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Mohinder Suresh
Portrayed by Sendil Ramamurthy
First appearance The First Meeting
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced stregth
Age 33
Occupation Geneticist
Parent Chandra Suresh

Mohinder Suresh is a geneticist.

Character History

Volume One

Mohinder meets Caitlin meanwhile she is talking with Sparrow Redhouse about abilities. Then, Mohinder helps to evade from the plane using his ability. Afterthat, the team arrive at Mohinder's lab and found a note by Noah Gray, a boy who Mohinder have helped in the past. Mohinder assist at Martin's temporal rewind and then at Angie's kidnapping. Later, he help to liberate Angie and the others. And then, Mohinder assist when Ted os attempt to explode.

How to Stop an Exploding Boy

Mohinder is watching Ted Sprague Jr. explode. when see Danko and all the agents die. Then, he talk with Frank Hornby, the man who have fire Danko and the agents.

A Strange and Unlucky Family

Mohinder talk with Frank about go in India from Noah Gray who steal him a vial and then tell him who don't know how to go in there. Later, he go on the plane with Caitlin, Sparrow, Jason, Angie, Miranda, Eli and Frank.

It's Not Easy

Mohinder arrive in Italy with the team and go with Angie, Caitlin and Miranda at Angie's home. Later, Caitlin, Mohinder and Mark Drew (Angie's cousin) exit form the house and left Angie, her mother and Miranda alone in the house. Then, he see Louis activing the bomb and with Caitlin and Mark run away but is already hitted by it. Frank, later tell him that Caitlin is a little shocked but is fine and also Mark is, and when he tell Frank where are Angie, her mother and Miranda, Frank tell him they're dead.


Mohinder watch at Angie, Miranda and Carey's funeral. Later, he interrogate Louis and later he see Caitlin kill Louis because he killed the girls.

Evolved Human Abilities

He can use an abnormal strenght. (Galloping)

Caitlin's Revenge edit
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