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The Company (Pre-Eclipse)
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Known leaders: Daniel Linderman (deceased),
Bob Bishop (deceased),
Angela Petrelli,
Kaito Nakamura (deceased),
Gael Cruz (deceased),
Ivan Spektor (deceased),
Thompson (deceased)
Known members: Noah Bennet,
The Haitian,
Eden McCain (deceased),
Candice Willmer (deceased),
Elle Bishop (deceased),
Sylar (formerly)
Meredith Gordon (formerly, deceased)
et al.

This article was created to give a chronological account of The Company's history before the eclipse.




In 1961, a young Angela Petrelli sits in Coyote Sands Cafe with Charles Deveaux, Bobby Bishop, and Daniel Linderman. They are shaken as they've just witnessed the aftermath of the massacre at Coyote Sands. Angela reveals she's had a dream where they form a company and do terrible things to prevent it from happening again. They begin to form The Company with "necessary evils" – erasing people’s memories and murder.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 1

In 1963, Chris Coolidge performs at Uncle Ira's, playing his guitar and singing a rather terrible song. In the crowd, young Angela Petrelli, Bob Bishop, Daniel Linderman and Charles Deveaux listen to him and wonder why Angela's dream led them to Chris. Angela reminds them that her dreams are not always easy to understand and they wonder how Chris can be so good while being so bad. Chris finishes his first song and starts another, pleasing his crowd. A young Kaito Nakamura asks Angela to dance, and Charles translates for him. Bob also goes to dance with a woman and Chris's song is interrupted by the arrival of the police. Everything stops and the police ask people to leave, as the concert is over capacity. Chris tells them to stop and a fight ensues. Angry, Chris sends out a sound blast, saying that he will start a riot. Angela notices what is happening and "expresses her displeasure".

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 2

Chris leads his riot out onto the streets and a massive fight breaks out between the police officers and the party goers. Angela, Daniel, Charles, Kaito and Bobby watch the riot unfold and Charles comments that what Chris is doing is exactly the reason why they do not use their powers on people. Bobby becomes affected by Chris's influence and runs into the fight. Charles tries to help by using his telepathy to stop the fighting between two people. When he tries to use his power to stop some more people, he is knocked out by a person. Angela, while holding another victim, screams out for Charles and runs to Daniel, who heals him. They convince Chris to stop the fighting and Chris realizes that they are right. When he steps up to bring peace, Kaito tries to stop him. He fails and Chris is shot dead, stopping the riot.

Later, Angela and the others purchase Primatech Paper and Angela comments that Kaito knew what would happen if Chris stepped forward. She hands him a card for their Company and welcomes him onboard.


Out of Time

In, 1977, Adam Monroe suggested that the group come together to help make the world a better place. But the Company’s founders locked Adam up for several years. Daniel Linderman was a disciple of Monroe's, mirroring Adam's philosophies on saving the world by using holocausts or plague (which led to Linderman attempting to destroy New York City).

Truth & Consequences

The individuals in the group of twelve photo are revealed to be the founders of the Company. On November 2, 1977, Adam Monroe is locked up by the group of twelve because he tried to release Strain 138 of the Shanti virus. When Victoria insists that the program be shut down, Kaito says that the other founders would never allow that.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 3

In 1978, worried about the potential of nuclear power in the hands of humans, The Company placed safeguards in strategic places. One such safeguard was Mindy Sprague who was assigned to Three Mile Islandpower plant in Pennsylvania. Mindy attempts to give her findings and research to Alfred Washburn, her boss at Three Mile Island, but he will not give her the time of day. Frustrated, Mindy goes to her actual boss, Angela Petrelli. Angela encourages Mindy to keep going with her mission, as she knows that she is the one for the job. Later, Mindy hands her reports to Alfred, who is forced to read them. Genuinely impressed, Alfred gets to work on fixing them.

