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The First Meeting
Volume: One
Episode Number: 101
First aired: December 13, 2009
Caitlin Taken.jpg
Written by: Tanderix
Next episode: Galloping


Story Development

Caitlin Richards · Sparrow Redhouse · Mohinder Suresh · Jason Suvverman · Angie Rowland · Agent 1 · Agent 2 · Freezing (Peter Petrelli · Angela Shaw)


PREVIOUS HISTORY: Heroes, Season 2 Episode 7:

Peter Petrelli in the future devastated ends of the Shanti virus, in a deserted New York. Together with his girlfriend, Caitlin, are scortatida staff of the CDC in a center where they are believed to be infected. Peter, still without memory, he encounters his mother Angela, who reminds him a bit who he is. Then they both see Caitlin being escorted to a place unknown.

Peter:- Where to? What happens?

Angela:- She's Irish, foreigners are expelled.

Peter:- No! Caitlin! No!

...and then go back in time...but...Caitlin?

Chapter 1:The First Meeting

CDC Building, New York City

Agent 1:- Next, do not push! The next load will: Redhouse, Sparrow; Rowland, Angie; Richard, Caitlin; Suresh, Mohinder and...Suvverman, Jason.

Caitlin is now in tears as She thinks that Peter has abandoned her in that strange place...

Sparrow:- Hey, it seems that we will be on the plane together. I asked to go to Africa. Come on, do not cry, but I had to leave my family and my friends.

Caitlin:- The fact ... is that Peter, my boyfriend has left me.

Sparrow:- Do not despair ... it happens to everyone!

Caitlin:- No. .. he has the power ... so to say ... strange powers, and somehow we ended up here, a year of the future!

Sparrow:- Powers? Type the earth move?

Caitlin:- No. .. could launch electric shock and then ... the wounds heal quickly!

Mohinder:- Sorry, you said lightning, heal the wounds? I'm working on the evolution of the human species, I'm a geneticist!

Caitlin:- Yes, Peter did this...

Mohinder:-'s not...Peter Petrelli?

Caitlin:- Yes! You know him?

Mohiner:- I knew him, he was one of the first to contract the virus ... and it's dead victim.

Agent 1:- You can enter! Move!

The five escort them on the plane go up in Africa. Above there are two policemen with guns, driving while climbing sharply Angie and Jason are annoyed ...

Jason:- Hey! A bit of respect for the girls!

Agent 1:- Shut up and sit down!

Jason then touches the arm of the agent, who begins to freeze. Then the agent falls and shatters into many pieces.

Jason:- And now who should shut up?

But to his misfortune, however, another agent comes back to Jason and hits him with a tranquilizer bullet.

Agent 2:- Now all sitting!

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Memorable Quotes

"The fact ... is that Peter, my boyfriend has left me."

"Do not despair ... it happens to everyone!"

- Caitlin, Sparrow

Character Appearance

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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