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At two or three episode left for the Caitlin's Revenge's Volume One (A Dark Future), Tanderix open a contest for new characters in the series for the Volume 2.


  • 1st Place: Main Character in Volume Two.
  • 2nd Place: Recurring Character in Volume Two.
  • 3rd Place: Recurring Character in Volume Two.
  • 4th Place: Minor Character in Volume Two.


  • Only one character for user.
  • The ability can be any from Heroes (not need a page on Heroes Wiki) or a made up one. (need a page). Only one ability for character.
  • The character background story need to be detailed.

Add below the your character, your ability and other optional pages. (No Assignment Trackers needed.)

Number User Name Ability Other Pages
01 Danko Frank Hornby Enhanced Accuracy
  • The contest finish at 25 March 2010!

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