One day, Alfred reports that a core has been changed before schedule, and Mindy becomes worried. A meltdown is announced and Mindy has everyone leave. She then runs down to the core, her arm shining as she does. Mindy then enters the nuclear core.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 4

In her New York City office, Angela reads through Mindy's file and contemplates Mindy's words about how no two people are made the same and how she believes that Mindy has the power to stop what she saw.

Meanwhile, in the Three Mile Island reactor, Mindy stands and absorbs all of the radioactive energy from the reactor. She screams as her entire body is infused with energy. When Mindy feels that she cannot take anymore, she yells out that she must end this, and then redirects the energy into a vent. Exhausted from the effort of absorbing so much energy, Mindy passes out. She awakens in a hospital bed and Alfred Washburn tells her that Teddy is hiking with his wife and informs her of the massive storm. Mindy then becomes afraid when he mentions that Angela is asking questions.

Later, on the roof of the Deveaux building, Bob talks excitedly about what he believes Mindy can do. Arthur contradicts him, saying that she is dangerous. Angela agrees with Arthur, and explains that Mindy absorbed so much energy that she changed the weather for hundreds of miles around her. She goes on to say that hundreds are dead and Charles offers to go "clean up". Arthur tells him not to worry and introduces the founders to Maury Parkman.


The Wall

In Los Angeles, 1985, Kate and Noah Bennet are at home celebrating her pregnancy when there's a knock on the door. Noah goes to the door to get food from the Chinese deliveryman, Richard, and comments that he's not the usual man. Richard uses telekinesis to pin Noah to the wall. The man takes their money but when Kate approaches him, Richard telekinetically slams her back into an end table which shatters, impaling and killing her. Noah comes home with the supplies he needs to start placing incidents of specials and track Richard. A year later, he connects Richard to another special, a repairman. He finds the man and holds him at gunpoint, and demands to know where the killer is. The man is surprised to learn there are others like him. Noah describes Richard but the special has no idea who he is talking about. He uses his power to attack Noah, who instinctively shoots and kills him.

Thompson suggests someone for Noah.

Soon, Noah is back to selling used cars, and ruthlessly convincing a young couple to buy. A man arrives and offers him a job: Thompson. He admits he's impressed that Noah killed the repairman, and offers to help Noah find Richard in return for him finding more specials. Two years later, Noah and Thompson meet at a restaurant and talk about how Noah has been working with Claude. However, he admits that he has some trust issues and considers Claude abnormal. Thompson knows what he means and admits that Noah's case is unusual. However, he notes that Noah has killed three specials during his missions. Thompson says that they can't cut ties with Noah him due to their investment in him, but something has to change. He tells Noah to start a family so he'll become calmer, and suggests he marry the waitress that brought them their sandwiches. Noah turns to the waitress, Sandra, and considers the matter. When he asks what happens if he refuses, Thompson assures him that he won't.

Graphic Novel:It Takes a Village, Part 4

Circa 1986, Thompson arrives in Haiti, sees the aftermath of the Haitian's power and recruits him to work for the Company.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 5

In 1988, Claude and Mr. Thompson go on an invisible stroll through East Berlin.

In 1988, Noah and Sandra are on their honeymoon in Berlin, Germany. Noah is visited by Thompson, who gives him the task of returning an envelope to "Petrelli". Thompson then wanders away and his partner, Claude Rains, asks who Noah is. Thompson tells him not to worry about it and informs Claude of their latest mission to capture a special KGB agent. Claude wonders what the mission will entail and Thompson explains that they can bring her in or, if she resists, they can terminate her. Claude and Thompson discuss Sylvia and her potential abilities.

When they arrive at Sylvia's supposed hideout, Claude wonders if Thompson would like to become invisible again. Thompson refuses, and suggests that they split up. He tells Claude not to be a hero and heads upstairs. While invisible, Claude enters a room and is attacked by Sylvia, who suggests that next time he not use a flashlight. Sylvia tries to warn Claude that Thompson is using him and Claude wonders what she means by that. Thompson arrives and demands to know where "it" is. Thompson tries to shoot Sylvia, but she shrinks and hides.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 6

Claude and Thompson search for Sylvia, when she runs at the both of them sending them flying. When Thompson threatens her, she grows taller than the pair of them and sends Thompson flying out of a window, while Claude runs off. Claude finds Sylvia outside, who has grown vastly, who picks up a car and throws it at him. Meanwhile, Thompson has run back into the safe house. Whilst Claude is lying on the ground, defenceless, she treads on him and then runs off.

