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Assignment Tracker 2.0

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Assignment Tracker 2.0
Assignment Tracker.jpg
The Company keeps files on many of its agents and contacts.

First mentioned: January 29, 2007

Assignment Tracker 2.0 is an online system used by the Company to record information on evolved humans.


The Company keeps a database of files about its contacts. Some of these contacts include Company agents, bag and tag targets, and associates of the Company.

The Butterfly Effect

At home, Noah shows Claire Assignment Tracker profiles for several Level 5 escapees, including the profile for Benjamin Washington, the profile for Flint, the profile for Jesse Murphy, and the profile for the German.

Building 26

At Building 26, several analysts use photo recognition software to match a surveillance photo with Gabriel Gray's Assignment Tracker profile.


At Building 26, a technician looks at Hiro's Assignment Tracker profile.

Shades of Gray

At Building 26, Danko shouts at Nathan while he looks at Hiro's Assignment Tracker profile.

Cold Snap

At Building 26, an agent looks at Tracy's Assignment Tracker profile.

Heroes Evolutions


Primatech has Assignment Tracker profiles on the following Heroes characters. (To see this table sorted alphabetically or numerically, click the appropriate heading.)

Name File Password
Syn Anders C021 XY948sA
Charlie Andrews C007 Unknown
Elle Bishop C023 EBhnu07bh
Stephen Canfield C006 SCwem43ib
Christopher Coolidge P013 CChcg10kn
Leonard Cushing C022 LCtsn45p
Echo DeMille C009 EDgch49la
Eric Doyle C019 EDwvar70p
Richard Drucker A012 RDghxiia
Julien Dumont C011 JDsiy88p
Donna Dunlap C017 DDrgi77b
The German C014 TGmgx14r
Hana Gitelman C001 HGghx11a
Flint Gordon, Jr. C013 FGzrf31n
Meredith Gordon C018 MGtnn19y
Gabriel Gray C004 GGeh81zu
Bianca Karina C015 BKoir72mn
Brendan Lewis C020 BLjtd19f
Connie Logan C008 CLql99dt
John Mulligan Unknown Unknown
Jesse Murphy C012 JMmn142w
Hiro Nakamura Unknown Unknown
Matt Neuenberg C025 MNjdq12e
Matt Parkman C002 MPggtn75x
Maury Parkman A011 MPapm05ap
Peter Petrelli C016 Unknown
Claude Rains C024 CRnop07in
Baron Samedi C010 BSprs98ex
Ted Sprague C003 TSntz14b
Mindy Sprague C026 MSkni24at
Tracy Strauss Unknown Unknown
Benjamin Washington C005 BWygq63a


Several updates to the Assignment Tracker 2.0 page were made periodically since the database was introduced:

  • On June 17, 2008, a new profile was added:
    • The German: C014 (password: TGmgx14r) *Note: This password was found on July 1 at the Heroes Evolutions Walkthrough. No password was originally required to access this profile. The password requirement was added at a later date, but the original link still works.
  • On June 27, 2008, a link was added to the German's profile which directed users to Devin Patterson's PDA. His last known location was also updated to Berlin, Germany.
  • On July 11, 2008, the German's assignment tracker was updated. A personal history and psychological profile were added, and the location was changed back to New York, NY.
  • On July 16, 2008, a new profile was added:
  • On July 31, 2008, a new profile was added:
  • On September 22, 2008, the German's assignment tracker was updated. His photograph was added.

Primatech also keeps files on other evolved humans, though these files cannot be accessed. The numbers of these files come from the files above. Specifically, Primatech keeps files on:

Source Code

On March 10, 2008, a message was sent referring to Primatech's Assignment Tracker: Going to this page resulted in source code, when it appeared and the page it was on differed depending on the browser used. In Internet Explorer the Assignment Tracker loaded then switched to the source code for, where all the passwords could be found. In Firefox the page immediately showed the source code of, an interesting thing found in this code was the line // echo("Login correct, welcome Joe"); . However, as of March 15, 2008, the source code no longer appeared. The title for the Assignment Tracker Login was missing an "s" and the browser title of the Assignment Tracker page was missing the letter "n".

