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Volume: One
Episode Number: 110
First aired: February 15, 2010
Powers absorption.jpg
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: Liberation with Aid
Next episode: Dying of the Colors


  • It's revealed the place where the prisoners are taken.
  • An old character makes a quick return.
  • The group will begin the rescue operation.

Story Development

Airport Castle · Nicholas Matassa · Caitlin's gun · Agent Jackson


Eli:- They call it "Airport Castle", they keep inside it the people that they captures before put them on planes...

Sparrow:- They've also capured your brother?

Eli:- Evan...yeah...we were together, I've evaded the agents with my power but he...

Sparrow:- Where is your brother's power?

Eli:- He can...

A plane passes over them ...

Sparrow:- We have to go!

Miranda:- I control the way!

So Miranda turns into smoke and goes to check the way, then comes back and returns normal...

Jason:- What have you see? There are agents?

Miranda:- There are three agent at the entrance and one in each corridor, the corridors to get to Angie are 5.

Caitlin:- Perfect! We can do that, we will free Angie and Evan!

Mohinder:- It would be better if you rest here, Caitlin, you haven't powers of and...

Caitlin:- Angie has been sacrificed to save my life and now I return the favor, with or without powers!+

Mohinder:- Ok...then you need this!

Mohinder takes a gun from his bag and give it to Caitlin...

Jason:- We need to go!

Meanwhile...<<Madrs, India>>

Noah:- They don't know the're fate...I can't wait for arrive here, Nicholas...

Nicholas:- Me also, Noah, we expect a tough fight.

Noah:- Yep.

Outside Airport Castle

Eli: I will take down the three near the door!

Eli go close to three agents that extract the guns, but some clones appear behind the agents and kill them...

Sparrow:-Great! Go inside!

And come inside...

Jason:- Stop! There's one there!

Sparrow:- Leave it to me...

Sparrow closes his eyes and raises his arms, a pointed rock comes through the door and approaches Sparrow. She waves an arm toward the agent who is pierced in the head by the stone.

Jason:- Wow girl!

The two exchange a friendly smile and go with the others through the second passage.

Agent Jackson:- Hey!! What the hell are you doing here??

Jason:- This is my!

While the agent try to pulls a gun Jason pounces on him. He puts his hand on the agent's face and begins to freeze him...

Jason:- Done!

So, the begins to go to the next corridor...

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Character Appearance

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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