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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Episode:A Strange and Unlucky Family

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A Strange and Unlucky Family
Volume: Two
Episode Number: 202
First aired: April 16, 2010
4 Villains.JPG
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: How to Stop an Exploding Boy
Next episode: It Not Easy


  • Red Carpet kills other victims.
  • Frank helps the team.

Story Development

King John · Queen Alice · Prince Jake · Red Carpet's list


<<Red Carpet>> <<Arkansas>>

Red Carpet is taking in hostage a tre-person family, a man, a woman and a 15 years old boy....

Red Carpet:-

  • King John, 48, Lung adaptation;
  • Queen Alice, 42, Forcefields projection;
  • Prince Jake, 15, Ability theft and gift.

King John:- How do you know this? What do you want from us?

Red Carpet:- I've take the informations from a certain source, and now I'm here to take your abilities!

Queen Alice rais a forcefield...

Queen Alice:- Stay away from us!

Red Carpet:- Do you think you...can stop me??

Red Carpet rais his hands and a strong gust of wind enters from the window behind the family...who faints making the forcefield disappear...

Red Carpet:- Goodbye, sire!

Red Carpet touch the family bodies and take their abilities...

<<Outside Airport Castle>>

Frank:- Because I'm like you!

Sparrow:- You've also an ability?

Frank:- Look!

Frank takes his gun and aim a window really so far...

Jason:- You will never do that!

Frank aim...and shoot, direct hit the window...

Jason:- Wow! Incredible!

Frank:- Yeah...

Sparrow:- Why you've joined Danko and his team?

Frank:- Beacuse a people "special" like us have kill my brother and my parents.

Angie:- I'm so sorry...

Frank:- No, it's not...where are you going?

Mohinder:- Madrs, India. From Noah Gray, a boy who steal a vial from me. I need it for give powers to Caitlin.

Frank:- Do you know how to go there?

Caitlin:- No...

Frank:- So, follow me! I can help you!

<<Red Carpet>> <<Arkansas>>

Red Carpet:- Those abilities are awesome! Let see who's the next on the list...

Red Carpet take a list from his jacket, two names are alredy checked: E. Angel: Air manipulation and an illeggible name fith the ability to breath fire. And now check the faimily names. The next on the list is...Andrew Jackson: Space-time manipulation.

<<Airport of Airport Castle>>

Frank:- Ladies and gentleman, this is the most speed plane of the earth!

Mohinder:-'s fantastic...

Jason:- Absolutely...

Angie:- You can drive him, Frank?

Frank:- Yes.

Sparrow:- Fine, let's go.

Luke:- Me and Jeremy will rest here. We will hide from my sister.

Jason:- Ok, thanks again for everything.

So, Caitlin, Mohinder, Sparrow, Jason, Angie, Miranda, Eli and Frank go on the plane, direct to India...

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