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User:Tanderix/Caitlin's Revenge/Episode:It's Not Easy

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It's Not Easy
Volume: Two
Episode Number: 203
First aired: April 24, 2010
Written by: Tanderix
Previous episode: A Strange and Unlucky Family
Next episode: India


  • A man interrupt Red Carpet's path.
  • The team is forced to stop in Milan, Italy.

Story Development

Marco Rossi · Carey Drew · Mark Drew · Fire mimicry


<<Red Carpet>> <<Arkansas>>

Red Carpet:- Andrew're the next!

?:- I've followed you, four people killed in one week.

Red Carpet:- Who're you?

Marco:- My name's Marco Rossi.

Red Capret:- Marco...italian?

Marco:- Yes, and I'm special too!

Red Carpet:- Special? What can you do?

Marco:- I can turn my body into fire.

Red Carpet:- Like the human torch?

Marco:- Like the human torch. You want stole it from me, right?

Red Carpet:- Absolutely.

<<The Team>> <<Upon Italy>>

Sparrow:- Were we are?

Frank:- Upon Rome, Italy.

Angie:- Italy?

Frank:- Yes, we need to stop in Milan, we need fuel. Eli, come with me, please.

Angie:- I come from Italy!

Jason:- Really?

Angie:- Yeah...

So, Frank make land the plane e stop in Milan to supply the plane, while Jason and Sparrow go on a shop for take some food and drink and Angie, Caitlin, Mohinder and Miranda go to Angie's home...

<<Red Carpet & Marco Rossi>>

Marco:- Catch me!

Marco become fire and fly in the room...

Red Carpet:- I have to kill you?

Marco:- Yes, you're a killer, right? I kill you or you kill me.

Red Carpet:- Perfect!

<<Sparrow Redhouse & Jason Suvverman>> <<Italy>>

Sparrow and Jason go in a shop in Milan...empty...inside there area lot of things on the ground, they approach the counter, but no one is there, on the counter there are two business cards: the first have the logo of Gray & Sons and the second the Fletcher & Son's logo. So, Sparrow take some food from the shelves and Jason take something to drink...

Jason:- Sparrow, I miss all those people in the the world. Imagine the world without that stupid virus, like what Martin showed us.

Sparrow:- Sometimes I think about it...have you finished?

Jason:- Yes...let's go!

<<Caitlin, Mohinder, Miranda & Angie>> <<Angie's home>>

Angie:- This is my home...let's go inside!

Angie opens the door..

Angie's mother:- Angie!

Angie:- Mom...

Angie's mother:-'re back...

Angie's cousin:- You've killed my sister and you runned away!

Angie's cousin throw a punch to Angie, but Mohinder stop him...

Angie's mother:- Mark, stop!

Caitlin:- We left you alone, Angie, you want to talk with you'r mother...

Angie:- Thanks, Miranda, you can rest here please.

Miranda:- Ok.

Mohinder:- You, Mark, come with us!

Mohinder pushes Mark Drew out of the door, but onther person watch the scene for a not so far place...

Louis:- That's my revenge, Angie!

Louis, Louis Jordan, the man who sold fake identities to Angie and Miranda is in the house in front of the Angie's one with a strange remote control in his hands, while a non-tranquilizer red light flashes in Angie's home's TV...and Louis active the remote control...



<<Milan, Italy>>

Louis Jordan is watching Angie and Miranda inside Angie's home, he've in his hands a strange remote control while a non-tranquilizer red light flashes in Angie's home's TV...Caitlin and Mohinder are outside the house with Mark Drew, Angie's cousin, ma something draws Caitlin's attention...

Caitlin:- Who's that man? Whato dous he have in his hands?

Mohinder:- You're seems!

Mohinder turns and watch into the window the ligth, that become more quick...

Mohinder:- Go! Go! Move!

Caitlin:- What's happening?

Mohinder:- It's a bomb!


<<Red Carpet>> <<Arkansas>> <<Present>>

Marco Rossi becomes fire and fly in the room...

Red Carpet:- There's nothing more easy...

Red Carpet close his eyes e make a gust of wind enter from the window who makes Marco slam on a wall and fall in the ground...

Red Carpet:- Goodbye!

Marco:- No! Please, I can help you!

Red Carpet:- How?

Marco:- I know where find other "specials"!

Red Carpet:- Where?

Marco:- If I tell you this, then you kill me!

Red Carpet:- ...fine, this time I don't kill you.

Marco:- Thanks, where's our next target?

Red Carpet:- We go in Hollywood!

<<Outbreak future>> <<Italy>>

Frank:- Mohinder! Mohinder wake up!

Mohinder opens his eyes, with a terrible headache...

Mohinder:- Caitlin...Mark...

Frank:- The boy is fine, Caitlin is a little shocked but she's also fine.

Mohinder:- You've got him?

Frank:- The bomber? Yeah, I was coming here, I saw the bomb and a man running, I hit him in the shoulder and I've catch him.

Mohinder:- Jason? Sparrow?

Frank:- They're coming...

Mohinder:- And Angie?? Her mother?? Miranda??

'<<Red Carpet & Marco Rossi>>

Red Carpet and Marco are in a car together...

Marco:- Why we don't fly?

Red Carpet:- Oh, yes. So, tomorrow the news will tell: "Two flying men in Hollywood". And, however, after the next victim, all will be more easy...

<<Noah Gray & Nicholas Matassa>> <<Madras, India>>

Noah:- What took they so long?

Nicholas:- They've got a problem.

Noah:- What?

Nicholas:- Haven't you saw that? That's strange!

Noah:- It's been a long time who I haven't...hovewer, which problem, Nicholas?

Nicholas:- It's about Angie and her friend...

Noah:- Miranda?

Nicholas:- Yes, they're...

<<Outside Angie's home>>

Mohinder:- And Angie?? Her mother?? Miranda??

Frank:- They...they...

Mohinder:- They what? Thay what, Frank?

Frank:- Thay're dead!

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Character Appearances


  • The episode is dedicated to Tanderix's birth state: Italy.
  • In this episode, Jason and Sparrow found two business cards: on the first is write "Gray & Sons", a reference to the main series. While in the second is write "Flethcer & Son" which is a reference to Jenx222's fan fiction: Heroes: The Company.

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