Later, in a hospital, Angela, Charles, Bob and Thompson visit Claude and they talk about the mission. Angela then brings out a new tracker and injects it into Claude, stating that it is perfect to test on an invisible man.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 1

In 1989, Claude Rains and his first partner, Haram, pursue Rollo Fusor in a harbor of Côte d'Azur, France. Claude secretly boards Rollo Fusor's yacht successfully, but Haram ends up handcuffed to some dead weight and is pushed off the docks when he goes to rescue two people he believes to be held captive.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 2

With Claude's help, Haram escapes drowning but Rollo Fusor and his accomplice get away. The Company tracks them to Paris, France and Claude and Haram attempt to capture them. However, when they enter the hotel room where they are located, Rollo Fusor and another man are both dead and the lady accomplice is missing. They determine that the lady accomplice must have had the power all along.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 3

Claude and Haram head to the roof to pursue the lady accomplice. They chase her into a Paris park, but she overpowers the Company agents.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 4

Claude knocks out the murderer, and Haram kills her, despite the Company's orders to bring her in. To avoid a scuffle, Haram decides to quit the Company after six months, and Claude decides to fudge the facts on the official report. However, when Claude reports to Primatech, a secretary says that Haram has retired, and tells Claude he is to be partnered with his trainee, Noah Bennet.

Graphic Novel:Team Building Exercise

In 1989 in Odessa, Ukraine, Ivan and Maarten show Noah Bennet the process of bagging and tagging. Noah comments on how the new system poses problems. They find a man who can turn his body into water. Noah suggests trapping the man in a train car as Maarten blocks his exits with fire. His plan works and the trio further discuss what to do with the liquid man.


Company Man (1991)

In 1991, Mr. Bennet is interviewed by Thompson to be the new regional manager of Primatech Paper Co. He tells him that he will have a partner that is already here, and Claude Rains becomes visible.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 7

Bob Bishop goes to Charles Deveaux for help with Elle. Charles encourages him to have fun with her. Meanwhile Jonas Zimmerman, who has been taking care of Simone and Barbara arrives and delivers the girls to Charles. After Charles and the girls leave, Zimmerman gives Bob the advice to experiment with Elle's power. He reveals that Barbara and "the new boy" have been experimented on and now the extent of their abilities are known. He convinces Bob to do this by telling that Elle could produce limitless clean energy to power up cities. Bob starts to administer tests to Elle to measure her wattage input and output. Bob persistently tries to experiment more and more, disregarding her requests to stop. The machine operator who does not want to do that, at least persuades Bob to stop her crying. While Bob tries to entertain Elle by displaying his power and turning her Slusho! straw into gold, forgets that gold is an excellent conductor of electricity and is severely electrocuted by Elle, who runs away during the accident. Bob assigns Noah Bennet to the duty of caring for Elle.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 8

Elle Bishop is at when Noah Bennet approaches and attempts to retrieve her, using rubber gloves in order to nullify her ability. She manages to escape and flees on foot. Elle shocks a windmill at a miniature golf course, sending the sail flying at Noah. He manages to dodge it and catch up to her. He convinces her to return to Primatech Research and make her father proud.

As Bob waits for Dr. Zimmerman to arrive with lithium, Bennet decides that cake would cheer Elle up. Kaito Nakamura calls Angela Petrelli and asks her to bring cake and "the new boy", who is revealed to be René. Elle has an IV of lithium in her arm when Angela and René arrive with a birthday cake, the only type of cake they could find. They convince Elle that it is her ninth birthday and change her age on her personnel card from eight to nine.

