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The following abilities have been lost in the Heroes Universe, as no living person is confirmed to posses them. How is explained below each entry.



Acid secretionAge shiftingAlejandro's abilityAppearance alterationAura absorptionBliss and horrorBone spike protrusionConstrictionDehydrationDisintegration touchElectronic communicationEmpathic mimicryEnhanced hearing • <-- Enhanced memory • --> Gravitational manipulationHealingIllusionInduced radioactivityLaser emissionLung adaptationMagnetismMediumshipMeltingMetal mimicryMohinder's abilityPersuasionPlant growthPlant manipulationPoison emissionPower absorptionPyrokinesisSesmic burstTelescopic visionTrevor's ability

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Acid secretion

Naturally possessed by Cushing, who was shot dead by Devin (Trust Issues, Part 1)

Age shifting

Naturally possessed by the Russian, who was shot dead by Noah (Comrades)

Alejandro's ability

Naturally possessed by Alejandro (Lizards)

Appearance alteration

Naturally possessed by Connie (Faces, Part 1)

Aura absorption

Naturally possessed by Linda Tavara (Moonlight Serenade)

Bliss and horror

Naturally possessed by Guillame, who committed suicide (It Takes a Village)

Bone spike protrusion

Naturally possessed by Perrin Crocker, who was killed when he, inadvertently, impaled the driver of the bus that he was on (Under the Bridge)


Naturally possessed by the Constrictor


Naturally possessed by Fusor's accomplice, who was forced to use her ability on herself, killing her (Golden Handshake)

In an interview, the writers of Golden Handshake noted that the Graphic novel series depicts falsified information. Fusor's accomplice may still be alive and in possession of this ability. Alternatively, she may have died under different circumstances

Disintegration touch

Naturally possessed by Felicia Brooks (Donna's Big Date, Part 2), who died in a battle (Into the Wild, Part 3)

Electronic communication

Naturally possessed by Hana Gitelman (Wireless, Part 2)

Naturally possessed by Richard Drucker

Empathic mimicry

Naturally possessed by Peter (Don't Look Back)

Enhanced hearing

Naturally possessed by Dale Smither

Gravitational manipulation

Naturally possessed by Stephen Canfield, who is presumed dead after jumping into his own vortex (Angels and Monsters)


Naturally possessed by Linderman (War Buddies, Part 2), who was murdered by D.L. (Landslide)

Naturally possessed by Ishi Nakamura, who died of natural causes (Our Father)


Naturally possessed by Candice (Company Man)

Induced radioactivity

Naturally possessed by Ted (Nothing to Hide)

Laser emission

Naturally possessed by Michael, who was forced by Eric Doyle to kill himself using his using his own lasers (Doyle)

Lung adaptation

Naturally possessed by Bianca Karina (Berlin, Part 1)


Naturally possessed by The German (Berlin, Part 2)


Naturally possessed by Ida May Walker (Moonlight Serenade)


Naturally possessed by Zane Taylor

Metal mimicry

Naturally possessed by Danny Pine

Mohinder's ability

Manifested by Mohinder Suresh after he injected himself with his hastily made version of a genetic modification formula (The Second Coming)


Naturally possessed by Eden McCain (Seven Minutes to Midnight), who later shot herself in order to prevent Sylar from taking the ability (Fallout)

Plant growth

Naturally possessed by Au Co, who was shot dead by Arthur in the Vietnam War (War Buddies)

Plant manipulation

Naturally possessed by Brendan Lewis (The Kill Squad, Part 1)

Poison emission

Naturally possessed my Maya (Four Months Later...)

Power absorption

Naturally possessed by Arthur (Dying of the Light), who was killed (Our Father)


Naturally possessed by Meredith Gordon (Distractions)

Naturally possessed by Flint Gordon (The Second Coming)

Seismic burst

Naturally possessed by Mr. Shaw, who was shot dead in a skirmish at Coyote Sands in 1961 (1961)

Naturally possessed by Mr. Taylor, who was shot dead by Noah in an attempted bag and tag. (Shadowboxing)

Telescopic vision

Naturally possessed by Donna Dunlap (Donna's Big Date, Part 1)


Naturally possessed by Trevor Zeitlan


CBR 1 In the September 30, 2008 edition of Comic Book Resources' Behind the Eclipse, Writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite stated that Sylar's bout with the Shanti virus caused him to loose, telekinesis aside, all of the abilities that he acquired prior to his infection.

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  • This page is not to be confused with ability loss, the condition in which an evolved human is unable to use his or her ability.