wander the summit with their son Dennis as Luke hopes to find a cure for Dennis' condition from one of the evos there. They visit several attractions, including Mick, the ice guy who Dennis hangs out with for awhile.

The present day Noah is taken to see Erica Kravid in his office and is angry that she has moved some of the security he set up so that half of the summit isn't even protected. Erica has Noah locked up, but he eventually escapes with the help of his old friend Caspar Abraham.

Doctor Mohinder Suresh comes to the summit, expecting to make a speech where he will warn the world about the H.E.L.E. (Human Extinction Level Event), a coming extinction-level event that only the evos can stop. Before arriving, he is warned by Angela Petrelli of the true threat posed by Erica Kravid and after losing contact with his team in the Arctic, leaves a copy of his manuscript with Molly Walker in case something happens to him. After meeting with Molly, M.F. Harris takes Mohinder to Erica who, just as Angela predicted, cancels his speech. Mohinder realizes that Angela was right and tries to overpower Harris, but is tranquilized and Erica orders him taken to the garage.

Arriving from the future, Noah Bennet and Hiro Nakamura go to Noah's office where they go over Noah's security plans for the summit and Noah informs Hiro that bombs were set in the garage that toppled the support pillars in three locations. If the bombs are stopped there, the summit can be saved. After hearing from Angela that Claire is in the hospital, Noah takes off to save her while Hiro attempts to stop the bombs by himself.

In the garage, Mohinder is restrained by a Harris clone wearing a bomb vest. As Harris taunts Mohinder, Hiro teleports in and kills the Harris clone. Faced with three more Harris', Hiro goes after two armed with swords while Mohinder chases one. Facing the Harris clones, Hiro states that while he can beat them, he must determine what will happen if he does and freezes time. Teleporting rapidly in close proximity, Hiro sadly states "too many butterflies" and teleports away, leaving the Harris' to unfreeze. Mohinder eventually catches up to the third Harris, but Harris breaks free when Mohinder's powers suddenly stop working. Harris reveals he is now near a load-bearing wall and that by detonating his vest, he can destroy one-fourth of the summit. He informs the horrified Mohinder that there are similar clones all over the place with bombs, too many to be stopped.

After Noah says goodbye to Claire, Hiro returns and informs him that he can't stop the bombing. There are too many bombs for Hiro to stop and any attempt to change the future just makes it all worse. Their job apparently finished, Hiro and Noah prepare to return to their own time, but Hiro's powers suddenly fail him.

Pressured by Erica to test the limits of her ability, Phoebe Frady unleashes a massive cloud of darkness that covers the Odessa sky and drains the powers of every evo in town including Mohinder, Hiro and everyone at the summit. It also causes an eclipse. Seeing the eclipse and darkness, the present-day Noah realizes something is wrong and starts shooting Caspar's gun in the air and yelling at people to run. Moments later, Harris detonates his bombs, destroying the summit. The smoke cloud is clearly visible from St. Jude's Hospital where the future Noah and Hiro look on in horror.

Luke and Joanne are separated during the blast, but are mostly fine while Luke desperately looks for Dennis with no luck until he is prevented from looking further by emergency workers. The present-day Noah is injured and is taken to the hospital by Caspar and Molly which is filled with victims of the explosion. When Molly is unable to locate Claire with her powers, she and Caspar go looking for her while Noah spots his future self and follows him. Erica goes to the hospital with Harris, but plans on going back to Primatech for more photo opportunities.

Shortly after the explosion, Hiro and Noah reconvene with Angela Petrelli and Hiro insists that both the explosion and Claire's death are fate and cannot be changed. Angela concurs with Hiro's statement and tells Noah that they must move on and prepare for the future now by protecting Claire's children Nathan and Malina who are important to saving the world from the H.E.L.E. To protect the children from people hunting them, particularly Erica as well as to prepare them for their destiny, Angela and Hiro take them back to 1999 to be raised in the past. While they are gone, Noah sees footage of the explosion and aftermath on the news and learns Erica is in the hospital. Enraged over the deaths she has caused, Noah goes after her to kill her chased by his past self.

Later that day, Tommy Clark is watching footage on the explosion on his laptop when his mother comes home to celebrate his fifteenth birthday with him. She tells Tommy that she can't believe that "it's started" and he tells her he's ready for what is to come as his father prepared him. Anne embraces Tommy, calling him Nathan.

June 13th, Part Two

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Send in the Clones

While in a cornfield, Luke Collins witnesses Phoebe Frady release her darkness to block his and Malina's powers and recognizes it as the same darkness he saw at the Summit. During his later interrogation of Quentin and Phoebe, Luke tells Phoebe he recognizes her darkness from the summit and knows she murdered thousands of people there, his son being one of them. Though Luke attempts to shoot Phoebe for murdering his son, Quentin and Malina talk him out of it with Quentin telling Luke that Phoebe was just the gun Erica Kravid used, Erica pulled the trigger.

After being rescued, Micah Sanders broadcasted the truth about the summit to the entire world, showing them a video where Erica Kravid coached a shapeshifter through making the video where Mohinder Suresh took responsibility for the destruction of the summit.

Company Woman

On the radio as the H.E.L.E. approaches, people discuss Micah's revelations about the bombing.

Before taking Malina to Union Wells High School to get her brother's attention, Luke decides to execute Quentin and Phoebe Frady. To this end, he takes them into the woods near the ruins of Primatech where Phoebe had a hand in his son's murder at the summit.

Heroes Evolutions

The Odessa Report

A news report called "The Odessa Report" shows a newscaster reporting on June 13, 2014, about the summit. The report, which was recorded before disaster struck the summit, purports that the summit is meant to be a new beginning for evo-human relations. Mohinder Suresh calls the summit the "dawn of a new era of man".

Brave New World

In the prolog of the eBook Brave New World, it says that Primatech has to double and then redouble its security detail for the summit. Noah calls it "Woodstock for Evos" and says that those with powers and their families are allowed into the company grounds. The book also gives several other details about the summit, including that 2,343 people were killed, and that 1,000 bodies are rumored to still lay under the rubble. The book also says that birds don't fly over the site, and that the perimeter is littered with dead pigeons.

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