Graphic Novel:Hell's Angel

In Kermit, TX in 1992, Mr. Bennet and Claude approach an apartment to "bag and tag" an evolved human. Mr. Bennet, new on the job, waits outside while Claude slips inside, planning to become invisible to catch the woman unaware. However, the door to the apartment is suddenly blown open by an explosive fire. Mr. Bennet rushes in to help Claude, who tells him that the woman "blew up", and to take the baby. Mr. Bennet finds Claire in her crib and carries her out of the apartment to safety.

Company Man (1992-1999)

In 1992, on the rooftop of the Deveaux building, Mr. Bennet and Claude discuss the fate of baby Claire, as well as her pyrokinetic mother, Meredith Gordon, that disappeared in a fire when confronted by the duo. Thompson and Kaito Nakamura are also there, and Mr. Nakamura orders Mr. Bennet to raise baby Claire. He tells Mr. Bennet not to get too attached, because if Claire manifests an ability, they intend to take her back. In 1999, Mr. Bennet drives himself and Claude to a deserted bridge and shoots at him when he refuses to admit who he is covering for. Claude gets away by turning invisible.

Graphic Novel:The Golden Goose

In 1992, Bob interrogates Goose on the current whereabouts of Drucker, and after failing to get the information, he turns Goose's body into gold. A few men from the Company carry the body away. Goose's body is next seen in a vat of a molten substance behind Bob, who looks determinedly at a laptop.


Graphic Novel:Doyle (2004)

In 2004, Eric Doyle is locked in a Level 5 cell by Noah Bennet and forced to take nauseating medicine that suppresses his ability. When Doyle asks to talk to his lawyer, Noah says that he doesn't work for the police, and that Eric is not in jail.

Six Months Ago

After using her special ability to stop Matt Parkman from issuing her a speeding ticket, Eden meets the Haitian for the first time. He brings Eden to Mr. Bennet, who tells her that now she has met someone who can say "no" to her. Later on, Mr. Bennet and Chandra Suresh meet in Chandra's apartment in New York City. Mr. Bennet asks Chandra how his daughter Claire's genetic abnormality will affect her, and Chandra replies that he doesn't know. Chandra asks to see Claire, but Mr. Bennet says that would be a problem for his family. Chandra admits that he had a daughter, but that she died at the age of 5. And after discussing it further, Mr. Bennet tells Chandra he will consider Chandra's request to see Claire and let him know.


In April 2006, Mr. Thompson captures Meredith after she and Flint rob a convenience store. Thompson offers to free Meredith from her cell if she trains to be an agent. Meredith accepts. With Thompson, Meredith captures Danny Pine at a trailer park. Thompson welcomes her to the Company. Thompson tells Meredith that she could be an agent in time. He tells her to lock up Danny Pine, but she sees Flint locked up on the way. Flint explains that he was tackled by an invisible man, but that he himself is going to be trained as an agent. Meredith, shocked that Flint is locked up, breaks Flint out, only to be stopped by Thompson. The fire-wielding siblings engage in a fight with Thompson on a cargo train. Flint escapes, but Meredith is captured. However, Thompson lets Meredith go after realizing that Meredith's daughter is in the vicinity. In another storyline, Elle walks into Gray and Sons to find Gabriel Gray hanging himself. She breaks his rope with lightning, and befriends Gabriel. She goes outside and asks Noah why they can't just bag and tag Gabriel. Noah says that their orders are to see Gabriel acquire an ability in his own environment. He tells Elle to give Gabriel a pie. Noah spies on Gabriel as Elle brings Gabriel a pie. Gabriel shows Elle his telekinesis. Noah orders Elle to have Gabriel meet Trevor Zeitlan. Elle refuses, but Noah tells her she'll be fired if she doesn't follow orders. Later, Elle introduces Trevor to Gabriel, pretending to be very impressed over Trevor's ability and making Gabriel feel jealous. Gabriel then throws Elle out of his house before cutting open Trevor's head, while Noah watches with amazement from a secret camera hidden inside the house.

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