Devin's PDA

In the personal profile of the German, a link entitled "Evidence" directed users to Devin Patterson's PDA. On, Evsdropr posted a hint to the four character password to enter the PDA, asking users to find the code and claiming Devin took some photos using it. Once solved, users can enter the code and view a photo album of 16 pictures.

  • Three photos appear to contain images Devin shot in the apartment he suspects is the German's: image, image, image
  • Three photos appear to contain a letter written to the German from his cousin: image, image, image
  • Two photos appear to contain a route/direction list: image, image
  • Two photos appear to be annotated outdoor images denoting the German's target bank and escape routes: image, image
  • Two photos appears to contain an annotated magazine page: image, image
  • One photo appears to contain a traffic ticket: image
  • One photo appears to contain a shopping list: image
  • One photo appears to contain two unknown people sitting on a park bench: image
  • One photo appears to contain a Berlin bank form: image

For more information about Devin's PDA, including a complete gallery and translations, see Devin's PDA.

Interactive Map

The August 5, 2008 message from evsdropr provided a link to the Company's interactive map. It showed tips and leads about posthumans around the world, and also allowed users to add their own leads (either fake or real). Red tips denoted Company assignments while green ones denoted confirmed tips about posthumans. Blue leads could be added by anyone with access to the map. (The red and green tips have been confirmed by the Company, the validity of the blue tips cannot be verified.)

For more information about the map (including a listing of all names, abilities, tips, etc.), see assignment tracker map.


The main page of chapter 1 of Purpose contains an image of John Mulligan's Assignment Tracker file.

To see a recreation of John Mulligan's Assignment Tracker profile, see here.


  • As of some time in 2014, is no longer accessible and instead redirects to the [ NBC Heroes] website.
  • To enter the Assignment Tracker 2.0, users had to enter: Username: bennet, Password: claire.
  • The assignment tracker profiles Noah accessed on his computer (The Butterfly Effect) have different numbering systems. For instance, the profile for the German that is accessible to fans is labeled "C014". However, the one Noah accessed is labeled "32-054422". Likewise, Jesse's profile (C012) is number 12-546700 on Noah's computer.
  • So far there have been four basic evolutionary anomaly classes: Biological, Cerebral, Temporal/Spatial and Elemental. Eric Doyle's tracker profile has 'Physiological' as his ability's evolutionary anomaly class. It is also the first ability to have a name that seems to have been derived straight from a comic book (Puppet Master).
  • Syn Anders's password is the only one that does not follow the pattern of having the subject's initials as the first two letters of the password. Syn's initials are at the end of the password.
  • It does not matter which cleared file the user selects as long as the correct password for the desired file is used.
  • Noah retrieves a subject file on Jeremy Greer, written in 2005. This file is not written in the same format as the Assignment Tracker 2.0 files, nor the precursor to those files. Jeremy's file may have been an early version of the way the Company did record keeping on its targets.
  • Ian Michaels had an assignment tracker in the form of paper, which is not in the above format, or the format used for Jeremy Greer.
  • When the profile for Mindy Sprague was released, it contained the wrong ability diagram image. The image was for Elle's electric manipulation (and was even labeled with Elle's profile number). Later, this ability image was changed, though to an image which was still wrong. The new image, which is for Matt's telepathy (and is labeled with Matt's profile number) does not match the ability names on the profile either. Mindy's profile also uses Elle's cranium imaging picture.
  • When Chris Coolidge's profile was originally released, it used the ability image for Elle's ability. This was changed a few days later.
  • Maury Parkman's profile uses Ted's ability diagram and cranial image.
  • The original password which allowed access to Maury Parkman's profile was TCxrif57ex, however, this was soon changed and this password no longer works.
  • Chris Coolidge's and Mindy Sprague's profiles are located in two locations on the assignment tracker. Chris's files are located at A015 and P013, and Mindy's files are located at B011 and C026.


Several profiles have been featured outside of the online database on These records include files on:

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